‘Social isolation hurts a person’s immune system more than a virus’

April 30, 2020

GONE VIRAL: “Do you know what hurts people’s immune system more than a virus? It’s social isolation and that has been medically proven. When you socially isolate people, you destroy their immune system, you lower their anti-viral activity and increase inflammatory compounds.” – PHD scientist, biological engineer and US congressional candidate for Massachusetts Dr Shiva Ayyadurai.




A FULBRIGHT scholar, tech entrepeneur, PHD scientist and biological engineer claims “social distancing” methods to combat Coronavirus may be having compromising public health rather than protecting it.

Dr Shiva Ayyadurai is running as a Republican candidate for the Senate for Massachusetts for this year but whilst he is over in the United States, his revelations asks serious questions here in the UK over the science that is saying that everyone must self-isolate to protect the NHS from being overwhelmed.

He was being interviewed by Christina Aguayo on America’s Daily Report and spoke on a number of issues including Bill Gates’ proposals for a vaccine for the global coronavirus outbreak and the reach of global pharmaceutical companies.

A 1988 Landmark study published by the journal Science suggesting isolation was a for morbidity and mortality and since its publication, public health officials in the US were becoming increasingly aware it was becoming a public health concern.

‘Study cites social isolation as major risk factor’

The abstract states: “Prospective studies, which control for baseline health status, show increased risk of death among people with a low quantity, and sometimes low quality, of social relationships.

“Experimental and quasi-experimental studies of human and animals also suggest that social isolation is a major risk factor for mortality from widely varying causes.”

Similar conclusions are listed in the Why Social Relationships Are Important for Physical Health: A Systems Approach to Understanding and Modifying Risk and Protections, a recent thesis from the Department of Neuroscience and Pyschology department of a university in Utah.

Dr Ayyadurai highlighted the example of a close friend’s wife who was suffering due to the lockdown with major depression for the first time in 40 years because she couldn’t go out and see her friends and socialize.

This case was not an exception and many people listening to this exchange would know someone close to them who might be in a similar predicament.

He said: “This is fear-based medicine and it completely ignores the fact that we are surrounded by viruses.

“Do you know what hurts people’s immune system more than a virus? It’s social isolation and that has been medically proven.

‘Social isolation destroys immune system’

“When you socially isolate people, you destroy their immune system, you lower their anti-viral activity and increase inflammatory compounds. With all due respect to the people (pushing the lockdowns), they might be nice people and have families but they don’t give a damn about public health.

“They have sold out to big pharma and that devil is a top, down management vision of how the world should exist – China. China believes the enlightened few run their whole country like a factory.”

Dr Ayyadurai claims that there is a major glitch in the Paris Accord on climate change as it fails to address of lowering pollution across the whole world as it turned a blind eye to China in its increase in pollution whilst becoming the manufacturing centre of the world.

‘Paris Accord allowed to Chinese to increase pollution’

“Why is China so polluted? Because of the Paris Accord based on fake science is a pollutant allows China to pollute.

“Let me repeat the Paris Accord has nothing to do with lowering pollution. It encourages China that pollutes 11 million carbon metric tonnes to go up to 22 billion. That is not healthy.

“People in China have been fighting for their health. They have been out on the streets protesting, including in Wuhan.

The doctor says the best way to fight the Coronavirus flu is to not to rush for the vaccine but to take pre-emptive measures by looking after your health and that lies with the responsibility of the individual and social interaction was vitally important for physical well-being.

‘Feed your body and socially connect’

“Our body has a very strong immune system – feed it – Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin D and above all else connections with people, love, fellowship, understanding and laughter.

“This is why the one reason people live long – some people smoke, a little bit overweight – the number one reason is because they had social connections or social relationships. Number two they did some type of exercise and number three, they all drank a local, fermented drink and those local fermented drinks support the microbiom which supports your gut bacteria which is very important for immune health.”

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Albert Francis May 3, 2020 at 9:53 pm

A trickle will become a flood.
The flood will swamp parliament with the slurry of its own deceit.


Ralf May 3, 2020 at 9:54 pm

They have been protesting that this is fake.



Lilian Potter May 3, 2020 at 9:55 pm

Dr Shiva is the only one with scruples, he really does know what he is talking about and he has no connection to big Pharma, Gates or Fauci unlike Dr (Rashid) Buttar who after doing some digging I found out he has connections to Bill Gates.


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