‘Peace will not prevail until justice is served for victims of genocide’

April 29, 2017


MORAL DUTY: “Witnesses are fleeing and not one ISIS militant has faced trial for international crimes anywhere in the world. So I am speaking to you the Iraqi Government and you the UN member states when I ask ‘why?’ – Human rights lawyer Amal Clooney speaking to the UN. Picture by Georges Biard. 



HEART BROKEN: This boat will have had genuine people fleeing a war zone but according to a volunteer’s wife talking to LBC helping to rescue migrants from the Mediterranean, she said he was “traumatised” by the way some of the men treated the women and children, who were in need of genuine help, and they were waived through by NGOs despite having disturbing footage of ISIS propaganda on their cell phones. Picture courtesy of You Tube.


NOT SURPRISED: LBC radio host and Daily Express columnist Katie Hopkins, who took the call, asked questions of the middle-class woman caller and received answers which seemed to consolidate the controversial stance she has taken on the issue.





A CALL for justice has been sent by a celebrity lawyer on a personal mission to bring jihadist fighters responsible for the genocide of minorities in the Middle East to face trial, no matter what the cost.

Amal Clooney, the human rights lawyer wife of Hollywood heartthrob George Clooney, made a powerful to the United Nations to make sure Daesh and other Islamist groups are held accountable for their genocidal crimes against the Druze, Yazidis and Christian minorities in Irad and Syria, and to learn their lessons from the 1917 Armenian Genocide and Rwanda.

In a separate development, the wife of a volunteer who helped to give humanitarian aid to migrants in the boats heading to Southern Europe from Libya, called LBC Radio’s Katie Hopkins in a no-holds barred interview to say she stopped him going because he was “traumatised” with the way some male Muslim migrants were treating the women and children and it was changing him as a person. If anyone thinks it has been made up, here is the link.

In the segment she claimed non-government organisations (NGOs) were making no distinction between the women and children, who were in dire need of help, and some of the men who were shoving them to one side and everyone was being processed without any questions..

‘Migrant men had ISIS stuff on their phones’

The woman, who rang in anonymously, said: “It was a really traumatic time for him, doing three-week stints pulling bodies out of the sea, babies and women, but at the same time they were processing men – all in their thirties – with ISIS stuff on their phones when there being separated and handed over to the authorities explaining that these guys had all this information on their phones and they were told what their ages were, they were just being processed through.

‘Women and children were pushed to back of queue’

“It broke my husband’s heart as he was dealing with families in such a terrible state with young babies who so clearly needed rescuing and these adult males were pushing women and children to the back of the queue when they were being triaged, saying they had a sore throat and a cough and they felt they were more important. This was last year.

“He came home saying ‘I don’t know how Europe is going to cope’. This is a cultural difference.

“What kind of a human being pushes a woman with a baby aside saying ‘deal with my cough’? How are we going to deal with the trauma and processing these individuals?

“This is why I stopped my husband doing this. He is turning into a man I don’t recognise. My family think I am just ‘bleeding heart liberal’ and wave everyone in and say ‘come on, we’ll help’ and my husband was of a similar opinion.

‘Migrant men look out for own self-interest’

“He is turning in somebody I don’t recognise because of what he has physically seen. They are not all people looking for help, he says there are people here looking out for their own self-interest.

“The (people traffickers) are overloading the ships because they know people are going to die. He is getting a hatred of a certain demograph because of what he has been exposed to and he has seen the way they behave. He can’t handle the way women and children are being treated by these men.”

‘NGOs are negligent with the safety of European citizens’

Amal Clooney is campaigning to bring individuals such as the ones referred above with ISIS footage for war crimes but thus far no one has been brought to justice and this eye-witness testimony, seems to suggest that non-government organisations have acted negligently in not informing the authorities properly to protect European societies where these men were heading.

It is noted that there is no similar organisation to the Simon Wiesenthal Centre that tracked down Nazi war criminals for their modern-day Daesh perpetrators. I stand to be corrected if this is wrong in writing this.

She told in this speech to the United Nations: “Mass graves lie undetected and unexhumed. Witnesses are fleeing and not one ISIS militant has faced trial for international crimes anywhere in the world. So I am speaking to you the Iraqi Government and you the UN member states when I ask ‘why?’

‘Nobody is collecting evidence on ISIS’

“Why is it that nothing has been done. Could it be that these crimes are not serious enough to warrant an international investigation? ISIS is the most brutal terror group in the world, what the Security Council has called an unprecedented threat to international peace and security. Justice is also what the victims want. ISIS is a bureaucracy of evil leaving behind a trail of evidence that nobody is collecting.

‘Don’t let ISIS get away with genocide’

“Excellencies, it is not too late to turn things around. I believe there is a common will amongst those in this room among leaders in Baghdad and capitals around the world that ISIS should be held accountable in a court of law for its crimes.

“What is needed is moral leadership now to actually make this happen. Don’t let this be another Rwanda where you regret doing too little, too late. Don’t let ISIS get away with genocide.”

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