‘It’s not about you, it’s about helping people who need it’

February 4, 2017

HOME TRUTHS: Stefan Molyneux of Freedom Radio, who highlights the visa suspensions to Iraqi nationals by the US Department of Homeland Security in 2013 and the seven country “States of Concern” list drafted in 2015 which President Trump appears to have followed through. Protests have ignored the inconvenient truth of the executive order prioritising minority refugees, who seem to have been ignored for the past eight years. Picture courtesy of You Tube.


GIVEN PRIORITY: Middle East Christians will be given preferential treatment as refugees (along with Yazidis, Druze and Kurds) by an executive order signed by President Trump on 27 January and it seemed strange that protesters did not want to draw attention to this as they said they were campaigning for minorities. Picture courtesy of Associated Press.


A REPORT from four years ago seems to confirm allegations of hypocrisy that President Trump’s predecessor suspended visas to Iraqis for 2011.

This came a few hours after President Trump signed an executive order that migration from Syria, Libya, Iraq, Iran, Yemen, Sudan and Somalia should be suspended on the grounds of national security. The new president has suspended visas to visitors from these countries.

This follows other revelations that Congress (the House of Representatives and the Senate) signed into law restricted visas from States of concern in 2015, was signed by President Obama and the Secretary of the Interior, Jay Johnson, expanded the restrictions the following year in 2016.

Following Holocaust Memorial Day on Friday 26 January, hardly any references were made to that event by recent marches against the order and next-to-no coverage was given to another executive order a day later given by President Trump to prioritise Christians, Yazidis, Druze and other Syrian minorities as refugees.

You Tuber and journalist Stefan Molyneux of Freedom Radio said: “President Trump is taking the same action as Barack Obama did in 2016, suspending visas and he is applying these visa restrictions to the countries that Obama selected as risky states, so he is taking the same action that Obama did in 2013 and the visa restrictions in 2015 and 2016. Does this reframe a bit just a little bit in terms of reality?”

Is this fake news, you say? Well this report from ABC News in 2011 seems to indicate that the DHS (Department of Homeland Security) suspended visas to Iraqi nationals for six months after it emerged two former al-Qaeda terrorists were living in Bowling Green, Kentucky undetected.

None of the countries with the ten most populous countries that have Muslim majorities are included on the list originally put together by the previous US administration.

“For those who protested it didn’t matter when Obama made this list of seven countries and signed the law. He is your team, not the Republicans, right!

“ISIS have said that they want to blend the jihadists with the migrants into the West. They have openly said it. Let’s say you are a Western government that has vowed to protect your own citizens, including those who are Muslims.

“If you have a somewhat aggressive group like ISIS planning to embed Islamists and Jihadists with the wave of migrants into the West, what do you do? Here’s the thing, if immigration is being restricted from countries where ISIS has promised to embed jihadists, I think morally the fault lies with ISIS, not the countries trying to keep their citizens safe.

“Stop thinking about you, it’s about helping people in need. Be intelligent and compassionate and give to help to people who need it in the Middle East. All human desires are infinite, all human resources are finite. For every 10,000 Syrians you bring to the US, you could help settle 122,000 refugees in the Middle East where they would be safe. It’s not about you, it’s not about votes, it’s not about virtue-signalling, it’s about helping people who need it.”

In dealing with criticisms that the visa suspension was a Muslim-only ban, President Trump stands by the order that it has to be done on the grounds of national security.

In a series of tweets he said: “When a country is no longer able to say who can and cannot, especially for reasons for safety and security, big trouble!

“Interesting that certain Middle-Eastern countries agree with the ban. They know that if certain people are allowed in, it is death and destruction.

“The opinion of this so-called judge, which essentially takes law-making away from this country, is ridiculous and will be overturned!”

  • MOLYNEUX’S full unedited version of his analysis of this issue can be found here.

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