Go for your life’s dreams and you can win – Ben Carson

December 17, 2016


INCREDIBLE JOURNEY: Retired neurosurgeon, former Republican US presidential candidate and New US secretary of housing and urban development in the US administration in waiting Ben Carson spoke in a Facebook post about how Donald Trump won the US election against the grain but it could have also been a reflection of his own incredible life story. Picture by Gage Skidmore.


A FORMER presidential candidate put together a soliloquy of words together on how you can win against all odds.

Ben Carson was one of the nominees for President of the United States and the 65-year-old neurosurgeon who is originally from Detroit but now lives in West Palm Beach, Florida, is set to serve in US president-elect Donald Trump as his Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. He is now vice chairman of Mr Trump’s presidential transition team.

In a Facebook post, Ben Carson, shared some motivational words that refer to Mr Trump’s victory , but they could also be reflective on his own life as it is reads as a “rag-to-riches” story.

Ben’s father married his mother when she was 13 and he was 28. His mother subsequently found that Ben’s father had another family and he later abandoned her, Ben and his older brother Curtis.

Ben’s mother had to sometimes two or three jobs to feed the family and they lived in an impoverished area of Detroit and at times they to endure the hardship of food stamps and government help.

He then proceeded to become one of the most eminent pediatric neurosurgeons in the world and until his retirement, he was a specialist in separating in Siamese twins as well as neurosurgery itself. He is a practising Seven Day Adventist Christian and a vegetarian.

In his he post Ben wrote:  “Don’t build your life on public opinion. (Donald) Trump lost the presidential debates, twice. Yet he won the election.

*He lost the public opinion polls to Hillary by double-digit margins. Yet he won the election.

“All living former American presidents opposed him. Yet he won the election.

“Top celebrities and entertainers opposed him. Yet he won the election.

“Top party power brokers deserted him. Yet he won the election.”

“Millions opposed him. Yet he won the election.

“Global public opinion ridiculed him. Yet he won the election

“Don’t build your life around the opinions of critics. Don’t build your life on public opinion. It is just that – an opinion. Full stop.

Bless the critic. Bless the haters. Bless the opposers. Bless and curse not. Then…….Go for your dreams. You can win.”


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