EUref is about the safety and security of women’

May 22, 2016



Alison Pearson


LET’S LEAVE: Allison Pearson of The Daily Telegraph, who was quoted in speech by Nigel Farage to the European Parliament in January. ‘After Cologne, the EU referendum is nothing less than the safety and security of British women. We, the Euro clueless, and need to vote for the rights of our daughters and granddaughters to live as they chose and smile in the street.’ Picture courtesy of You Tube.



CROSSED OUT: The Red Cross is being confronted by this blog about what they were doing to protect minority refugees from the Middle East in the migrant camps following Janice Atkinson MEP’s claims that Yazidi and Christian refugees being told by non-government organisations to keep quiet about allegations of brutality by Jihadist migrants on a parliamentary visit to a Greek migrant camp. The charity – that has a cross has an emblem – has this opportunity to deny they were involved.

Yazidi Men

BE QUIET: Yazidi refugees, like these men photographed in their homeland in Iraq, were profiled in a piece by Breitbart News’ correspondent Raheem Kassam that foreign aid workers were blacking out coverage of minority oppression by jihadist migrants.



Nigel Farage

COVER UP: Nigel Farage said the assailants on the young women in Cologne and other cities across Europe by 1,000 migrant males was “one of the worst public order offences in modern-day Europe. The UKIP leader, who has a German wife, also branded some German politicians’ suggestion that the victims should change their mode of behaviour as an “insult”. The German media and politicians cover story that most of the assailants were German men fell apart when the victims themselves described the assailants as of “Middle East and North African appearance” and this was subsequently confirmed by the police. Picture by Diliff.


UNLIMITED numbers of male migrants coming into Europe without being properly vetted are a threat to the personal security of citizens  of Europe and the South West of England, say Brexit campaigners.

When Chancellor Angela Merkel said in the summer of 2015, she would take up to 800,000 migrants into Germany without checking their status and subsequently it led to several suspects identified responsible for Brussels and Paris attacks as having coming through the Balkan route.

We were told face value that all the migrants would be from Syria but 80 per cent of those coming through the Balkans are males of military age who are from places like Bangladesh, Pakistan and Somalia. In some cases, food and water offered by police and aid workers is refused. In this case, this migrant wants to go to Sweden and not to remain in Denmark, because he argues in his own words the welfare payments are fifty per cent higher. Genuine migrants would be grateful about what they received and not behave like this.

Meanwhile, minority refugees from the Middle East such as Yazidis, Kurds, Christians and Druze Muslims – who are genuinely in fear of their lives – have alleged that non-government agencies (NGOs) told them not to talk about alleged cases of persecution in the Greek migrant camps when a delegation of MEPs visited, who included the British Independent MP Janice Atkinson. They are the most vulnerable refugees and should be prioritised in Dorset and Somerset.

In many cases, these minorities have had to pretend to be Sunni Muslims in order not to draw attention to themselves.

Anyone who donates to the British Red Cross might like to know I challenged them to write back to me to tell me how they were helping the listed minorities above following a donation I made to them. Future donations from me were dependent on their response, of which there hasn’t been one.

Now they have this opportunity to declare that they as a NGO, they were not involved in the alleged cover-up following what has been revealed in Breitbart News.

As Christians particularly are disparagingly referred to by Daesh as “the people of Cross”, perhaps the charity (bearing in mind their emblem is a cross) can give assurances they literally haven’t been forgotten and crossed out, as I’m sure the Red Crescent wouldn’t forget the Druze and Kurds.

We also know that minorities have also been forced to participate in acts of worship that are totally against their beliefs. In a pluralistic society, changing someone’s faith has to be done as an act of will or from the heart, not at the threat of violence, so where are all the human rights groups like Amnesty International?

On January 12 in The Daily Telegraph, columnist Allison Pearson made this profound intervention in her column day and although it was written four and a half months ago, it is still relevant now.

She wrote this: “After Cologne, the EU referendum is nothing less than the safety and security of British women.

“We, the Euro clueless, and need to vote for the rights of our daughters and granddaughters to live as they chose and smile in the street. No more Mrs Don’t Know, let’s get the hell out. I hope that 2016 is our year of deliverance.”

In a interview with the Huffington Post in March, she added: “What does it mean for a liberal Western society, which values the rights of women and gay people to admit hundreds of thousands of young men from countries that don’t share these values?

“The code of conduct – this is marvelous – issued to women in Cologne to protect themselves against attacks said to be careful about smiling in the street lest it be taken as a sign of sexual availability.

“That made me shudder. I don’t want my daughter and her friends to grow up where smiling in the street means you’re up for it. It was a warning of what Europe may be letting itself in for.”

There are a number of views that UKIP leader Nigel Farage that I profoundly disagree with but I have transcribed his speech he made to the European Parliament in the aftermath of the mass sexual assaults that took place in Cologne on New Year’s Eve. It is advisable for the reader to look at the faces of other parliamentarians whilst this speech is being made. This was said six months ago, but it is still an ongoing incident as the assaults are now on much smaller scale than Cologne but they are happening across Europe.

When a government or European institutions seeks to obfuscate the truth of such a grave incident involving the safety and security of European women and threatens retribution to those who know the truth, then don’t you have to question if they really care for you as citizens?

Mr Farage said: “The one event that has woken up leaders to the folly of the EU asylum plan and the Merkel call that lead to a stampede. Those of us who have warned that unlimited numbers of people from cultures without security checks would be a threat to the cohesion of our societies were roundly abused for doing so.

“Then we had New Year’s Eve, the train station at Munich – it was closed down due to a terrorist threat with the intelligence coming from Syria and Iraq. This was the very same train station in September where people stood up holding up their placards of ‘refugees welcome’. That irony was not lost on me.

“It is what happened in Cologne where we saw the mob – up to 1,000 young males in the street sexually assaulting and harassing women. It is one of the disgraceful public order offences we have seen in modern-day Europe yet there was an attempt by the press and the police to cover it all up and there was even a suggestion from some German politicians that German young women should change their dress and their mode of behaviour in the street which I thought was a total insult.

“There is a name for these type of assaults as they have become common-place in Egypt and part of everyday life. We must have the courage to send out a message that these type of assaults must never be acceptable in any European town or city and we will do our damndest to ensure that this never happens again.

“British people know that one day those young males will have EU passports and be free to come to Britain.”

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From a reader on DSCW (supporting page) May 28, 2016 at 5:20 pm

This is a spiritual battle against the anti Christ eu


SR May 28, 2016 at 5:22 pm

More pro bull sh*** we have laws in Our Country that protect all our citizens


A Twitter User May 29, 2016 at 11:32 am

The EU don’t care about women – just look at Sweden, Germany and France. They are actually blaming the women for getting raped, and these idiots think it is safe in the EU, it is crazy.


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