‘Did erecting this Temple of Baal cause Westminster bloodbath?

July 19, 2016

ARch of Triumph

POLITICAL TARGET: The Houses of Parliament and Big Ben can be seen in the corner of this picture of the Arch of Triumph when it was put up on 19 April. The Euro-Referendum vote on 23 June saw Labour and the Tories go into meltdown with leadership contests and a brutal Cabinet reshuffle when Theresa May swapped places with David Cameron in Downing Street.

Boris Johnson

MIXED FORTUNES: US-born Boris Johnson  lost the Tory Crown when fellow Brexiteer Michael Gove, decided Boris was not fit to run for the leadership and went for the top job himself. They landed on the winning side but it ended up all in betrayal. However Boris was appointed Foreign Secretary as part of the new “Brexit” Government. Was using antagonizing language appropriate when unveiling the arch  given the nature of ISIS? Picture courtesy of the US Embassy photographer.




WESTMINSTER witnessed it most spectacular chain of events in decades but was there an unwitting trigger for all this political chaos?

Fast forward post-referendum and within a few days, the would-be Prime Minister and former Mayor of London Boris Johnson is betrayed by his co-Brexit leader Michael Gove and has taken a great fall. To make matters the Prime Minister is replaced by one of his colleagues who he is reputed not to have got on with – Theresa May.

‘Labour and Tories went into leadership meltdown’

Then we experienced the ‘Night of the Long Knives” re-shuffle after Mrs May and David Cameron swapped addresses at No 10 Downing Street and many of Mr Cameron’s allies like George Osborne, Nicky Morgan, Michael Gove, Oliver Letwin and Stephen Crabb either resigned or were sacked.

Major anti-EU politicians were appointed to the Cabinet including Mrs May’s former leadership rival Andrea Leadsom as Secretary for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, Mr Johnson as Foreign Secretary; David Davis as chief minister for negotiating for leaving the EU and international trade minister Liam Fox.

The Tories weren’t the only ones affected. Many Labour MPs complained that their leader Jeremy Corbyn did not campaign with clarity when pushing the Remain side of the EU Referendum argument in the run-up to the poll, as in his early career he had actually campaigned against EU membership. This led to 60 of his own front-bench Shadow Cabinet and junior ministers resigning en masse as they didn’t think he was leadership material.

Corbyn and his Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell intend to tough it out as he won the leadership of a poll of the party membership.

He has decided to tough it out as he won the leadership of a poll of the party membership. This has prompted Northern MPs Angela Eagle and Owen Smith to throw their hats into the ring and commentators are suggesting this civil war could bring terminal damage to the Labour.

This unprecedented chaos has never happened in our lifetime with two parallel leadership contests and the country effectively became ungovernable for two or three days and now the political landscape has dramatically changed.

‘Was Arch of Baal dedicated to child sacrifice?’

The arch to the Temple of Baal was erected on 19 April in a fanfare of publicity. According to some biblical scholars, the temple was the original monument that was dedicated to the ancient Mesopotamian God Baal and was used as a monument for child sacrifice.

We are meant to be a “forward-thinking” and “secular” society but why did London civic authorities refer to symbols from the Bible that are somewhat dodgy? Why do I say this? The arch was originally described as being part of the “Temple of Baal” and when organisers were questioned about its biblical roots, it suddenly became the Arch of Triumph.

‘Temple of Baal was within reach of Parliament’

The Capstone is what holds the two beams that makes the Arch of Triumph. The arch is a third size replica of the original in the ruins in Palymeira, Syria and brings and holds together the two columns. The copy of the “Arch of Triumph” was designed by the Institute of Digital Archaeology.

This two-thirds replica of the Arch was on display for three days from 19 April before moving onto New York City. In a video compiled by MrCati, the film-maker claims the artefact is lined up towards Nelson’s Column. However when it looks beyond it is within the reach of Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament. The same distance looking through the Archway to the Temple of Baal – a kind of ley line beaming out of a giant Ouija board.

By looking through the Arch Way and seeing Big Ben, you have to imagine going through to the Temple of Baal and two thirds beyond that and is the equivalent of the distance between the Archway entrance and the temple of Baal.

‘I want to reassure this is not the Temple of Baal’

Boris said this when unveiling the arch to the Temple of Baal on 19 April: “I’ve seen some extraordinary buildings in London over the last eight years and none of them is going to be more beautiful than the arch when we see here today.

“In London it has produced such a storm of protest by some people who though it was going to part of the Temple of Baal. I want to reassure you this is not the Temple of Baal. I don’t want to disappoint Baal worshippers in London that there are many multi-faith facilities for your use, where you can go about your devotion in a lawful way.

‘Two digits to Daesh here in London’

“You are not going to do it here because it is Arch of triumph. This is an arch of technology and determination. I am here today in solidarity with the people of Syria because one day that terrible conflict is going to come to an end and people will be able to travel and see the archaeological and historical riches.

“We are here in a spirit of defiance of the Barbarians who destroyed the original of this arch and they destroyed so many monuments and relics in Syria and the Middle East. How many digits do Daesh (ISIS) deserve? Two digits from London to Daesh.”

The last part of this quote could be a concern given the cold-blooded nature of the Islamist terrorist organisation by suggesting that Karma will catch up with them over this monument, but perhaps thinking about minorities who have the victims of genocide under Daesh’s watch would be appropriate right rather now than an ancient artefact.

  • A DETAILED observation of the unveiling ceremony on 19 April 2016 can be viewed here.

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PM August 26, 2018 at 10:49 pm

Could be that erecting meaningless shibboleths ,instead of investing in youth centres ,job creation and the like has further enflamed an already disaffected social group .Circumstantial crap ,but with an effect .


CB August 27, 2018 at 12:19 pm

Allah is Tubal is Baal.


TSC Ministry November 24, 2020 at 11:32 pm

Boris Johnson was a wolf in sheep’s clothing from the start. The jury’s still out on Trump though.


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