Cosmic art exhibition sets poetry in motion

April 29, 2014


Paul Canon Harris

ON TOUR: Bournemouth-based poet and writer Paul Canon Harris, who shared hosting responbilities at Poet’s Corner at the Miramar Hotel on 21 April. He is taking his show People Watching People around the country this year.


Steve Biddle

WORD SMITH: Steve Biddle, local resident and poet, who is the first ever poet in residence at the Miramar Hotel, Bournemouth. He is in front of his favourite piece of Seven Art’s work, Milky Way, which is an oil on canvas.


Seven Art

LATEST PIECE: Seven Art is seen next to one of her newest pieces of work – Caliban, the birth of evil – another oil on canvas.


POETS, writers and artists shared their work and experiences with a cosmic theme at a Bournemouth hotel.

Steve Biddle, a well known word smith in the town, and others organise a poetry corner at the Miramar Hotel in Westcliff on the third Monday of each month.

The compere duties on the evening were shared between Miramar Hotel poet in residence Steve Biddle and new poet and former radio presenter Paul Canon Harris.

Steve has performed widely across the UK, including the Glastonbury Festival and Brighton Fringe 2012.

Steve writes bespoke poems on request and has developed a flair for creating words in an engaging manner and this is particularly shown on his piece Boxes on his website – this was recorded at the New Forest Folk Festival.

The night was split into two halves 1and a number of local poets and writers came along to read their work. They included Suzy Davies, Laura Clifford-Jones, Peter John Cooper, Matthew Morgan, Shane Seager, Joseph Sale, Jake Edwards and Rianna Jane.

Whilst I don’t claim to be an expert in poetry, I was struck by the way Peter John Cooper brought his words to life with his booming voice, the moving missive by Jake Edwards and an emotive piece by Rianna  Jane reflecting on the London riots in August 2011 .

A number of amateur poets turned up to perform their work alongside Steve and Paul Harris. Paul had his first set of poems published by Creative Media Publishing called Best Before. His first novel, Called Into Question, will be published this year.

During February and March this year, he was a regular contributor to the eight-week running show on Radio 2 hosted by Anneka Rice and Richard Allinson.

Paul Canon Harris said: “I did not do poetry until my first night at the Winchester. My first novel has just been published at the moment. I write short stories and I write more prose than poetry.

“I have also worked in radio and presented on a commercial station. I am going back to radio as an opportunity has arisen for three weeks of radio poems for Radio Solent.

“I sent a poem to the Queen to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee called the Regina Monologues. It was sent in and no one got back to me immediately but a lady-in-waiting eventually did saying the Queen did read the poem. I am looking forward to taking People Watching People to festivals and venues around the country.”

Steve met Seven Art – also known as Bernadetta – for the first time when she exhibited her work at the Bournemouth International Centre between July and September last year.,

As a result of that meeting he invited her to exhibit her work at the Poet’s Corner whilst asking those coming that night to read out work on the subject of space.

This blog previously caught up with Seven Art at that exhibition and she has since also exhibited at a pop-up gallery in Boscombe.

She is inspired by the human body and specifically the male form always working with live models. Her work concentrates around the energies of the person and strives to reflect the mind, soul and essence of him.


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