‘Economic migrants should return home to rebuild their countries’

October 2, 2016


NOT SUSTAINABLE: The 14th Dalai Lama, Tengsin Gyatso, says Europe has a duty to help the refugees coming to Europe but must be done so in manageable numbers and suggests in the long-term many should think about returning home to rebuild their countries. He also suggested that some of the refugees not try to impose their culture on the host country. Picture courtesy of Redacteur Tibet.



MOVEMENT RULES: The Archbishop of York, the Rt Rev John Sentamu, argues that the migrants in Calais are the responsibility of the members of the EU’s Schengen zone, of which the UK is not a member. Picture courtesy of York Minster.

Migrants West Vienna railway station

MEN ONLY: When the migrant crisis hit the headlines in the autumn of 2015, many contributors who posted comments to Mainstream Media columns writing about the issue asked where the women and children were as most of the migrants in the pictures were men. Up to sixty-two per cent of the Calais migrants are men of non-European origin. Apart from two women and one child in this photograph, most of the migrants in this picture going through Germany are men.


TWO world-famous religious readers and refugees have suggested that many of the single migrant men that comprise the majority of refugees who came through the Balkans and at Calais should return home to help rebuild their countries.

The 14th Dalai Lama has been in exile from his homeland of Tibet in Dharamsala, India, since 31 March 1959, a few years after the Chinese Government invaded the country.

Years of scattered protests led to a full-scale revolt that year which forced Tensin Gyatso to flee to India was brutally crushed. In Dharamsala, he established a democratically based shadow Tibetan government that practices a remote form of Buddhism.

Having been a refugee for 57 years and speaking to a German newspaper in June, the Dalai Lama made some controversial observations on the ongoing migration crisis facing continental Europe.

According to the United Nations Commissioner for Refugees, 58 per cent of the migrants arriving via the Mediterranean sea were men with 17 per cent women and 25 per cent children. In Calais, most of the migrants are also men with 62 per cent being men of non-European origin. The camp itself is said to be too dangerous for women who are on their own.

It has also been claimed that genuine refugees among them such as Druze Muslims, Yazidis and Assyrian and Chaldean Christians have been ignored by aid charities, EU officials and non-government agencies for the politically correct reason of not wanting to be seen helping one community over another.

Despite the fact pupils in UK schools are taught about the Holocaust and the importance of never denying that it happened, large sections of the Mainstream Media and the establishment seem to have trivialised the genocide of the Yazidis and Christians  by Daesh through mass rape, beheadings, mass executions and crucifixions, by not referring to it and the Genocide of the Armenian Christians by Turkey in 1917.

This charge is backed up by claims that these groups along with  Christians converting out of Islam, gay people and women travelling on their own have been harassed and brutalised by jihadist male migrants in German and other migrant shelters.

He said: “When we look into the face of every single refugee, especially women and children, we can feel their suffering.  A human being who is a bit more fortunate has a duty to help them.

“On the other hand, there are too many now. Europe, for example Germany, cannot become an Arab country. Germany is Germany. There are so many in practice that it becomes difficult. From a moral point of view, the refugees should only be admitted temporarily. The goal should be that they return and help rebuild their countries.”

The Archbishop of York, the Rt Rev John Sentamu, the second-highest ranking cleric in the Church of England, is also a former refugee to the UK having fled the brutal regime of Ugandan dictator Idi Amin in 1973.

The archbishop told The Daily Mail one of the trigger points for the migration crisis was Tony Blair’s invasion of Iraq and another problem was people trafficking and the current Government should maintain former Prime Minister David Cameron’s policy of directing foreign aid to help the refugees stay in their own countries and do more to tackle people smugglers, who were exploiting the migrants.

“We never thought years would come when we could create this migration of people on a large-scale, and there is now a mixture of those who are being persecuted and whose who seen an opportunity to get out.

“What I never understood is, given the ability and the number of British ships we’ve got, why aren’t they patrolling the coast of Libya to stop people getting into boats?

The archbishop, who visited ‘The Jungle’ camp in Calais in June, signalled that the care of the migrants in the French port lay with the countries of the EU Schengen zone, who had “shunted” the migrants to Britain in the hope they would make their preferred destination on UK-bound lorries.

He continued: “The Jungle has been a creation of the Schengen countries and they ought to own up to what they have created. I think that it should be that, wherever asylum seekers arrive in that particular place, you have a responsibility for their care, their love.

“Schengen countries have not done that with the Jungle and I for one – much as I am sympathetic and feel sorry for the people genuinely seeking asylum – I really think the issues lies with the Schengen countries and they cannot see Britain as a soft touch.

“I just hope the Schengen countries can resolve it because it is their freedom of movement. Britain did not sign the Schengen agreement.”

  • SOME reading this may be wondering what this has to do with Dorset, Somerset and west Hampshire but this is a community issue. Everyone locally wants to help refugees but we need to know that folks are being screened for health and security checks to protect us but it is also for their benefit too.


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The Left Have No Regard For Truth Or Facts, They Listen To The Fairies At The Bottom Of The Garden.


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