‘Scouts founder is back on Quay looking out to Brownsea’

July 9, 2020

BACK IN PLACE: The 12-year-old sculpture of Lord Baden Powell by David Annand that has been at the centre of a storm following the toppling of statues of historical figures after the George Floyd protests spread across the world. The council boarded it up last month through fears it would be targeted by supporters of Black Lives Matter over links to colonialism. It’s removal provoked a 35,000-signature for it to stay in place. It was back on the Quay and has messages put up on it from supporters of the Scout movement to say why it is there.







A STATUE on Poole Quay that was temporarily taken down to protect it from Black Lives Matters protesters has re-appeared with a defiant message.

On 13 June the local newspaper The Bournemouth Echo reported how Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole Council decided to board up the carving of Robert Baden-Powell that was put on a hit list for destruction by BLM.

The statue itself was created by sculptor David Annand in 2008, Unveiled that year it shows Baden-Powell seated on a log as if for a camp fire and he is dressed in his scout uniform.

‘Brother and sister formed Scouts and Girl Guides’

Robert Baden-Powell was a British army officer and the first Chief Scout of the world-wide Scout Movement and helped his sister Agnes, form the world-wide Girl Guide movement. In 1907 he held a demonstration camp on Brownsea Island which was then seen as the beginning of scouting and is why it was positioned on the Quay to face the island.

He was educated at Charterhouse and spent his time in the Army both in India and South Africa and was involved in the siege of Mafeking during the Boer War in 1899.

A petition was triggered and signed by 35,000 people asking for the statue not to be removed and the paper revealed that Dorset Police had not advised the council to act, the council made the decision themselves. The police had told the council it was on a “target list”.

‘Labour critic comes from Bournemouth’

Amongst the prominent voices locally to have the statue taken down was Labour candidate at the last General Election for Bournemouth East Corrie Drew accused the late founder of the Scout movement of being “homophobic, racist and an enthusiastic supporter of Hitler”.

For the record Drew came second to Tobias Ellwood in that constituency with 16,000 votes and has lived in Bournemouth for the past 20 years according to her election bibliography but has not lived in Poole.

How many prominent voices in Poole were calling out for Black Lives Matter for this action? I did see one BLM sign on a side street from the top of the High Street on a walk down there to take the above picture but nothing else.

‘Scouts brought folks together from all races and backgrounds’

Since the statue’s return, it is now draped with a Dorset flag and Union Jack and one of his supporters penned this message on him: “I created a movement that has 52 million followers and has inspired the world’s population. It has brought together all races of all colour and all religions. I may not have been PC (Politically Correct) but who cared 100 years ago. A Scout! dib dib dib, dob, dob, dob!”

It is claimed in the same article I’m referring to that in 2010, declassified files from M15 inferred that Lord Baden-Powell was invited to meet Adolf Hitler after holding talks with chief of staff of the Hitler Youth, Hartman Lauterbacher, about forming close ties with the Scout movement. It says in the same paragraph while there may have been a dialogue, this meeting never took place.

This and other claims are what Drew and others have referred to are why this statue of Baden Powell should be taken down.

  • MUCH of the information here has come from sources at the Bournemouth Echo, my own research and my own observations and should be viewed and read as such.

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Robert Smyth July 10, 2020 at 10:17 pm

BLM is an “openly” MARXIST organization.
It would be “interesting” to KNOW the organizations/individuals that BLM’s leaders have had “communications”?


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