‘Artists bring depth and meaning to the changing seasons’

March 18, 2016

Reflections on Easter 2

BRINGING LIGHT: This is a piece of work by David Russell that lights up the cross with LED lighting to represent the Resurrection. It is called Reflections on Easter.

Betty Boo

FELINE GOOD: This brilliant sketch of a well-known Poole cat by Martin O’Neill captures her character in as she chills out.

Dave, Martin

THE ARTISTS: David Russell and Martin O’Neill, relaxing away from the easel and the canvas board.

Mid term picture

SUMMER EXHIBITION: David Russell shows some of his work that was on display at the Orchard Café at Holme For Gardens Centre, West Lulworth, for two months. Many of his exhibits attracted appreciative comments.


Light through Forest

IN DEPTH: This acrylic on by Martin on MDF, 50 cm by 30 cms, captures the sun piercing through the forest undergrowth and comes across as very atmospheric.



TWO artists from east Dorset are hoping to bring some vitality and spiritual insight as Easter approaches amidst the changing seasons.

David Russell of Diorama Arts  has previously been profiled on this blog in July 2013 and his work with seascapes showed his passion for the coast and using LED lighting to show reflections.

He is fascinated by looking at the way water is reflected through light, such as the Moon flickering off the water when looking out towards Poole Quay.

When he has time to spare and is touring small towns and enjoying coastal or countryside walks, he looks for driftwoods or nick-nacks in antique shops that can add value to pieces of work that he is creating.

Last summer he exhibited 30 pieces of work at the Orchard Café, that is part of the Holme For Gardens business complex at West Lulworth. They were on display for a period of nearly two months.

The café looks out to a landscaped pond with wonderful views to the Purbeck Hills. Likewise his unique mixed-media pieces drew some appreciative glances from visitors to the café.

With Easter approaching us fast, David has been looking to diversify his work into reflecting the meaning of the Christian religious festival.

He has put together two pieces for Easter. One is called the Lord’s Supper representing the wine in the Mass or Holy Communion service and another shows a cross at the back of a canvas that is lit up with LEDs to reflect the Resurrection theme of Easter.

And in this dispatch I also went to introduce Martin O’Neill of Poole, has been quietly drawing interest to his portfolio of acrylic paint and pencil pieces. His project is called Detailed Beauty.

He tackles a number of subjects in his sketches including pet portraits, landscapes and impressions of celebrities like Kanye West.

Martin found his love of art at primary school and it transpired he was naturally talented and it was picked up by those around him.

He has studied Art at both GCSE and A Level and also looked at Art Foundation. As part of his further education, one of the units he studied as part of his degree was Computer Animation.

As well as his interest in these specific areas, Martin is trying to combine his love of photography with these medians to create more enhanced pieces of work.

Martin said: “I like drawing and painting creation in detail, with beauty and good lighting. I do like prophetic (Christian) artwork because it has more depth and meaning.”

“I love detail, beauty and lighting effects and mainly work in acrylic paint and pencil. I am also learning photography with the aim of capturing the landscapes at just the right moment. I produce portraits, landscapes, illustrations and imaginary artwork and am happy to take commissions.”

  • IF anyone wants to find out more and would be interested in them doing any work to order, contact David through his Facebook page at Diorama Arts and Martin through his website – www.detailedbeauty.co.uk

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