‘Is Self Modulating and Regulatory Technology dangerous?’

November 4, 2019

MOTORWAY MADNESS: The M27 between Junctions 4 and 12 is being upgraded to a smart motorway so that the hard shoulder can be used as an emergency lane to deal with congestion. However critics say this will lead to accidents if someone has the misfortune to break down on a lane with no slip way to pull out to. Picture by Hugh Venables.

SECURITY ALERT: When using contactless icons on cards, check who is around or better still cover your card with a plastic cover that stops its details being lifted by card-reading equipment.


HEALTH FEARS: A survey compiled by retired US government scientist Robert M Powell covering 28 States in the US and Victoria, Australia, covering 410 adults and children, claims that they suffered symptoms such as insomnia, irritability, fatigue, ringing ears, heart palpitations and chest pains after having smart meters installed.


ENCOURAGING everyone to be dependent on technology could have consequences if the allusion is given it can be immune to failure.

Wherever you could, you can have a Self Modulating And Regulatory Technology (SMART) meter, a smart card, a smart payment system or enjoy the benefits of a smart motorway but what is the reality? Did you know this was the acronym for SMART?

‘Are motorists’ safety part of the upgrade plans?’

When travelling up the M27 to visit relatives in Portsmouth regularly, many will know there is ongoing work to upgrade the motorway between Junctions 4 and 12, so that the hard shoulder can be used as an emergency lane when traffic is very heavy.

Currently Highways contractors are upgrading the stretch in a major Government funded exercise and it started in 2018 and is scheduled to end in 2021.

Where there are three lanes, there is no where to pull over safely in case anyone is in the unfortunate situation of breaking down between those 10 junctions. There are some places where a car could pull off the road but the motorist would still be in danger.

‘Check your car prior to using Smart motorways’

It may be appropriate to check your tyres, oil and water before you travel down this major route if you plan to in the immediate future. It is best not to take any chances. There is a 50pm speed limit for the next 18 months at least.

The Daily Mail reported on 13 October how West Midlands area coroner Emma Brown as saying “smart motorways put lives at risk” after Dev Naran, an eight-year-old boy, was hit by a lorry after his grandfather’s Toyota Yaris broke down on the “hard shoulder lane” of the M6.

‘Hard shoulder would have saved Dev’s life’

Paul KIddy, the driver of the lorry that hit the Toyota and Dev, said his life had been devastated by the tragedy.

He told the inquest: “I just disagree with smart motorways. If there had been a hard shoulder, we wouldn’t have been here today.”

Contactless payments, banks argue, is an easier and more convenient form of payment and up to £30 can be used in small transactions such as these.

‘Customer scammed through regular Contactless use’

I heard of someone through a third party who was liberally using his contactless icon all the time on his card and somehow a crook managed to get near to him, so his card-reading equipment could scan his card. He consequently lost up to £2,000 in a number of unaccounted payments of £30 or less when he checked his bank statements on line after being alerted by his bank.

It is always best to check your surroundings. If there is a lot of people around and cover it when using it. The people around us may be in the main be perfectly innocent, but then again they might not and have card-reading equipment.

‘Foil or plastic wallet can block scammers’

Foil can be cut and wrapped around a card but this may not be ideal as it does wear away quickly. There are companies like Defender Note who make A5 size plastic that can be cut to size and placed inside a wallet blocking the contactless technology.

Finally there is the health implications of smart meters, with similar concerns on 5G technology. Here You Tuber Dahboo777 shows a letter from the Pennsylvania Smart Meter Awareness Group to the House of Representatives and sent it to the State’s House of Representatives committee chairman Robert W Godshall.

‘Survey respondents were plagued with symptoms’

In it, the results of two surveys done on 410 adults and childrens in 28 States in the US and in the State of Victoria, Australia, on the effects having had smart meters installed and it found there health concerns.

It was put together by US Government retired scientist Robert M Powell said participants experienced six clusters of symptoms that were disruption, headaches, ringing ears, fatigue, loss of concentration or memory, and disorientation and loss of balance. Other symptoms included insomnia, heart palpitations and chest pains plus stress, anxiety and irritability.

‘Constant data collection leads to symptoms’

The surveys report said: “The many systems found reflect the body systems are disrupted by such radiation.
“The radiation that causes those symptoms is radio Frequency (non-ionizing) radiation produced by smart meters collecting and transmitting information 24/7 from within each house where a smart meter was installed.”

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Stephen Jacks November 15, 2019 at 7:39 pm

Surveil Motorist and Restrict Traffic


Sean McDermott November 15, 2019 at 7:43 pm

If you go outside of the South East Bubble, you will learn that this has been happening for a few years now! It`s called `Further North`!


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