‘It was the suffering caused by the mandates that prompted me to act’

November 27, 2022

Tamara Lich gives an emotional testimony to Canada’s Public Order Emergency Committee which was hearing evidence as to whether Justin Trudeau, Chrystia Freeland and other Canadian politicians abused their powers when invoking the Emergency Act to deal with the trucker convoy in February of this year. Ms Lich was speaking publicly after being banned from social media as part of her bail conditions.

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Journalist loses it after Alberta health data-sharing agreement with WEF is scrapped

October 30, 2022

Canadian journalist Derek Fildebrandt seemed very upset after new Alberta Premier Danielle Smith reinstated unvaccinated health care workers in the Province and cut dies with the World Economic Forum over data sharing, and this covers the bizarre exchange and the desperate defence of the WEF by the legacy media and whether this has consequences for other parts of the world as more questions are asked about its’ influence around the world.

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‘I left the Democrats because it is full of ideologues who hate freedom’

October 24, 2022

Former Democrat Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard goes into detail as to why she left her party saying their priorities were motivated by self-interest and not who they are meant to serve. The words uttered are very relevant to the UK political scene, as special interest groups wield more power than the ordinary person. Such chasms have led to the threat of a Nuclear War due to the breakdown of relationship between those who govern and the people they are meant to serve in the country, hence global interests versus national interests.

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‘World is on a global financial precipice due to a sea of debt’

September 12, 2022

Author of the Rich Dad Poor Dad series of self-help books to those trying to find economic freedom Robert Kiyosaki claims the current global economic crisis lies in banks and government finance departments encouraging the printing of fiat money and the encouraging of debt of society, particularly directing it towards students. Printing money exponentially many economic correction that will occur, he says.

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‘There should be no path to a green Utopia that is dependent on force’

August 20, 2022

Clinical psychologist, renowned speaker and author Jordan Peterson explains in a detailed monologue how Agenda 2030’s plans to involve force in bringing climate change targets will make everyone poorer and their quality of life, whilst highlighting those pushing it have no intention of stopping their modes of transport which they want everyone else to stop using. He argues that Net Zero is all about power and control of the world’s population

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FBI has become the Gestapo of the United States – Seb Gorka

August 15, 2022

deputy strategist to former Donald Trump and former British army volunteer Seb Gorka reminds his political opponents of them breaking their own laws by raiding the home of a former US president without letting his lawyers see their warrant properly and claims a recently retired FBI official planted surveillance evidence on President Trump.

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‘Does publishing inaccurate information not bother the legacy media?’

August 12, 2022

Wetherspoon boss Tim Martin gets the mainstream press to grovel and publishes multiple corrections in his Wetherspoon magazine after comments he made to staff about their concerns when discussing furlough in April and May 2020 after being leaked to them were taken out of context about saying they should go and work for Tesco until the Pandemic passed.

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‘Why has the Dutch legacy media betrayed their rural communities?’

August 1, 2022

Despite not being a specialist rural reporter, Rebel Media’s Lewis Brackpool has got a grasp of what is happening in Holland in the month he has been there covering the crisis. Listen to him first hand his observations on the Dutch mainstream media as to why they focus on Rebel Media, rather than the legitimate grievances the Dutch rural communities have on these nitrogen cuts and reductions in livestock herd numbers.

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‘Digital ID will lead to permanent serfdom and slavery’

July 27, 2022

Retired investment banker Katharine Austin Fitts and former LBC presenter Maajid Nawaz speak in layman’s terms about that the consequences of a digital currency are for the ordinary citizen which leads to privacy being violated and controls put in place to what you can sell, buy or purchase. Maajid Nawaz explores how there are options getting around the system to ensure people’s anonymity and their financial privacy is protected..

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‘Why didn’t anyone treat Rafael Nadal in his hour of need?’

July 24, 2022

Rafael Nadal won the French Open 2022 but several months prior to this he was in acute medical distress as the cameras were rolling after a post-match press conference, which makes his achievement even more remarkable. None of the officials appeared to give any help was the cameras were rolling.

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