‘If you’re offended by Christmas I’ll drive you to the airport’

December 7, 2016


RACIALLY ABUSED: UKIP member Anish Patel, seen here with new UKIP leader Paul Nuttall, was racially abused by left-wing activists on Twitter, after he said he would personally drive them to the airport if they were offended by Christmas and wished everyone a Merry Christmas in a tweet earlier this month.


Not ashamed

NOT ASHAMED:  Dave Russell and myself show Christmas cards we exchanged on a night out that were from the “religious section” of Christmas cards from a well-known card shop chain.


Merry Christmas

SPELLING IT OUT:  I found this message on social media. It has been doing the rounds and has gone viral.



AS we approach the festive season, those of us who believe in Christmas in Dorset and Somerset should not be marginalized for doing so.

I say this after certain apparatchiks and council officials both here in the and across the pond in the US take great pleasure in “banning Christmas” in order not to offend people of other faiths and make the decision without even asking them.

Significantly the Barack Obama White House decided to refer to ‘Happy Holidays’, as opposed to Merry Christmas. Today I picked up “religious” Christmas cards from an outlet of the Card Factory. Sorry, I am lost, how can you have Christmas cards without the message behind it?

So in this post, I have decided to put the record straight and have tried to find out or recall what other faiths have actually said about Christmas and Christianity and the following interventions from two sources at the beginning of Advent are absolutely devastating.

It does cause initial amusement but there is a serious side to all this. Are the faiths – Islam and Judaism – actually offended to such a degree , they want all references taken out. After all, would anyone go to Saudi Arabia and tell them to ban all references to Eid in order not to offend Christians or Jews? Somehow I don’t think so.

Or would you to go to Delhi and ask the mainstream Hindu community to drop any mention of Diwali in case it caused upset to Muslims and Christians? Well, er… no they wouldn’t.

The faiths themselves (along with Sikhs and Hindus) get quite angry as it provokes antagonism where none existed before as it perceives they are deemed worthy of special protection measures.

Writing on the Rising East website, journalist Hanna-Mariam Chowdhury, who is Muslim and wears a hijab, delivered this salvo at council officials and others with the intention of being Ebenezer Scrooge all the way up to Christmas Day.

“I am a Muslim, but like millions of other Western Muslims, that doesn’t stop me enjoying the Christmas season and the spirit of tolerance that goes with it.

“In my eyes watering down religious and cultural celebrations has no logical basis. In other words, suppressing Christmas generates more turbulence than celebrating it. ‘Taking precautions’ at this time of year is more likely to inflame resentment than give offence.

“Arab celebrities often take to their social media platforms to wish a Happy Christmas to their followers, including Lebanese singers such as Maryam Fares (Maronite Christian) and Haifa Wehbe (Shiite Muslim).”



A Hindu member of the UK Independence party called Anish Patel was shamefully racially abused and trolled by so-called anti-racist left wing activists on Twitter for saying the following: “I know this is early, but Merry Christmas to all. We are a western, Christian country. If the country loses its identity, the rest is meaningless.

“And if people are offended by Christmas, I will personally drive them to the airport myself.”

Patel told Breitbart News London: “The left are utterly incapable of comprehending the fact that someone from an immigrant background has actually bothered to assimilate. And the greatest irony of all was that once I temporarily put my (Twitter) account on private, I received well over 200 follow requests within 24 hours.”

I would just want to add some words I had with, Landing, a Gambian Muslim friend of mine in Cambridge in the mid-1990s who made some interesting observations on UK culture when he was staying there as a student. Whilst they may be uncomfortable reading for some, those of us who are Europeans or who have partial European heritage, should not feel ashamed of our cultural, religious and historical identity.

Landing said: “It seems to me that many of your religious leaders want to take offence on our behalf for what they believe in. You have no confidence in your faith. Please don’t think that you gain respect on our part by doing this because we only see this as a sign of weakness.”.

So to those pushing this agenda, please stop playing one faith off against another and NEVER decide to just make a decision on behalf of a section of a community without asking them. You know it makes sense.

So to anyone reading this – whether you believe in the message of Christmas, the Incarnation of Jesus or not, may I wish you all a Happy Christmas and God bless you.

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