‘Small firms’ red tape is Europe-wide wealth confiscation’

June 7, 2016

Paul Joseph Watson

GRABBING WEALTH: Alternative news journalist Paul Joseph Watson, who argues that the EU had an economic growth rate less than any other and that regulation on small business was effectively state confiscation of wealth for the benefit of big business.

Stefan Molyneux

CRITICAL THINKING: Canadian-based You Tuber, Stephan Molyneux, who spent part of his life in the UK, says you have to look at the history of the EU over a longer period than the recent past to ask for the real answers to the question of controlling the borders, personal security and economic growth.

Neil Parish

ANIMAL WELFARE: The double whammy of meat inspections and vets visiting simultaneously led to the closure of small abattoirs, as they couldn’t afford the costs. This led to the call by Neil Parish at the time to call for more local slaughterhouses as only the biggest operators could afford the fees for these kinds of inspections. leading to animals being transported longer distances, compromising their welfare.


TWO prominent voices in the alternative media have joined forces with me to highlight the absurdity of European directives and its damaging effect on small business.

Independent commentators Paul Joseph Watson and Stephan Molyneux are well-known on You Tube and both agreed that the European Union was an “economic basket case” as every other region of the world had experienced economic growth to some degree since 2010.

‘Absorbing costs of rules damages competitive edge’

Even though one in 20 small to medium-sized businesses in the UK exports to the EU, 100 per cent of them have to comply with EU regulations, absorbing the costs of implementing them and damaging their competitive edge.

Paul Joseph Watson said: “We spend £350M every week on the EU. You could build an NHS hospital every week with that kind of money. Britain has paid more into the EU budget that it has got back for 40 out of 41 years.

“We spend double on EU largesse than five years of austerity measures. We’re propping their entire failed system that is why the EU is so desparate for us to stay. The EU is just about wealth confiscation on a continental scale.

‘Customer knows that salmon contains fish’

“There is a salmon-smoker – who employs 80 people – in London had to pay thousands of pounds to comply with EU allergy legislation to put information on his packaging that his products contained fish. Do you think a consumer would already know they are buying salmon that contains fish? “

‘Pharmacies lobbied for rules on small herbalists’

Watson also claimed that pharmaceutical giants had conspired with EU to ban high-strength vitamin supplements, lumbering independent herbalists with very expensive, heavily-regulated tests to ensure their products were safe. I remember speaking to a herbalist who was hammered by the regulations in 2004 and contacting former Wells MP David Heathcoat-Amory about it.

He said : “There was never a problem with vitamin supplements in the first place but because the EU thinks that anything unregulated must be illegal, that’s how they introduce these regulations.

“The effect it had was to put hundreds of UK independent herbalists out of business who were just selling vitamins and supplements and only the big corporations have the capital to comply with all these regulations and this allows them to strangle their smaller competition and that is why the are lobbying to stay in the EU and that is they are doing right now.”

In addition, former NFU regional spokesman Ian Johnson gave these words to me about the effect of EU regulation on farms and smallholdings back in 2002.

‘Directive on duck eggs runs to 26,911 words’

“There is a saying that when a 3,000 page directive is sent out the Italians, they immediately bin it. When the French get it, they read it and then bin it. When the English receive their copy, they order an extra 100 copies.

“I’ve also heard that the Lord’s Prayer has 70 words; The Ten Commandments 297, the American Declaration of Independence 300 and the Common Directive on duck eggs runs to 26,911 words.”

Some readers of this blog in the same period may recall former Somerset MEP and current Tory MP for Honiton and Tiverton Neil Parish campaigning on the protection of small abattoirs after a EU directive was brought in led to extortionate inspection fees to cover the work of both meat inspectors and vets. This ended up closing small abattoirs, that are crucial for niche producers and reducing the amount of miles an animal travels for slaughter.

‘EU abattoir rules saw duplicate officialdom’

He said at the time: “We can’t afford to have duplication, having both vets and meat inspectors. The animals’ welfare suffers when they have to travel long distances. To address this issue, we need local slaughterhouses.”

‘Saying ‘no’ to a hypothesis is rational thought’

Molyneux added: “If you are a responsible human being, you have to evaluate the results of a hypothesis after years of data from EU membership. The EU was supposed to improve our security, secure our borders and improve the economy? What are the answers to these questions? Saying no to a hypothesis is foundational to being a rational human being.”

  • THE full You Tube Brexit exchange between Stephan Molyneux and Paul Joseph Watson can be found here.

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