‘Rural community wants to take control over its own destiny’

June 14, 2016

David Handley

FORWARD THINKING: David Handley, chairman of the Farmers For Action, has called for subsidies and EU rules and regulations to be scrapped post-Brexit and let the industry’s innovation and good ideas take over, as well as end to the production of cheap food as it was decimating the agricultural sector.

Owen Paterson

CUSHY NUMBERS: Owen Paterson, former Environment Secretary and Out campaigner, who claims nine green groups receive £100M in grants from the European Commission and a hands-on role in the legislative and policy-making process.

David Cameron

VOLTE FACE: David Cameron, who has been accused by David Handley of saying we could survive outside the EU 15 months ago yet today says the rural communities would go into meltdown if they left – talking balls.


ONE of the farming’s industry leading voices has been explaining why many farmers and their supply chains are heading for the Brexit door.

Speaking on The John Gaunt Show on Talk 2 Me Radio, Farmers For Action chairman David Handley says all the industry wants is a level playing field and to be subsidy-free like New Zealand, whose agricultural sector is thriving.

“What we need is innovation, good ideas and finding a way forward. You take subsidies out – that is what farmers will do.”

Mr Gaunt asked Mr Handley that on his way to work he say many posters in fields next to the A40 telling the public to join them and leave the European Union.

Mr Handley said: “They’re human beings and want to take control of their own destiny. We are fed up of being told what to do, what we can do and we can’t do from people we never ever will probably meet.

“They say they are under the jurisdiction of each independent government and each country and they select them but as far as I’m concerned I didn’t vote for them so why should I observe their rules and regulations.

“All the meetings I’ve done currently I’ve been very surprised in the last month to six weeks – I have probably done 15 to 20 – at most of the meetings I thought it would come in favour of Remain and virtually all of them are in favour of Vote Leave.

“The rural community is no different to the urban. We want the same thing – we want control of our own destiny going forward.

“Look at the countries that are not in the EU like New Zealand. They removed subsides in New Zealand. Did they go bankrupt? It is still going and is one of the biggest exporters in the world.

“I don’t think that the buggers that are in control of the Government at the minute haven’t got the ability to run the country.

Asked if food could still be produced “cheap” after a post-Brexit vote, the answer was an emphatic “no”.

“The rules and regulations are putting massive cost on our industry producing food, it is also putting it onto the processors who process the food. If you can take that out, I think you can hold the status quo as you never know what can happen.

“We have got to get away from this ‘cheap’ issue as it is decimating the farming industry. Unfortunately we have no say on it – we get some diktat from Europe that we should do, we have to adhere to it, that puts the costs onto our business and we can’t recover them.

Mr Handley claims he had asked the Vote Remain Camp to explain why the UK pig and abattoir industries had adopted EU regulations to ensure European-wide standards but competitors in southern Europe had not complied with them time and time again.

“Why is it they won’t come out and tell the truth. Why is it that we have in our pig industry – which is virtually decimated – to adhere to rules and regulations yet the very countries in Europe that gave us that regulation they still carry on as before. What abattoirs? Most of them have gone and that is down to EU regulation.”

Mr Handley delivered a coup-de-grace to Prime Minister David Cameron and George Osborne saying they were just as much to blame as the EU.

“How we can trust that man as the Prime Minister as only 14 to 15 months ago was saying we could survive out of Europe who is now saying that if we come out of Europe from the farming perspective which is what I speak on – you’re going to go over a precipice?  It’s a load of balls.”

In a clip recorded by RT News for Grassroots Out, former Defra minister Owen Paterson made these observations on the EU’s environmental credentials whilst simultaneously calling for the UK to withdraw from the club.

“We have been made to return £642M – that is money that could have been far better spent on our agriculture and our environment.

“Nine major green groups receive £100M from the European Commission – no wonder they believe that we are stronger ‘in’. These organisations that purport to represent 20 million people are not just passive receivers of funds but active players in the legislative and policy-making process.

“Despite the EU’s anodyne slogan ‘United in Adversity’ it is using common regulation as a means of economic and through that political integration intended to deliver harmony.”

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