‘Please stay in our community and be part of our future’

October 28, 2016


MY CHOICE: As said at the bottom of this article, this picture at the front of a local Polish-owned business is my symbolic act to support the Polish and wider Eastern European Community. I challenge others to do the same.

Polish-English flag

SHARED HERITAGE: There is more shared cultural and religious heritage that unites us than what divides us.


303 Squadron

MILITARY HISTORY: The insignia of Squadron 303. Would the Battle of Britain have been without the heroic efforts of this squadron who had a high kill rate of German air planes? Wouldn’t the country have faced a different historical scenario had this not happened?




TRUTH has to be proclaimed when part of our community is being vilified by a section of the general British public.

An unknown Polish lady – married to a British man – mentioned on the public affairs Question Time that she felt unwanted by the 52 per cent of people who voted for Brexit.

She was interrupted and booed by some in the audience but this is the gist of what she said: “I feel I am no longer wanted by 52 per cent of the voters who voted against immigration. Polish is the second most popular language in this country and the majority of the people voted against the Poles.

“We work extremely hard – for 12 hours, seven days a week, they work with terms and conditions that most other people would not want to work. I am married to a British person. I love the British society but at the moment I don’t feel welcome.” The full statement from her is here.

A decade ago I was coming out of a difficult period in my life and re-entered the workplace and which was at the time when the first wave of Polish migration came into the UK as part of the Single Market which allows anybody to live and work anywhere in the European Union. Then I was initially hostile through being misinformed by others but on getting to know some of the new members of our community I quickly realised what we shared – dare I say it – our Judeo-Christian and European heritage.

I have tried to make a point in recent months of frequenting local Polish businesses. I count Polish, Czech, Slovak and Hungarian people amongst my closest friends. I have been to Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Bosnia and Croatia and am open to offers to visit Poland. If anyone could possibly help me out on that, I‘m all ears.

And yes, the lady above speaks volumes of truth when it comes to zero-hours contracts in the care sector, the jobs in the hospitality sector, the night shifts on the manufacturing sector and many other positions. There are too many sectors to mention.

Many of those jobs can’t be filled by local employers because a lot of the younger generation across the UK – with exceptions of course – don’t want them. Would would happen to our public services and our bigger firms if they were not here to fill them? Nearly everyone I know works hard and pays their taxes and contrary to what some may say, do not live off the State. There are some people being welcomed into our country who potentially wish us harm and then tell us to submit to their culture –  and we as a country need to get our priorities right.

So if you are earning 400 to 600 £410 to £610) euros a month back in your home country and they are offered to double or triple what they would otherwise earn, what would you do?

For those of my fellow compatriots who need to get themselves informed about people from another culture – you get what you put into a relationship. If you express an interest and even take an interest in their way of life, it will be reciprocated. Better still, go and visit these countries and then you will get properly informed without having preconceived ideas.

They also need to know that the Polish Air Force pilots of Squadron 303 helped to defeat the German Air Force in the Battle of Britain. Without the three methods pioneered by mathematicians Jerzy Rozycki, Henryk Zygalski and Marian Rejewski to break the Enigma Machine in 1932, these secrets were passed onto British intelligence prior to the outbreak of World War II.

With the greatest respect to Alan Turing, how could he have broken the Enigma Code without this information? I’m sure the BBC and Sky News wouldn’t draw attention to this.

Where I would slightly disagree with the Question Time lady is that some of the 52 per cent didn’t vote against the Eastern European community but concerns about the exclusively male migration (many of whom have not been screened) from the Middle East and North Africa coming through the Balkans and the Jungle Camp in Calais, wealth confiscation on small business via gold-plated EU regulations, social engineering, globalism and the corruption of the European Union. The mass migration from those places compromised the security and personal safety of everyone in the Schengen area.

This community has been here for 10 years or more and they have earned the right to stay here. If you are English, Welsh or Scottish and reading this, try the theory of genuinely reaching out to your Polish, Slovak, Czech, Hungarian, Romanian or other Eastern European colleagues and see what happens. I have one Polish colleague who helped me settle into a new job a few years ago for which I am forever grateful.

Whilst it will be difficult to reverse the Brexit vote, if you are in a position of power (MP or councillor) and perusing through this article, will you consider a post-Brexit special visa-free Single Market zone between the UK, Ireland, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and the Czech Republic because of the size of these workforces in both countries?

In conclusion there will be Polish and British readers of this article who will not agree with everything I have opined but all I will say is this – I don’t have anything to gain in writing this but hassle and it is my choice to do so. Dziękuje za wszystko co robisz. Na zdrowie.

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