‘Is Self Modulating and Regulatory Technology dangerous?’

November 4, 2019

MOTORWAY MADNESS: The M27 between Junctions 4 and 12 is being upgraded to a smart motorway so that the hard shoulder can be used as an emergency lane to deal with congestion. However critics say this will lead to accidents […]

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‘Content creators join forces to showcase joys of Krakow’

November 3, 2019

GLOBAL STATUS: Lifestyle blogger Lenka Daisy is in the courtyard of Wawel Castle where it constitutes part of the city’s historic centre due to the diverse architectural styles within it. TRUMPET SOUNDS: Above Lenka is where the St Mary’s Church […]

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‘My motto is just to stop talking and start doing’

September 29, 2019

  RESOURCES NEEDED: “The community came together as a family that day, together. If 200 volunteers in nine hours pick up 50 tonnes of trash with no help from the city, imagine what we could do with millions of dollars.” […]

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‘The world of tomorrow is based on empires, not nation states’

September 23, 2019

EUROPEAN EMPIRE: “In the world order of tomorrow is not a world order based on nation states or countries, it is a world world of empires in which we, Europeans, and you British can only defend your interest and your […]

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‘Populism is rising because liberals are becoming unbearable’

September 17, 2019

  LIBERAL LOATHING: “it is a kind of fascism – if you don’t lead the life I tell you to I going to ruin your life, I am going to scream abuse at you. I’m going to get you fired […]

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‘Weird roadside pieces of art are signs of the times’

September 12, 2019

  TOTEM SIGN: This way-marking sign on Holes Bay Road in Poole points walkers and cyclists to their destinations. This was commissioned by the local authorities but unlike the Wicker Man in Devon, some may argue that there are not […]

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College anniversary, carriages and a Moo Range shine at show’

September 9, 2019

WAITING GAME: A competitors in the pony and trap competition patiently waits before being directed into the public gaze. EQUINE POWER: Here are some of the Heavy Horses that exhibited at the Dorset County Show. RURAL EDUCATION: Here I’m standing […]

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‘Crows were carrying out cesareans on our pregnant ewes’

August 18, 2019

UNDER THREAT: Sheep, such as these from mid Dorset, if they were in pregnant, would have been at risk from predation from buzzards and corvids and their owners would have to incur losses on stock as shooting licences were suspended […]

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‘Purbeck trade hit by ferry closure and one-way system’

August 12, 2019

  GRID LOCK: This picture, taken by my backseat passenger, shows the traffic going at snail’s pace between Corfe Castle and Wareham on the B3151 part of the one-way traffic system created by the closure of the chain ferry. We […]

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‘Why does Agenda 21 not mention rural communities?’

July 10, 2019

THOUGHT CONTROL: “They’ve got this consensus thing going and they don’t seem to be able to think for themselves and this is because they are being trained into this system and it is intolerant in the way they say ‘nobody […]

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