‘Are algorithms being used by ISPs to sway UK general election?’

May 19, 2017

CYBER DECEPTION: Public speaker and social media influencer Steve Cicciolanti singled out one major search engine platform and said this of their algorithms: “I would call this a fake news suggestion. This is proof this platform promotes left-wing, culturally Marxist bias and world doesn’t even know it.”


VIRTUAL SUPPORT: According to algorithm suggestions on search engine platforms, it is easier to find information on how to support Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn or SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon than it is for Conservative Prime Minister Theresa May or Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron. With a lot more younger people on social media, it may get more people out to support Mr Corbyn but despite there being algorithm suggestions by ISPs encouraging people to support Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election, it didn’t stop Donald Trump being elected. From my observations on social media, Mr Corbyn enjoys much more support o than Tim Farron or Theresa May.

MIND CONTROL: Do many of these search engines have a bias to left-wing thinking through the algorithm suggestions they make on internet searches?


ARE internet search engines using their platforms to manipulate their users’ feeds to influence the outcomes of elections?

The seven biggest websites that are used on-line across the world are Google, You Tube, Facebook, Baidu, Wikipedia, Yahoo and Reddit and that is in chronological order.

Google is the biggest search engine that people and purchased the following companies between 2004 and 2006 to push itself to the top of the global mountain – In February 2003, they bought Blogger.Com; Google Maps in February 2005; Android in August of the same year and You Tube in October for $1.65B.

No 3 on this list is Facebook and in 2012 it bought another social media platform, Instagram, for $1B and Face.com, an Israeli face recognition programme, in June 2012 for $100M.

On one particular search engine that millions use was exposed by Ezra Levant’s Rebel Media who asked people to type in at the time to how to vote and under that suggestion, the isp provider made the suggestion “how to vote for Hillary Clinton” under “how to vote” and another suggestion under the same title was “how to vote without ID” which seemed to insinuate there was nothing wrong with voter fraud.

When the words “How to vote for Donald Trump” were put in, there was no suggestion underneath, the nearest suggestion after Donald was Duck.

Cicciolanti said: “I would call this a fake news suggestion. Is this proof this platform promotes left-wing, culturally Marxist bias and the world doesn’t even know it. Why did people think negatively of the opponent? Because there was a pre-approved candidate that they wanted, Hillary Clinton, and you were also so dumb that you didn’t pick the one they suggested. This is why the left is so mad, not that you’re smart and made an independent, informed decision, they think that after all they did to help you, how could you be dumb as to pick Donald Trump?”

Closer to home, I have carried out my own research. I used similar platforms to see what algorithm suggestions were being made on different platforms.

On two search engines I use I found the suggestion “vote for Jeremy Corbyn” and “vote for Nicola Sturgeon” under “how to vote in UK election” but nothing for Theresa May or Tim Farron and another suggestion was “how to remain an EU citizen after Brexit” when typing in Brexit.

The subliminal narrative for the UK election seems to be insinuating that voting for Jeremy Corbyn or Nicola Sturgeon is in the social media platforms’ opinions the right decision and if you vote for May or Farron, you are dumb and ill-informed, and on Brexit too if you are against it.

It may well be this could help Mr Corbyn get more of the younger vote out but if the patterns are repeated from the US election when internet users were being encouraged to vote for Hillary Clinton, they did exactly the opposite.

Cicciolanti said this of the global search engine that he focuses in this observation on social media. For the full unedited version of his presentation, click here.

“We are talking about a monopoly. We are talking about a total control of information. They are not willing to have competitors so they buy them up. They bought an artificial intelligence company in the UK called Dark Blue Labs for tens of millions of pounds in October 2014.

“You need to follow the trail of hundreds of millions of dollars and know where they are going. It is a total capturing of personal information and controlling what you even think.

“If you control what is going into people’s ears and eyes, you are controlling people’s votes and thoughts. This is where it is going and people are freely giving themselves over to this without even questioning it.”

Cicciolanti had some choice words for the Wikipedia website and branded it rampantly bigoted against Christians and says there is room in the social media market for a site that has no trolling and swearing.

“The admins of Wikipedia – they call them Wikipedians – are mainly atheists. They are British citizens, Europeans who have become gatekeepers of Wikipedia and they are rabid, militant atheists and are the gatekeepers of information.

“We don’t control information but we would like a social media website where this is no swearing and no trolling and no personal attacks. You have that, you’re gone. People hold gmail accounts to hold junk mail because there is so much junk and so many trolls out there.”


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