‘Antony and team help to spread the word in Uganda’

June 29, 2015


Antony and team

GLOBAL REACH: The students at the Kerygma Disciple Training School are pictured with staff and teachers from Uganda, India and Europe.

Anthony and student

LIFE CHANGING: Antony Elliott has his back to one of the Kergyma students. They were dressing up for graduation and they gave testimonies as to how life at the Kerygma Disciple Training School had impacted them.

Twelve disciples

TWELVE DISCIPLES: The twelve members of the Kerygma Disciple Training School who graduated this June with the help of Antony and his colleagues.

Nick, Lenka & Antony

LOCAL HELP: Lenka Miklova, a Bournemouth resident, went out to help Antony and YWAM in July last year for a month and had an amazing experience there. This picture was taken a local talk in Poole prior to them flying out. Nick Torok, on behalf of the group Inspire, sends them on their way with blessings.


A YOUTH worker from Bournemouth has been speaking about his ministry in the heart of east Africa.

Antony Elliott has been in Uganda and other parts of Africa as part of the organisation, Youth With A Mission (YWAM) and he is currently based in Jinja. He has been in Africa for the past seven years.

YWAM is a global movement of Christians that crosses cultures, age groups and Christian denominations and traditions and its staff are dedicated to serving God across the world.

When they began in 1960, their primary focus was to get youth involved in missions. However the age range they serve now goes from eight to 80.

YWAM currently works in over 1,100 locations in 180 countries and has a staff of 18,000 and those staff come from over 130 countries including Nepal, Indonesia, Mozambique, Uganda and the UK.

Twelve young people have just finished their training in June at Kerygma Training School following three months of community living and lectures, then two months of evangelising on outreach.

Antony said: “Staff and teachers came from Uganda, India and Europe. As the representative for Kerygma Uganda I led the school. Our staff worked hard to run regular small groups, one to ones, ministry and mentoring.

“After I taught about our University of Nations, in YWAM, the students got interested in some of our further training for agriculture, community development and evangelism.

“Vicent and Sharon were interested to continue in their Catholic, charismatic community. Another is a fervent evangelist whilst somebody else is interested in bringing Alpha to her parish.”

One group of students were involved in a Christian conference for unity in Gulu, Uganda, whilst another team went to Gilgum to assist a large children’s ministry.

Antony added: “Both teams had opportunities to share on the radio, to preach in prisons’ worship meetings and to minister in youth in schools.”

Jinja lies 50 miles east of Kampala and is in the eastern region. It sits on the northern shores of Lake Victoria, near to the source of the River Nile. It was previously a fishing village that benefited from being on long-distance trade routes.

The origin of the name “Jinja” means rock and comes from the language of the Baganda and Basoga peoples who live either side of the Nile in that area.

Antony has issued a personal thank you to all those in Bournemouth, Dorset and elsewhere who have been remembering him in their quiet times whilst he continues to be overseas.

“This DTS was quite challenging for me. Thankyou for being a part of it, with your prayers, support and encouragement. It could not have been done without you.”


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