‘Peaceful politics is based on accepting the will of the majority’

March 4, 2019

NATIONAL MANDATE: “Parliamentary sovereignty really meant, and still means, the unchallenged right to put the people’s will into law. To accept the inevitable that, more than anything, is the secret of our political stability. Those who claimed the elite knew […]

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‘Luxury six-storey block of flats would devastate Sandbanks’

February 18, 2019

PUBLIC ACCESS: The Haven Hotel has been in existence since 1887 and was the home and centre of wireless experiments in the 1890s. The downstairs bar has a magnificent view of the chain ferry heading out towards Studland. Visitors can […]

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‘These LED-lit pieces will stand out in dark corner of a room’

February 16, 2019

  SECOND TIME: David Russell as his exhibition at the Orchard Cafe at Holme For Gardens Centre in West Lulworth that took place in the spring of 2016. MARINE LIFE: This was David’s first experimental piece using mounted LED-lighting behind […]

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‘The central part of human life is a healthy planet’

January 30, 2019

  WILFUL IGNORANCE: “We really need to be careful with what we do because we can exterminate things without even knowing. We are one coherent ecosystem. It’s not just a case of beauty, interest or wonder. It is the essential […]

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‘Mandatory checks on health risks of 5G must be applied now’

January 28, 2019

BLENDING IN: A 3G/4G/5G tower can be put on public buildings or pylons to fit in with their surroundings and not be too obvious. This mobile tower in Kangaroo Point, Queensland, was painted to look like an Aboriginal stick. Picture […]

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‘We must learn from the past to create a safer future’

January 27, 2019

NEVER FORGET: This exhibition at Poole Museum celebrating Holocaust Memorial Day came the same day as it was revealed the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust commissioned a survey that found one in 20 UK adults denied that it took place. Holocaust […]

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‘Farm visit was the missing piece of the puzzle for me’

January 13, 2019

HORRIFIC SYMPTOMS: “I noticed that my digestion was terrible for the first time since I left High School. I was chronically bloated. The other thing I noticed from my having a vegan diet was that my skin was horrific. I […]

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‘Please support our family farms and keep our countryside alive’

December 20, 2018

PUBLIC CHALLENGE: “If you (the general public) share the Prince of Wales’ love of the countryside and believe it matters for this generation and those to come have the privilege we’ve all had in visiting these remarkable, special places, then […]

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‘Will current chaos on Hunger Hill be beneficial in the long-term?’

December 16, 2018

OBSTACLE COURSE: This is the view from the bottom of West Street as motorists turning right from the suspension bridge face going towards Dorchester. The gap shown here is a lot wider than what I faced one rainy evening coming […]

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‘The loss of freedom is always but one generation away’

December 9, 2018

INCREDIBLE JOURNEY: UK national Sebastian Gorka, was born in London to Hungarian parents, and is known in some political circles as one of the architects of the election fo Donald Trump as US president. Picture by Gage Skidmore. AMAZING RECORD: […]

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