‘Content creators join forces to showcase joys of Krakow’

November 3, 2019

GLOBAL STATUS: Lifestyle blogger Lenka Daisy is in the courtyard of Wawel Castle where it constitutes part of the city’s historic centre due to the diverse architectural styles within it.

TRUMPET SOUNDS: Above Lenka is where the St Mary’s Church bugler sounds the trumpet call that was originally used to warn of imminent dangers to the town.

GATE KEEPER: Lenka explores this gate at Wawel Castle.

GRUB’S UP: On my last day, we stopped off at this side restaurant and tried some vegetarian pierogi dishes having had a fair quantity of meat during the week.


HAT’S IT: It was just too tempting to try out the interesting head gear on display on here in the Main Market arcade in Krakow. As you can see it caused some amusement but our stand owner was tempered when he found I was going to buy one of his flat caps. The last time I wore one of these Border Guard hats was at the Brandenburg Gate in 1992 inter-railing, suffice to say some of the elderly locals at the time weren’t very happy.





TAKING a week’s break from my daily routine working in Dorset and supporting our
communities here has re-energized my priorities in showing the beauty of the world.

Here my dear friend Lenka Daisy, who used to live and work in Bournemouth and runs her own travel and lifestyle blogging site, caught up with me for a week recently to see Krakow, in the southern Poland and her home area of Northern Slovakia, which includes the Tatras Mountains. It had been a long 18 months since I had last seen her.

‘My first project with another content creator’

Here we have colluded together to give our own take on the beauty of Krakow and the secrets it to holds to bring tourists from across the world. So we managed to get three visits (with others too) to the city in the course of that week.

‘Castle is one of the largest in Poland’

Lenka can be seen walking around Wawel Castle and here are her thoughts on what she found:
“Here I am walking in the courtyard of Wawel castle in Krakow. Wawel Royal Castle and the Wawel hill constitute the most historically and culturally significant site in the country and one of the largest castles in Poland (area over 7000 m sq).

“It was built at the behest of King Casimir III the Great and it consists of a number of structures situated around the Italian-styled main courtyard.

‘It was made UNESCO heritage site in 1978’

“The castle represents nearly all European architectural styles of medieval, renaissance and baroque periods. In 1978 it was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site as part of the Historic Centre of Kraków.” (UNESCO stands for United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization)

What caught my attention was the bugler who plays a golden trumpet from the west wing tower in St Mary’s Church in Krakow’s Main Market Square. It is just below the higher tower of the Basilica of the Virgin Mary.

Trumpet calls warned of imminent danger’

The real author and origin of the melody are unknown but such calls were made in many European cities in many European cities to signal the opening and closing of gates at dawn and dusk.

Here in Krakow in historic times the trumpet calls in the St Mary’s church tower were also warned to use of fire and other dangers.

The signal trumpet melody resounds for cities all over the city’s Old Town historical district and comes to an abrupt end.

‘Courtyard of craftsmen show their wares’

In the courtyard is a special marquee that houses a number of artisan craftsmen that create jewellery, traditional dolls, musical boxes and various souvenirs.

Amongst the stallholders who caught our attention was a gentleman selling rows of hats and it proved to tempting to try them out as explained in the next sentence. Suffice to say he looked a bit peeved that we were only trying out the hats for a good photo opportunity but I did manage to find a flat cap with flaps that really does keep the cold out in the winter, despite it being slightly overpriced in my opinion.

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