‘Is this what actually happened behind the Syrian chemical attack?’

April 12, 2017

FAKE NEWS: Former UK ambassador to Syria Peter Ford claims the footage, images and information says all the evidence of the atrocity given to western media has been given by rebel forces but it hasn’t been verified by independent journalists. Ford says the rebels claimed there was a holocaust taking place in Aleppo last year but independent sources say there was no evidence to back this up.

HISTORY REPEATED: Democrat Senator and Iraq veteran Tulsi Gabbard, who says she fears the same mistakes are being repeated by President Trump and his advisers as his predecessor but one, George W Bush, in the Iraq War of 2003. She said the President needs to make his case before Congress before targeting a sovereign country.

CROSSED OUT: Paul Joseph Watson of Prison Planet, says his sources told him the Christian town of Mhardeh was being shelled by Islamists after the military strike on the Syrian Army base in response to Sarin attack in Idlib.

FLIMSY EVIDENCE: Peter Ford and Prison Planet both claim that the White Helmets, pictured here, are compromised by their links to Islamist rebels and that all “evidence” has came from them alone and has not been independently verified.



A FORMER ambassador to Syria has made the incredible suggestion that the recent chemical attack that provoked a military response from President Trump was deliberately staged.

After the assault on the Syrian air base that allegedly launched chemical weapons into rebel-held areas of the country, jihadists launched shelling on the majority Christian near-by town of Mhardeh which the military base had protected, says alt-right platform Prison Planet.

The chemical attack in which children were involved was a horrific event to any level-headed person who is informed about it, but who was actually responsible for it?

Independent media analyst Paul Joseph Watson made these observations: “Crippling the Syrian army in that region has made it all but inevitable that that town will be overrun and occupied by jihadist rebels. The air strike directly helped jihadist rebels and put Christians at risks.

“We have been told to swallow the ‘Assad did it’ explanation by the White Helmets, an organisation many have accused of having direct ties to the rebels with no impartial investigation whatsoever.”

The Rebels are alleged to have been behind a chemical weapons attack in the Damascus suburb of Goutha in August 2013.

“This happened despite the fact Assad gave up his chemical weapons so why would he launch a completely self-defeating weapons attack less than a week after US secretary of State Rex Tillerson said that regime change was not on the agenda.”

This incident has also been linked with the White Helmets, who have also been profiled on this website following their Oscar nomination for the film of the same name, when their director used a Koranic verse that was actually plagiarised from the Talmud and the Biblical Old Testament.

It has previously been reported on this website how independent reporter Eva Bartlett said her sources had not heard of the White Helmets and she is seen debating with a representative from the associated Syrian Human Rights Observatory on RT News, despite the fact their representative was thousands of miles away from the battle zone, which begs the question how does he exactly know what is going on there?

Furthermore these allegations on the White Helmets made been confounded by some even more devastating revelations in this piece from Farsnews that I found via independent journalist Denisa Vojtenyi, on Twitter.

Speaking to Tucker Carlson on Fox News, Democrat senator and former Iraq veteran Tulsi Gabbard said the lessons from the Iraq war had not been learnt and there was no confidence on her behalf that replacing Assad would only lead to his replacement by a hardline Islamist state. This link is courtesy from Independent Lebanese writer Sarah Abdallah, again on Twitter.

“This war in Syria has cost thousands of Syrian lives. It has  caused millions of Syrian refugees to flee their homes and it has strengthened these terrorist groups operating on the ground like Al Qaeda, Al Nusra, ISIS and others whose sole goal is to overthrow the Syrian Government and take ownership over Syria. This about evidence and facts.

“If there unequivocable proof of this then share it with the America people. Make your case before Congress before launching an unauthorized illegal strike against a foreign government.

“You know Iraq is not so far off in our memories, particularly people like me who served there but who lost friends there and we remember the then Bush administration including Colin Powell and others came to Congress and the United Nations presenting so-called evidence of weapons of mass destruction.”

In an interview with Dermot Murnaghan of Sky News, former UK ambassador to Syria Peter Ford says many of the images of victims of the gas attack in Idlib may have been “made up” and claims that it was highly unlikely the Syrian regime or the Russians were responsible for it.

“There are different possibilities. One is that it could all be ‘fake news’ – the images, videos, information, all come from opposition sources and not from any credible independent journalists.

“It is also possible that the pictures show the aftermath of a bombing attack that happen to hit a jihadi chemical weapons munitions dump.

“We know for a fact the jihadis were storing chemicals in schools in eastern Aleppo and these were seen later by Western journalists, this is one distinct possibility. We never learn.”

Asked by Murnaghan whether the UK and US should intervene, this was Mr Ford’s devastating response.

“Remember Iraq, chemical weapons? Remember that one. We were told there was a holocaust going on in Aleppo and massacres, it didn’t happen. When independent reporters went in afterwards and saw no evidence of massacres. What we did see was jihadis being bussed out quietly and we subsequently discovered a lot of the footage was fake.

“I think in 2013 it was correct not to intervene on the side of the Jihadis. May be I’m wrong but I suspect most people – when they’ve thought about it for a second – would ask themselves what is going to replace Assad, a secular regime that is protecting minorities, women’s rights. I don’t think the Islamists would have been a better bet and that is even more the case today.

“Remember Idlib, the place where this happened is a rat’s nest of the most extreme jihadis, dogs returning to their own vomit. They made all these mistakes – Iraq, Libya, they never learn and they would like to reproduce the same scenario in Syria.”

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