‘Joseph Storehouse assists third of Israelis below poverty line’

November 29, 2015

Barry and Batya Segal

FIGHTING POVERTY: Founders of the Joseph Storehouse Barry and Batya Segal, whose work seems to be crucial at the moment – given that poverty reached 31.8 per cent of Israelis in 2014. Barry visited the Life Church in Poole, who are supporters of the Joseph Storehouse. Picture courtesy of Yeshua Saviour website.

THE founder of an Israeli charity with a global reach visited Dorset to give an update on its work in giving immediate help at the point of need for Arabs and Jews living in poverty.

The Joseph Storehouse was set up by Barry and Batya Segal in 1994 who had a vision to freely give aid for the Jewish and Arab poor in Israel. It operates an international humanitarian centre in the Judean Hills outside the city of Jerusalem.

Barry Segal was on a whistle-stop tour of churches across England, including the Life Church at Poole, led by Suzanne and Steve Martin, where congregations give regular financial help to the Joseph Storehouse to help them carry out with this ongoing work. They have been called Moriah Gatherings. The charity also has support from communities in the United States, Holland and Germany.

Having hit a wall of traffic as well as wind and rain on the M27 in Hampshire to reach Poole on Friday 27 November, Barry said that felt he and his companion were approaching “Swimming Poole” rather than Poole.

As well as giving fifty visitors to the meeting about what new projects the foundation was involved in – including the Millennium Centre – they celebrated the approach of Hanukkah. It celebrates the re-dedication of the Second Temple in Jerusalem and is a Jewish holiday that lasts for eight days and nights.

Contrary to what is reported in much of the mainstream press there is a lot of poverty in Israel.  A report from the Times of Israel claims figures from independent research institutes suggested that in 2014 31.6% were living in poverty, with 13.8 per cent in extreme poverty.

Another 16.7% experience shortages of adequate food and 5.9 per cent don’t have enough cash to purchase urgent medical supplies.

It distributes emergency medical equipment, food, toiletries, blankets and other necessities to those living under Israel’s poverty line and to the general population in times of crisis.

“Every day Batya and I together with our staff and volunteers assist Israel’s most vulnerable citizens, orphans, widows, the homeless and handicapped, the elderly, new immigrants and victims of terrorism and rocket attacks. Our staff regularly visit economically distressed families.”

Batya added: “It is with great excitement that we know that throughout the years we were able to touch more than 600,000 people through the work of Vision For Israel.”

Barry said: “We have been able to provide medical and emergency equipment to Israel’s first responder medical teams.”

“Holocaust survivors receive a hand of comfort from Vision For Israel and the Joseph Storehouse in the form of gift vouchers – these enable them to purchase much needed food and household supplies at most shops and supermarkets across the country.”

A lot of recent funding is being directed towards the creation of the Millennium Centre, a multi-faceted complex that is now under construction that will serve Jews, Arabs, Christians and all other members of the community.

“This is no longer just a plot of land nor an architect’s set of plans but a dream being built and coming to fruition.”

Barry briefly gave an update on the number of stabbings being randomly carried out by teenagers under the direction of Hamas across Israel. Many of the victims and perpetrators of these incidents have been treated with medical first aid kits supplied by the Joseph Storehouse Foundation.

Despite the high amount of stabbings across Israel, levels of tourism have not dipped but have maintained their current levels.

A recent military incident that saw a Russian plane being shot down on the Syrian/Turkish border by the Turkish air force after targeting Daesh positions, has unearthed some commercial activity that is not widely known.

In response to this downing of the jet, the Russian government stopped sending tourists to Turkey and  are now spending their money and holidaying in Israel instead.

  • IF anyone wishes to donate to the work of the Joseph Storehouse than can do by visiting here. You will notice you can give to a specific kind of ministry that is appropriate to your needs or interests.

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bernice els July 28, 2020 at 2:25 pm

I am trying to contact some one as have new clothes i want to give to Isreal also iwant to make s donation.please let some one contact me as i am in South South africa .my cell is 0766105968 God bless u all


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I want to give a donation to Joseph Storehouse…the storehouse Barry and Batya Segal support…the page cant be found on the internet…can someone contact me so I can send a donation… thank you


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I would like to donate money to the Joseph Storehouse. Mo pay pal comes up for that. Please tell mr how I can send this money.


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I want to donate by my bank I don’t have checks but etransfer I do have so how can I do that


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Was wondering if you work together with this group (we have been giving to this group for many years).


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