‘Act now to stop your medical data going to third parties without your consent”

May 31, 2021

Peter Hitchens of the Daily Mail and Sarah Marsh of The Guardian bring to attention the disturbing grab of sensitive medical data of UK citizens to unspecified educational and commercial third parties. To stop this from happening, you must act immediately on what they are telling to do. Luminate and Sonia Friedman Productions dramatize the consequences of this. Read this and view their work.

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‘VaxPass will lead to medical apartheid and two-tier society’

May 17, 2021

Former scientific advisor to Pfizer Dr Mike Yeadon warns UK public in emergency statement that vaccine passports are a controlling mechanism and are not based on medical need. Vaccinated people don’t need to know the medical status of others and highlights the two-week consultation period in March that wasn’t widely plugged in mainstream news organisations.

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‘Covid fatigue forced us to focus our attention on Climate Change’

April 28, 2021

This site went to the trouble of exposing mainstream media propaganda both in the US and the UK and the focus in this despatch is the unguarded conservation a major CNN employee has with a wired reporter from Project Veritas and the treatment of Bath pub landlord Rod Humphris after evicting Labour leader Keir Starmer from his pub.

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‘Coerced medicine without informed consent will lead to tragedy’

April 23, 2021

This site was contacted by a lady form East Dorset whose identity has been protected and in a statement submitted to me tells how taking the AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine has severely impacted her life purely on the promise of convenience and the pull of a vaccine passport to see a close relative. She warns others to investigate what people are agreeing to have injected into their bodies before doing something that can have major consequences due to government or media pressure to take forced medical interventions.

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‘Fit and healthy people should not be having forced medical interventions’

April 14, 2021

Former Pfizer chief scientific advisor Dr Mike Yeadon speaks to on-line channel Hugo Talks claiming mass vaccinating people with experimental vaccines when clinical trials are not complete is very dangerous and that the Government is definitely using the crisis to push their agenda beyond just health. Medical professionals are silent he says, and they need to start speaking out.

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‘They just spin a web and lies to fit their political agenda’

April 7, 2021

Andrew Torba, CEO of alternative media platform Gab, explains in a blog post how legacy media ‘journalists’ have tried to smear him writing hit-pieces but he has the last laugh by publishing every interaction he has with anyone from mainstream media with one particular publication that specifically is highlighted to draw attention to the problems within legacy media

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‘We can hardly say we didn’t know – or we were not warned’

March 16, 2021

Independent vaccine research consultant Geert Vanden Boosche, who has links to Bill Gates and GAVI, says mass vaccinations in a pandemic could lead to immune escape and that vaccines won’t protect against new variants of the Covid-19 virus as they will develop immune responses and says the vaccine roll-out must stopped immediately to save humanity.

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‘We messaged public in a two-week blitz of sustained propaganda’

March 13, 2021

In an unguarded moment, New Zealand leader jacinda Ardern makes a rather strange statement that gets picked up by alternative media, but not MSM and one of the proponents of the lockdowns admits that mRNA technology has not been scentifically tested for years and doesn’t know long term effects, and claims there are only side-effects in the first 45 days, but other censored voices suggest this takes longer to come through, more like 42 days to 14 months. For more information, click on the backlinks.

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‘Knowingly creating suffering strikes at heart of our own morality’

March 8, 2021

MP for Broxbourne Sir Charles Walker speaks about the consequences of lockdown on the mental health of the nation and calls out Matt Hancock, Chris Whitty and SAGE of having no morality without taking into account the ethics of pursuing public compliance with fear. He also targeted the press for being in a different orbit from the general public during the course of the Covid-19 crisis. Piers Morgan is highlighted having gone to Antigua on holiday in February during the current lockdown.

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‘Why are we testing healthy people and using such invasive tests?’

March 2, 2021

Retired ears, nose and throat specialist nurse Debi Evans speaks to main anchor Brian Gerrish of UK Column about the PCR test, its efficacy and whether it is ethically appropriate to use an invasive swab up the nasal pharynx when they are other non-invasive techiniques available and raises concerns about the staff at the testing centres across the country such as the one at Creekmoor, Poole, and questions whether they are medically qualified to carry out such invasive procedures

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