‘Has popular culture desensitized Western society?’

February 19, 2017

PEER PRESSURE: “The pressure to conform to canons of popular taste – or rather lack of taste – has never been stronger.” – English writer, retired prison doctor and pyschiatrist Theodore Dalrymple. Picture courtesy of You Tube.

SCRAP METAL: The Tate Modern Gallery, that Paul Joseph Watson, claims resembles more like a landfill site full of scrap metal rather than an art gallery.

NO COMPARISON: Justin Bieber representing popular culture, could not be mentioned in the same breadth as someone like the composer Beethoven representing low culture, says alternative media journalist Paul Joseph Watson. Alternative outlets to the musical status quo are not given air time. Picture courtesy of You Tube.


SEWER PIPE: Paul Joseph Watson says popular culture has been used as a “sewer pipe” to control the masses and become more “vacuous and obscene”. Marketed bands have been called “sterile drivel” and some modern art “tawdry trash”. Picture courtesy of You Tube.


HAS popular culture become so dumbed down by popular culture that it has desensitized Western society?

This is the audacious conclusion made by Paul Joseph Watson of alternative news site Prison Planet who says moral relativists and post-modernists have used their theories to erase the distinction between low culture and popular culture and shape society in “their own image”.

He claims the aim of cultural marxists is to undermine the foundations of Western civilisation and leave “us open to subversion and capitulation”.

He argues in his piece how can a work of art like the Sistine Chapel ceiling made by Renaissance artist Michelangelo be compared to a piece of work called ‘Piss Christ’, put together by Andres Serrano shows a small crucifix submerged in the glass of his own urine.

“Popular culture is more vapid, vulgar, self-imposing, hedonistic and dehumanizing than at any other time in living memory. Culture is supposed to be uplifting and enthuse our lives with intrigue, lust for knowledge and appreciation of beauty.

“Instead for the past two decades pop culture has only served as a sewer pipe of projectile diarrhoea aimed directly at our gawping, open mouths. It has been mass-produced for mass consumption – as I’m sure you’ve noticed – pop culture has become more vacuous and obscene.”

Further along in the video, retired psychiatrist and writer Theodore Dalrymple is quoted as saying: “The pressure to conform to canons of popular taste – or rather lack of taste – has never been stronger.”

The same modern music composers are writing for the same artists, he claims, and the results have led to uniformity of sound, not diversity.

“Music is less diverse and the lyrics are more dumbed down than ever before. We’ve hit a brick wall. There hasn’t been a single movement in popular music for the last 25 years.

“Look at the effects it’s had. Young people were once able to channel their self-loathing, their anger through the medium of rebellious music – think punk, Grunge, Goth, now they are listening to sterile drivel like One Direction and Maroon Five.

“We’ve always had manufactured bands but we also had alternatives, now there are no alternatives, they don’t get the air time.”

For the record, there are artists profiled by this page like this song-writing guitarist who has written songs like this one about remembering the fallen and the dangers of poaching which are relevant to issues we are facing today does not get that much coverage or for that matter the owners of local artists who run sites like Detailed Beauty and Diorama Arts.

The Tate Modern Art Gallery comes into Watson’s firing line asserting that originality in art seems to have been shoved into obscurity.

“Why is modern art that requires skill or inspires awe-inspiring beauty ignored in favour of tawdry trash? Literally trash.

“Have you ever visited the Tate Modern Gallery? It is a giant building full of scrap metal, concrete blocks, urinals and this, whatever it is, they call it an art gallery. It more closely resembles a landfill site. What does this look like? Dog food and a turd, no it’s conceptual art. A giant ass was nominated for the Turner Prize.

“What is supposed to inspire us now dehumanizes us. When we defend western civilization, we’re not talking about popular culture. We are talking about the Cistine chapel, not “piss Christ”. We are talking about Beethoven, not Bieber. We’ve just become bored with what we’ve inherited and the rich tapestry of our cultural heritage has been forgotten.”

  • THIS site wants to make this clear this is based on the a piece of work by Paul Joseph Watson and this full unedited video can be found here. This article has put together the most striking observations and only adds examples profiled on this website to highlight what is being said.
  • X FACTOR is also mentioned in the Watson report and there is also a song of the same title that readers may not be aware of.

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