‘We must stop this ideologically-driven madness before it is too late’

September 14, 2021

Neil Oliver of GB News, who has previously presented A History of Scotland and The One Show delivers a monologue on the 20th anniversary of 9/11 and explains why the West needs to fight it’s identity quickly before it destroys the world as we know it with its own stupidity.

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‘We will not allow them to use fear and propaganda to further harm our society’

September 5, 2021

Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky, who is a medically qualified surgeon sends out a message that vaccine and mask mandates must cease as they are harming society in the long-term and will his decision to speak prompt Conservative MPs in the UK to follow suit and speak out in the same way about the restrictions here in the UK.

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‘It’s dangerous to think for oneself but fine to livestream murders’

August 20, 2021
Andrew Torba of Gab sent an e-mail to many users of network to highlight how Facebook, Twitter and What

Andrew Torba, chief executive of Gab sent a chain e-mail to subscribers explaining how Facebook, What’s App and Twitter allowed their platforms to be used by the Taliban to co-ordinate their takeover of Afghanistan but it didn’t seem to appear how contradictory this was given they had banned Conservative, patriotic, nationalist and independent American and other World voices.

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‘I don’t feel the media is interested in the truth anymore’

August 3, 2021

Kari Lake speaks to Prager U about her dramatic resignation from Fox 10 News and goes into details as to how the media has been infiltrated by liberal ideology to the detriment to other points of view rendering news impartiality as a minor irritant in the way of pursuing agendas.

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‘The person residing in No 10 is not someone I can say I know at all’

July 31, 2021

In an interview with Mark Dolan of GB News, alleged former lover of Prime Minister Boris Johnson when he was London Mayor, claims the rules being imposed on the public via the pandemic are not typical of him, and many former alumni and colleagues of him reached out to her to say he isn’t the person they recognize from yesterday and she claims he is making decisions under coercion with those who work him and those above him.

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‘Power play is a double whammy to hard-hit Hamworthy’

July 8, 2021

With Hamworthy facing limited access to its two main bridges across Poole harbour as Scottish and Southern Electric law cables over three months to upgrade the network, will this be a final straw to small firms who have been struggling already under lockdown restrictions over the pas 16 months and this page asks why are this doing this now

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‘Is the PCR test the key to exposing massive medical fraud?’

June 9, 2021

Specialist attorney Dr Reiner Fuellmich who takes on large corporations says the PCR test was brought onto the world for use last year by a scientist who unveiled a test to diagnose a disease which was not his own, when it was originally for scientific use and it is at the centre of a class action alleging medical fraud linked to the World Health Organisation and national health departments co-ordinated across the world.

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‘Act now to stop your medical data going to third parties without your consent”

May 31, 2021

Peter Hitchens of the Daily Mail and Sarah Marsh of The Guardian bring to attention the disturbing grab of sensitive medical data of UK citizens to unspecified educational and commercial third parties. To stop this from happening, you must act immediately on what they are telling to do. Luminate and Sonia Friedman Productions dramatize the consequences of this. Read this and view their work.

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‘VaxPass will lead to medical apartheid and two-tier society’

May 17, 2021

Former scientific advisor to Pfizer Dr Mike Yeadon warns UK public in emergency statement that vaccine passports are a controlling mechanism and are not based on medical need. Vaccinated people don’t need to know the medical status of others and highlights the two-week consultation period in March that wasn’t widely plugged in mainstream news organisations.

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‘Covid fatigue forced us to focus our attention on Climate Change’

April 28, 2021

This site went to the trouble of exposing mainstream media propaganda both in the US and the UK and the focus in this despatch is the unguarded conservation a major CNN employee has with a wired reporter from Project Veritas and the treatment of Bath pub landlord Rod Humphris after evicting Labour leader Keir Starmer from his pub.

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