‘Little Red Tractor ploughs into public’s conscience’

August 24, 2014

Jonny Ball NFU

FANTASTIC FOOD: NFU roadshow presenter Johnny Ball was engaging with visitors to the New Forest Show at Brockenhurst at the end of July. He is here with the roadshow’s educational prop Annabel the Cow.


A FAMILIAR face and celebrity farmer on the country show circuit extolled the virtues of the Red Tractor logo at the New Forest Show.

When Johnny Ball and his NFU Let’s Talk Farming  roadshow turned up at the site at Brockenhurst, it was his 78th date of the year following on from the Lampeter Food Festival and the Kent County Show. He is scheduled to be at this year’s Dorchester Show.

As part of the educational programme of the roadshow, visitors saw four lots of crops up close next to products that were made from them. His educational prop and sidekick Annabel the Cow also engaged school age visitors to show them the mechanics of how the dairy industry works.

The Little Red Tractor appears on 10 billion items of food in supermarkets and restaurants from all the farming sectors.

Speaking on a NFU You Tube video about the Little Red Tractor Logo Johnny says: “Why is the Little Red Tractor important? It is important because it is a symbol that says you have produced farm assured food – some of the best in the world.

“The Red Tractor symbol for consumers means they can be quite confident they are buying fantastic food produced to exacted farm assured standards, so it is fantastic for the British public.

“People have always said in the past they are worried about the Red Tractor logo being used may be on foreign food. Absolute rubbish, whatever you’ve heard in the papers or anywhere else, whenever you see that Red Tractor symbol with the Union flag underneath you can be 100 per cent sure it has been produced on a fantastic, British farm.”

Whilst engaging with visitors at the New Forest Show, Johnny is certain that many more of the public know what the Red Tractor is all about and want to support the small specialist producers, particularly those who shape the way of life in the forest.

Johnny said: “People now are actively looking where they buy their food from. They may look for the cheapest price but no longer trust supermarkets.

“They are looking for the Red Tractor logo because they know where it comes from and how it is grown or produced. They want to know all these things as to what they are buying.

“We have the safest farmed food in the world. Localism is working through farmers markets and local producers. Small producers who have contracts with supermarkets that are very large are limited in retailing their produce.

“Shows like this really help the small family farms and people buy off the their stalls. We love the New Forest Show.

“The show has people who promote all the New Forest has to offer in terms of its local food. I think some of the government schemes are really good for the environment – they create the bulk of the countryside and it would not look the same without farmers. All the small little stalls are local producers producing fantastic food.”

Rebecca Goodlad August 28, 2014 at 10:16 am

Thank you for drawing our attention to this sign. You are quite right. Local food is the best.

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