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May 15, 2016

Dorset Anonymous

VOTE LEAVE: Dorset Anonymous who says that the best thing to do is to vote to leave the EU when the referendum on the UK’s membership takes place on Thursday 23 June.

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BREXIT: Is it safer for the UK to regain its sovereignty in terms of its logistical security and being in control of its own economy and immigration policy?


THIS blog was approached to do an article with a different format in the form of a question and answer session.

This is a  local resident from the Bournemouth area who wishes to be called Dorset Anonymous in this instance, but doesn’t want to be confused with the collective of the same name that is synonymous with the group to takes on big business, banks and terrorist organisations through attacking their websites and social media accounts.

In a series of questions put to him, he argues that it is time for the country to take the risk of cutting our ties with Brussels and striking out on our own.

In 2006 I tried a similar format when I contacted the South West MEPs in the European Parliament and asked them a series of questions of the Council of Ministers in Europe; the Parliaments that meet of Strasbourg and Brussels and the role of the European Commission. Despite being replied to by all four main parties in the Parliament in the South West and them answering all the questions put to them and it comprehensively covering the aforementioned issues, it was put out to local newspapers at the time but drew no interest whatsoever.

In this post, Dorset Anonymous claims his answers to the questions put to him are reflective of the silent majority. Prior to this interview, he had previously discussed many of the issues with a neighbour of his who he claims said to him: “We want our country back.”


So tell me Anonymous how are you going to vote in the EU Referendum?

Definitely, “OUT!”


So why are you unhappy with the EU setup?

Well, because some refugees coming are jihadists in disguise and on top of that economic migrants and health tourists are coming to the UK too. Our country is less safe, the British middle-classes and working classes are being suppressed and our Health Service is in dire straits. There is a lack of cohesion among people. Our quality of life has been lowered.


Surely, you are not against foreigners coming to the UK?

There is no problem if the numbers are controlled and the balance is right between the indigenous population and foreigners, and it would be better to take people who have shared religious and cultural values. The most vulnerable refugees in the Middle East are the Christians, Yazidis and Druze Muslims, why aren’t we taking them? Take Japan for example, about 1 person in 60 is a foreigner – that seems to be about right. I personally use the analogy of alcohol – In moderation it is enjoyable; in excess it is sickening. The UK is presently a sick country.


Are there any other problems with the European Union?

Lots! We should NOT be governed from Brussels – that is absolutely ridiculous! We should not pay £50 million per day to the EU. That money would be better spent on our NHS, education, the police, the defence of our country, our borders and our food security.


Is there anything else you would like to add?

Yes, people are being brainwashed by mass media especially The BBC News which is so biased. I urge readers of this article to find Alternative News especially from sources like YouTube, InfoWars, Breitbart News and the Gatestone Institute on the internet. People need to see that this EU mess has been engineered by design via big banks and naïve politicians.


Is there anything else you think people need to be aware of?

Yes, Globalisation – Agenda 21, of which this EU mess is a part, has ruined our communities/life in villages. I grew up in a village with seven shops. Now all that remains is a tiny Post Office and a little coffee shop. Also, it is well-known, our Steel Industries are currently being threatened by cheap imported steel. All under the orders of the Globalists.


So what would you like to say to anyone reading this article?


  • NOT all the views expressed in this article are necessarily shared by me as the author of this website, but it is my opinion that on balance, I would be in favour of voting to leave on 23 June.

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Dave May 21, 2016 at 3:11 pm

Leave while you still can!!


King Tut 2 May 30, 2016 at 11:50 am

I think go the whole hog and separate Dorset from the UK and get real independence like the Cornish Independence Party want.


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I let myself become a fool .


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