‘Is Cultural Marxism being used to control our thoughts?’

February 26, 2017


NOT LOGICAL: Director of the Frankfurt School in 1930 Max Horkheimer said the concept of logic is not “independent of content” meaning that if an argument is only logical if it helps destroy Western culture and illogical if it supports it. Here he is pictured with another Frankfurt School founding father, Theodor Adorno. Is this at the heart of university campuses in Western society? Picture by JJ Shapiro.


MARXIST THEORIST: First director of the Frankfurt School for Social Research Carl Grunberg said in his inaugural speech: “I’m one of the opponents of the social, economic and legal order which has been handed down to us from history and I am too one of the supporters of Marxism. In the new institute Marxism will now have a home.”


BANKRUPT CREED: David Horowitz of the David Horowitz Freedom Centre and editor of the centre’s FrontPage Magazine. was one of the original flag bearers of cultural Marxism in the 1960s but turned on it because it never talked about looking at the future, only destroying it and he claims working class people saw through the doctrine in the 1950s, as they saw it wasn’t going to help them.



IS Cultural Marxism being used to undermine the very freedoms we have enjoyed for the past seventy five years?

The Frankfurt School or Frankfurt School for Social Research formally opened its doors on 22 January 1924 and was the front used to convert Marxism from economic into cultural terms and in laymans terms, is the foundation of the concept of extreme political correctness.

Karl Grunberg said this in his inaugural speech as director: “It has been our intention from the outset to maintain uniformity in the way we look at problems and go about solving them. I’m one of the opponents of the social, economic and legal order which has been handed down to us from history and I am too one of the supporters of Marxism. In the new institute Marxism will now have a home.”

His successor, Max Horkheimer, on succeeding Grunberg as director in 1930, said the revolution could come through the working class as capitalism was succeeding, so another way had to be found. Cultural Marxism was about combining the work of Karl Marx and Sigmund Freud.

Horkheimer and his colleagues, including Herbert Mancuse, escaped to New York on the outbreak of World War II in 1939 with Horkheimer returning to Frankfurt and Mancuse staying in America when the war finished six years later.

Cultural Marxism – or in modern-day language “political correctness” – is based upon the idea of critical theory. The theory is to criticise unrelentingly, destructively and comprehensively at every institution of Western society at every give and turn, and the end game was to bring the society down. Critical theory is about politicizing logic itself.

Max Horkheimer said logic is not “independent of content” – this means an argument is only logical if it helps destroy Western culture, illogical if it supports it and this twisted logic lies at the heart of thinking of Western university campuses, says the programme presenter.

Mark Link said: “Critical theory is the basis for women’s studies, gay studies, black studies and other studies departments alive on American (and European) university campuses today. These departments are the home base of political correctness.”

One of political correctness’s noticeable characteristics is its lack of tolerance. Mancuse argues that free Western societies are actually a “deception” and that true tolerance is somehow “repressive” and he said there should be “liberating tolerance”.

In highlighting this doctrine, good has come out of it like the civil rights movement, the equal treatment of women, the LGBT movement and the advance of disability issues but where the “end game” mentioned earlier is the suppression of diversity of opinion, particularly when it comes those who have a traditional mind set or who are “conservative” with a small c.

Roger Kimball, managing director of the New Criterion said: “What he meant by that  ‘liberating tolerance’ meant from ideas or movements from the right of the political spectrum and tolerance for any ideas from the left. It is a recipe for repression.”

David Horowitz, a professor of popular culture on an American campus, was among those who saw critical theory come into Western university campuses and was one of the original flag bearers of Cultural Marxism before turning on it.

“I was a radical in the 1960s, a Marxist. I edited the largest magazine of The Left at the time. The Frankfurt School was important in Marxism because they didn’t really believe in the future, they only believed in destroying capitalism and Bourgeois democracy or whatever you call it. And if you look on today’s campuses that kind of nihilism is really the dominant theme.

When Grunberg couldn’t use the working class to bring out the revolution they wanted original Frankfurt School graduate Herbert Mancuse managed to find another surrogate. He wrote a book called Eros and Civilization that rejected all restrictions on conduct of sexual behaviour and called for “polymorphous perversity”.

Horowitz says: “You had to find a new constituency whether it was students, black people, women or gays or whatever it was and Mancuse had a fluid Marxism that fit into this.

“Marxism is a bankrupt creed, it was by the 1950s or earlier. People understood that it didn’t work. There was no working class that was going to cause a revolution, people were happy with capitalism because it spreads more money to more people than any other system in history, so they had to find other sources of revolutionary energy.”

  • THE full programme this article is based upon can be viewed here 

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