‘My motto is just to stop talking and start doing’

September 29, 2019


RESOURCES NEEDED: “The community came together as a family that day, together. If 200 volunteers in nine hours pick up 50 tonnes of trash with no help from the city, imagine what we could do with millions of dollars.” Scott Presler speaking to Fox News anchor Laura Ingraham about a day’s clear up of a major homeless site in Los Angeles.


A CONSERVATIVE activist has been leading groups of volunteers to clear up accumulated rubbish in run-down cities across the United States.

In drawing attention to this, this site wanted to show the problems of homelessness in America are on a scale that dwarves anything that can be experienced here in Dorset and in sharing this, there is no intention to trivialize the experiences of those who are on the streets or struggling in bedsits.

I myself help out Roots to Routes on a soup run every few weeks and separately at the end of 2017, told the separate story of how Lukasz Grodzki, and his partner, Martyna, took Jacek Kuminski into their home and back on his feet after being found homeless under Bournemouth Pier. He was given a hand up from the Polish community in Dorset.

‘Local paper wouldn’t help activist due to politics’

Scott Presler has been active in leading clean ups in Newark, New Jersey; Virginia Beach, Virginia, Baltimore and now Los Angeles and it is no easy process that in its worse form, volunteers have to wear haz-mat suits to deal with the mess and in its worse form they are dealing with used syringes from drug addicts and human faeces.

Presler led a team of volunteers to a clean up in Baltimore after Donald Trump drew attention to it in tweets in an on-line bust up with local Democrat congressman Elijah Cummings.

In response to an appeal from Presler to the Baltimore Sun, the local rag, asking them to say where and when they could help, they ran a hit piece on his plans.

‘Special PPE was needed to protect volunteers’

For my local readership, Haz-mat suits is a colloquial phrase referring to personal protection equipment (PPE) consisting of an impermeable whole-body garment worn as protection against hazardous materials.
These suits are often combined with self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) to ensure a breathable supply of air.

Haz-mat suits or decontaminaton suits are often used by professionals such as paramedics, firefighters, personnel responding to toxic spills, specialists dealing with contaminated facilities and workers in toxic environments.

‘Has leprosy come to Los Angeles?’

To put in context as to why they have had to use this equipment, there have been outbreaks of Typhoid, tuberculosis and even allegedly leprosy in these homeless encampments, according to coverage in Rebel Media. There main reporter on the ground is Amanda Head and there are featured interviews with Scott Presler and other volunteers.

It is also strange that the city authorities refuse to give resources to deal with these problems but they won’t be seen dead giving any help to this movement due to the person’s politics rather than help their own citizens.

‘I just want to inspire people to help their neighborhood’

Speaking to Laura Ingraham on Fox News, Presler says: “My motto is stop talking, start doing. Everyone can Facebook or tweet, but it really takes someone to go out there and pick up garbage, clean up the trash and do something. This is all I want to inspire people to do.

“People tell me ‘Scott, why are you going in there?’. I care about my fellow neighbour. I care about not leaving California behind and yes, Miss Constance, Mr Robert and Captain Andrews were all helping us pick up trash even though they were part of the homeless encampment.

“The community came together as a family that day, together. If 200 volunteers in nine hours pick up 50 tonnes of trash with no help from the City, imagine what we could do with millions of dollars.”

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Koenig of the Mids Dot.Com September 29, 2019 at 9:04 pm

Sunset in the Golden State – Ep 6: Corrupt Government by @stefanmolyneux explains why socialworkerS ship their professional homeless via greyhound bus freeticket to CALIFORNIA. http://www.newcaliforniastate.com/ is re-forming the State for its 1776 ppl again and all who abide by this common sense for once and all.. #culturewarsmagazine #california #Hegel #PeterPan1776


Rebecca September 30, 2019 at 6:47 am

Right on Matt. Never a truer post.


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