Does the Jewish Menorah represent the world’s ‘tree of life’?

March 21, 2018


LIFE GIVING: This is the Menorah intended for use in the Third Temple and is in the Jewish quarter of Jerusalem. The shape of the menorah is like the flowering almond tree and that of the moriah plant. The almond tree is the first of its kind to blossom in Israel. The menorah was the original symbol of Israel before the Star of David. Picture courtesy of Ariely.



SUBJECT MATTER: This piece of work is called the Four Blood Red Moons by David Russell of Diorama Arts and the menorah is the central theme and is described by its creator as a “guiding light to the nations and as a reflection on the signs of the times.”


WHAT is the menorah about and why should any of us be bothered about what it represents?

Well if we come out of a Judeo-Christian heritage that shared by much of Europe and much of the Jewish communities across Europe use it in their services and to mark festivals. The menorah was the original symbol of Israel before the Star of David.

It is described as having a main stem lamp with six lampstand branches encased in gold and was used in the portable sanctuary used by Moses in the wilderness and later in the Temple in Jerusalem. It was also used to light up the Tabernacle and was called “God’s Light”.

‘Menorah is on Israel coat of arms’

Gold has to be refined several times and heated up to seven times before it can be used. Olive oil of the purest was burned daily to light its lamps and is on the coat of arms of the modern state of Israel.’Does the numerology tie up with the Bible?’

‘Menorah is tied to biblical numerology’

According to biblical numerology, seven is the number of completion and this equates with the number of lampstands. During the lighting of the menorah, the priest carrying out the ceremony cleaned it in the morning and lit it in the evening.
The shape of the menorah is reminiscent of a flowering tree of life. At each of the six side arms were almond blossoms and together with the four on the centre shaft were there were exactly 22 almond blossoms.

According to a on-line presentation by You Tube channel called Menorah, Numbers have meaning on the menorah. It has a total of 22 flowers; the Hebrew alphabet has 22 letters and the Old Testament was written on 22 scrolls. There are 66 flower units – 27 on the left hand side, 12 on the shaft and 27 on the right hand side.
In the bloom area of the menorah it has 27 connections; the ancient Greek alphabet has 27 letters and the New Testament was written on 27 scrolls. More information on its make-up can be viewed on the link above.

‘Almond tree is first to bloom in spring’ 

The almond tree is the first tree in Israel to awaken from its winter sleep to life and bloom and the white almond blossom is considered to be a symbol of life and purity.
It is also said to represent the “Tree of Life” mentioned in the Book of Genesis and it’s shape has a passing resemblance to the moriah plant. The menorah’s light burns with the fragrance of the Moriah plant. The Menorah can represent the Spring and Fall (Autumn) festivals.

‘Menorah was gift to Poland at Hanukkah’

To Mark Hanukkah last December, president of Poland Andrzej Duda received a Hannukah menorah from Rabbi Szalom Ber Stambler and it was gold-coloured with an imprint of Jerusalem on it.
Ber Stambler was presenting to the country on behalf of Chabad, one of the world’s best known Hasidic movements.

  • THIS article is based on a factual presentation by the Menorah Channel and the teaching of Jackie Leswell of His Glorious Ministries and should be read as such. If there are religious references given, they are there to explain the context of the Menorah.

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