‘Do you want to be popular or do you want to live?’

June 1, 2017

OFFICIAL LIES: “Nothing can be said that approximates to the reality of the situation here. That is Soviet and totalitarian. They are saying this is an official lie. You know it is absurd. You know it does not match what you see, but this is it and you have to accept it. It is wicked to do that.” – Mark Stein, Canadian author, journalist and political commentator. Picture by the Manning Centre.


SPEAK OUT: “Conversations you have with people about every decision being made can be re-decided and being undone. For God’s sake, stop being passive. Nothing is inevitable.” – Stefan Molyneux of Freedom Domain Radio. Picture courtesy of You Tube.



TWO Canadian journalists who spent their childhood in the UK have urged their former countrymen to confront difficult conversations to prevent attacks like that at Manchester happening again.

According to press reports, Manchester bomber Salman Abedi’s family sought asylum from Colonel Gadaffi’s Libyan regime but when the dictator was overthrown in 2011, Abedi was known to have returned to Libya to fight for militias and had also been on the Syrian battlefield too. It is strange in the least to return to a country that had descended into anarchy if you were worried for your personal safety.

Writer, author and political commentator Mark Stein, from Canada, spent much of his childhood in the UK and says the 850 ISIS combatants from the UK who have fought for ISIS have been committed “treason” fighting against the UK’s enemies and should be taken off the streets on the grounds of national security.

Speaking to Tucker Carlson on Fox News: “I’m old-fashioned enough to describe this as treason. You described these people as British. For purposes of comparison at the height of the IRA MI5 estimated there were no more than 100 active operatives and that basically involves going 20 miles down the road. These guys flew half way around the world to fight for the Queen’s enemies. That is the definition of treason.

“I don’t know why they are walking the streets. We are told it would be very expensive to throw 850 people into prison  Germany estimates that for every one of these suspects they are tracking, they need 60 people tracking that guy  It is a lot cheaper to toss them into prison for going of to fight for your enemies abroad than it is to have 60 people monitoring them and then doing nothing until 48 hours after they’ve blown up a bunch of people.”

Stein controversially said in the piece that extremism is a “weasly and evasive term” and that the cause of the attack was radical Islam and accused Labour’s Deputy Mayor of Manchester Baroness Young of lying when she said “Muslim people are no more likely to commit these acts than white people.”

He said: “That is simply not the case, not after Nice attack, the Berlin Christmas market, not after the murder of the French priest Father Jacques Hemel.

“Equally concerning is the reaction of people like the Deputy Mayor of Manchester Beverley Hughes, the Prime Minister (Theresa May) and the Chief Constable who are basically asking the citizens of the United Kingdom to live with the official lie that nothing can be said that approximates to the reality of the situation here. That is Soviet and totalitarian.

“They are saying this is an official lie. You know it is absurd. You know it does not match what you see, but this is it and you have to accept it. It is wicked to do that.”

Stefan Molyneux of Freedom Domain Radio, who also went to school in the UK, urged people to get out of their comfort zone and engage in difficult conversations to ensure local politicians take preventative measures to stop attacks like Manchester and the one at Westminster by Khalid Masood from happening again.

He said: “Now in the aftermath of the terrorist attack, the usual response is occurring. It is one thing to respond to this kind of murderous attack, it is another thing to intelligently to prevent these things from happening. I’d rather people be brave in the face of disaster but show a different kind of courage before disaster, the kind of courage to prevent this kind of thing from happening. They are saying this is not going to change our lives. These are lies of course. French women can’t be seen in certain areas – they are home like in Saudi Arabia. Multi-cultural house arrest is real for a lot of people. That’s why the terrorists did it.

“It changes your mindset, it changes your sense of security and safety, and of identity. It makes you jumpy, it makes you nervous. People who won’t lift a finger to challenge existing decisions, will change the flags on their avatars.

“Very specific decisions were made by your leaders and supported by you in conversation. The first responders are brave and thank God for them but we need the pre-responders who avoid this kind of stuff. Every decision that has been made can be re-decided and be undone.

“For God’s sake, stop being passive. Nothing is inevitable and I know there are difficult topics to talk about and people might look at you funny, and you will be criticised, get ostracised, rejected or get into some kind of social trouble. For British people, it is a stark choice and they are easier choices than your forefathers had. Do you want to be popular to do you want to live?”

  • THE full transcript of Molyneux’s observations on the Manchester attacks can be viewed here.

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Dan June 5, 2017 at 5:39 pm

Two canadian journalists…’conversations’ not conservations… lol just being pedantic


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