‘Cultural Marxism is about adopting a victimhood mentality’

December 6, 2016


DIVISIVE DOCTRINE: Andrew Breitbart, founder of Breitbart News Network, who said in 2011 that political correctness and multiculturalism was designed to pit different communities against each other. Here he is speaking to the CPAC in Washington in February 2012 just days before his sudden death. Picture by Gage Skidmore.


FOOTAGE has emerged of a prominent conservative journalist giving a detailed description of multiculturalism and political correctness at a student campus in California

In a torrid exchange between a student of La Raza studies in a question and answer session at the University of Redlands, California, Andrew Breitbart tells her that the doctrine of cultural Marxism  – political correctness and multiculturalism  – was being used to play off one community against another. The video was shot on 20 September 2011.

Whilst this took place five years ago, the same issues are relevant now on American and UK campuses, which some would argue are facing censorship on a regular basis

Breitbart was the founder of the Breitbart News Network and was instrumental in supporting roles to help set up pioneering on-line news websites like Matt Drudge and the Huffington Post. He died suddenly from a heart attack in February 2012.

He was a key note speaker in the Tea Party movement and was adopted into an Orthodox Jewish background after his mother married his adoptive father following her conversion to Judaism.

Breitbart tells the student in this clip that he was once in her position and pleads with her to dump the “victimhood mentality” and see that the doctrine was playing the black, Hispanic and white communities off each other.

“You are the definition of indoctrination and you don’t even know what you are saying.

“I understand the language and you are implying that I’m racist. That is going to be the sum total of your education and you are not going to be able to make anything.

“This is why I graduated with m American Studies degree only to judge other Americans not being sufficiently tolerant because they didn’t make the grade on the left’s definition of tolerance.

“I’m telling you this because you need to understand what multiculturalism and what political correctness is. It is cultural Marxism and it is the translation of Marxist theory for the haves versus the have nots. It didn’t work in this country so they invented the oppressor versus the oppressed, and so they pitted people – in the name of diversity – Hispanics against each other.

“Do you know what the Reconquisador Movement is? It is a racist movement in this country. What about the new Black Panthers? The definition of racism is only white people can be racist, because black and Hispanic people can’t be. That is malarkey, they have you thinking in terms of race.

“There was a world before this when the buildings we are in were made by people who didn’t graduate from their colleges obsessed about race, they learned through maths and science to do this.

“This education system is going to fail you. You are not going to be able to invent a widget and you certainly won’t be able to build it in this country anymore. I graduated from college believing exactly as you believe and went from the theoretical world to the real world, that if I wanted to put rice on the able to pay for my rent I had better get out of this victimhood mentality and I did. Listen to Hispanic and Black Conservatives.

“This country will be destroyed by people like you who think you are doing good but you divide, separate people into different categories and pit them against each other.”

  • WHERE it is highlighted in blue on the phrase “torrid exchange” will take the reader to the full unedited version of this encounter.

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