‘Ruling by ministerial decree is becoming like an elective dictatorship’

September 26, 2020

PUBLIC BLAMED: “It’s all your fault, not only have you behaved irresponsibly but despite being encouraged to go and get tests, it’s your fault because there is too many of you to get tests and the whole collapsed last week.” – Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage on why Boris Johnson and Matt Hancock and their advisers decided to impose a £10,000 fine on anyone who breaks their mandated Covid-19 isolation regulations. Picture by Diliff.




NIGEL Farage has accused the Government of behaving like their opponents would have done had they won the last election in December.

The Brexit Party leader made the observation on You Tube channel after Boris Johnson, Health Secretary Matt Hancock and their Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) minions Sir Patrick Vallance and Chris Whitty announced more restrictions on the public for the next six months.

He had spoken a few days before a second lockdown protest took place in London today (26 September) when the Metropolitan Police used baton-wielding officers on protesters but have not used the same tactics on Black Lives Matter or Extinction Rebellion protesters.

Conservative MP Sir Graham Brady told the BBC that the four men and their staff had made the “decisions by ministerial decree” without the changes being scrutinised in Parliament when imposing the “rule of six” on social gatherings for up to six months.

Mr Farage accused Mr Hancock, Mr Johnson, Mr Whitty and Sir Patrick Vallance of arbitrarily deciding to fine members of the public £10,000 for “breaking the rules” without any consultation with Parliament.

‘It’s your fault you wanted to be tested’

He said: “It’s all your fault, not only have you behaved irresponsibly but despite being encouraged to go and get tests, it’s your fault because there is too many of you to get tests and the whole collapsed last week.

“Suppose somebody who tested positive said they spent some time with you and you get a call from our track and trace system – however that is unlikely because hardly anyone gets rung by them.

‘This is bad law and disproportionate’

“Whether the information given is accurate or not, you too – even though you have not got the virus – you too if you leave your house more than once are subject to a £10,000 fine and it is the same if you organize a big demonstration, but oh if you want to go and desecrate the Cenotaph; vandalize Winston Churchill’s statue or topple statues and chuck them in the dock in Bristol or wear paramilitary uniforms marching through the streets of Brixton, that’s fine, because you can guarantee that absolutely nothing will happen to you. This is bad law; bad policing and utterly and completely disproportionate.”

“They have done it without any parliamentary debate or scrutiny whatsoever. We are supposed to be living in a democracy – actually it is increasingly becoming like an elective dictatorship.

“The way the Government are behaving, you would think Jeremy Corbyn had actually won the last election.

Mr Farage said it was sensible to isolate those who have underlying medical conditions, the elderly or those grossly overweight with rising infections, not lock down the whole country.

He said: “”I think we have come to a point where the cure has become worse than the disease itself.

‘The genuinely ill were abandoned during lockdown’

“Just think of all those tens of thousands of cancer diagnoses that haven’t happened and the number of people with chronic heart conditions that haven’t been treated and goodness knows on what the effect of millions of people is in terms of their mental health, their well-being, domestic violence, suicide – it really is a list as long as your arm.

“The absolute truth is we have got to live with this disease. Like everybody, I’d rather it hadn’t escaped from China but it did.

‘Second lockdown would be catastrophic’

“Another second national lockdown will be a complete and utter catashtrophe. The time for us has come for us to say ‘no’ to a second lockdown.

“This Government operates more on following a ship than leadership. It responds to public opinions and polls saying what they do is unpopular, in fact we see more u-turns from this Government than I’ve ever seen in my life.

Mr Farage urged anyone who was listening to him to write to their MP and make their views known to them and confront ministers Grant Shapps, Mr Hancock, Kit Malthouse and others at Westminster and make two requests of them.

‘Write to your MP – it’s not a waste of time’

He said: “You think it is a waste of time, it is not. Firstly, to stand up loudly in Westminster and say we must not have a second national lockdown and to insist, that rule by ministerial decree comes to an end and we get back to becoming a functional democracy.

“None of these draconian measures should be done without full, open debate in Parliament and in the country.”

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