Living by the sea puts David in reflective mood

July 27, 2013


Bermuda Beach

PREMIER PIECE: David Russell’s first original sea scape work called Bermuda Beach.

Dreams of Xmas

FESTIVE FEEL: Dreams Of Christmas combines the subjects of the sea and society’s most celebrated religious festival.


Crest of a Wave_DMR

WAVE LENGTH:  A painted seascape on canvas called Crest Of A Wave.

A DORSET-born artist is trying to bring the county’s coastal heritage to life through his collection of seascapes.

In the past David Russell of Hamworthy, Poole, would add his unique touch to other people’s work but since January he has been aiming to strike out on his own. He calls his Portfolio of work, Diorama.

His first piece of work on canvas was called Bermuda Beach and another entitled Dreams Of Christmas combines the season of goodwill with the sea.

If he isn’t collecting shells, barnacles and drift wood whilst patrolling the coast, he loves touring local souvenir shops looking for recycled bric-a-brac, and model boats, dolphins, gulls and lighthouses. He also collects bright stickers and mirrors for a reflective touch to his work.

As well using these items to create these seascapes, David uses blues and greens in different shades to identify the marine environment.

Photography has always been a passionate hobby of his and he used to be fascinated taking pictures of the water reflections of branches in the local rivers.

David said: “I’m not just influenced by what I see on the Dorset coast but from travelling abroad to places like Bermuda and the Mediterranean, particularly Spain.

“I love experimenting with LED lighting to create an effect. I have always been fascinated by reflections, especially magnifying glasses and mirrors.

“A piece of work can take from anything up to a couple of hours to several days.”

Living by the sea, David is struck by the “freedom” of the ocean and the dependence of its ecosystems on it.

“It can’t be tamed. I think of music and scent of the oceans as it looks to feed at the appropriate time. I’m greatly inspired by the boats when I see them come in the evening and the delightful delicacies of the driftwood. It seems like pieces are being moved around at different times of the day.

“In my work, I am trying to get the right reflection of light. If I use the light behind the piece of work, it creates a greater effect. My earlier products were a lot simpler.

“I want to look at something that is completely different but I also want to look to use something that is completely natural.”

  • TO find out more information, contact David at
  • THE Bournemouth Arts By The Sea Festival takes place from Friday 20 September to Saturday 12 October and it brings new and accomplished work across film, music, performance, live scores, visual arts and ground-breaking digital arts.

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