‘Could Sandbank residents invest in private loos and Poole Potteries?’

July 15, 2017

COUNCIL SUPPORT: Conservative councillor for Canford Cliffs, Cllr Mohan Iyengar, said this after backing an on-line petition to keep Poole Pottery on Poole Quay: ““I support, Let’s see what we can do. I’m behind keeping Poole Pottery in to town centre. I am keen for it to remain in the area, even if it’s not in that building.” Hold him to it and remind him as he is the recipient of the petition.

PRIVATE INVESTMENT: Would some of the millionaires and others in the business community be willing to put money into a privately run accessible public convenience if Poole Borough Council abrogates its responsibility and shuts down Sandbanks loos at the end of its stay of execution this summer?

ICONIC BRAND: Can the business community who live in Sandbanks and Canford Cliffs area ral extend their influence beyond the Sandbanks loos issue and persuade Denby Holdings to persuade them to resolve their contractual disagreements with Poole Pottery and be a champion for the Quay, like Cllr Iyengar?




THOSE who have the biggest disposable incomes in east Dorset have a unique philanthropic opportunity to help the Borough of Poole resolve two major issues on a permanent basis.

The millionaires row on Sandbanks were up in arms in the first fortnight of May when the council decided to close 13 out of 18 public conveniences across the district as part of a cost-cutting exercise.

Council re-opened Sandbank loos for summer after public pressure

Furthermore, it was revealed in the Daily Express that the Council preceded to compound the situation when they offered temporary portaloos to a group of travellers who parked up on a green near the peninsula and this happened just a week after their closure of the public conveniences. In the case of the portaloos for the traveller community, it was alleged to be an own goal as locals say they were never used.

Two weeks later the council caved into pressure and then proceeded to u-turn after the public outcry and re-opened the public conveniences for the duration of this summer. The question is what happens in September?

Sandbanks residents can win the information war

Can I make a suggestion to the residents of Sandbanks on how to outflank the Council? Many people across the Poole area were not necessarily sympathetic to their anger about this situation unravelling like this but they can win the information war on this subject.

Many people on the left might say their response shows they don’t care about anyone else but themselves, but have they ever thought of investing some of their own money into a privately run convenience and paying somebody to run it. If the council abrogates its responsibility, show them up and get the public on side?

I’m sure the public would see something was being done and would be willing to pay a small fee to use an accessible yet privately run public convenience, and in the long-term it would take the pressure of the café next to the chain ferry service has been taking the heat and could do so again in the winter.

Could Sandbanks residents raise £56K to maintain private loos?

I don’t know the costs of setting up of building a new block but according to the Council’s website, if it has 23 toilets and they estimate it will take £1.3M to maintain the old buildings for the next 10 years, that means spending around £56,500 each one. Is that the kind of sum required to maintain community cohesion for residents, tourists, visitors and everyone all around in Sandbanks?

See it as an investment in the community you live in and assume you love to be in. Many of them were up in arms when users of the Bramble Bush chain ferry service were relieving themselves in their back gardens on a compulsive reaction to what we’re programmed to do in that situation.

Poole Pottery is an iconic local brand worth of support

In a separate development Denby Holdings, the landlords of Poole Pottery, located on Poole Quay, are locked in negotiations to see if the iconic brand can continue to trade there after 15 October.

This website is speaking out for Poole Pottery as a regular customer of this store that offers unique products and good customer service. If you are not a regular visitor, take the opportunity to go there with an open mind and if a birthday of a friend or relative is looming, go there to see what might be suitable for him and her.

I occasionally send some of their products to close friends of mine in central Europe who previously worked in Dorset to remind them of their time here where they lived and worked.

Petition receiver is one of its signitaries

Indeed one  of the Borough’s own Conservative councillors, Cllr Mohan Iyengar, who represents Canford Cliffs, is quoted as saying this in the Bournemouth Echo after a signing a petition to keep Poole Pottery on the quay: “I support, Let’s see what we can do. I’m behind keeping Poole Pottery in the town centre. I am keen for it to remain in the area, even if it’s not in that building.”

The second PR opportunity for the Sandbanks and Canford Cliffs business community with regard to this situation – or who are in a position of influence – is can they have a friendly word in the ear of Denby Holdings to find another premises on the Quay or to maintain their existing premises there. This is another opportunity for the richest families in Poole to invest in their community to intervene and show up the actions of those who clearly don’t act in the interests of the town. My message to them is will you take up this challenge and make a difference?

  • IF anyone wants to sign the petition to keep Poole Pottery on Poole Quay which Cllr Iyengar will receive, sign it here.

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