‘Get down on the dance floor and play that funky music’

April 8, 2018


FUNKY MUSIC: Groovemeister play a variety of material featuring soul, funk and disco covering many artists and many of them are good numbers to dance to or listen to. They will be playing at St Mary’s Church Hall, Wimborne Road, Poole on Saturday 21 April. Pictured in front are band members  Ray Foster, Pat Davey, Simon Wood and Tim Fulker on the saxophone in the background.


A SEVEN-PIECE band that specializes in funk, soul and disco is headlining a fund-raising concert in Poole in two weeks time.

Groovemeister play a style that will encourage those who like dancing to step into the breach and strut their moves and will keep many in the groove for hours. If you are a musician, it may be an opportunity to admire the talent of others and sit back to hear some illuminating guitar lead breaks and listening to familiar tunes played in a different style.

Groovemeister do a number of their own cover versions of a number of well-known artists including Stevie Wonder; Earth Wind and Fire; Marvin Gaye, The Temptations, The Fatback Band, The Commodores, Rufus, the Isley Brothers, Wild Cherry and many others.

The current line up features Ray Foster on vocals  Pat Davey on bass and vocals; Andy Willcocks on keyboard; Simon Wood on guitar; Tim Fulker on the saxophone. Paul Beavis on drums and Kristy Kurovksi on vocals.

Some of the songs the band has covered include Wild Cherry’s Play That Funky Music White Boy; Ain’t No Stopping Us Now by McFayden and Whitehead and Whose That Lady by the Isley Brothers which you can see them performing live here.

Much of the funds raised will be used to carry out essential work on the hall.

  • THE gig takes place on Saturday 21 April and doors will be open from 7pm-11pm at the hall of St Mary’s Roman Catholic Church, Wimborne Road, Poole and advance-only tickets can be purchased from the parish office in person at times when it is open on weekday mornings or alternatively call Robert on 07947667929.

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