‘Taking large amounts of Vitamin D is the way to beat flu’

December 26, 2015

Dr Joseph Mercola

MASSAGED FIGURES: Alternative health practitioner Dr Joseph Mercola, who claims that health authorities are not telling the public that most fatalities from flu are due to the patients being elderly and suffering from pneumonia, not flu.


Flu vaccine phial

VENOMOUS VACCINES: Mercola.com claims the flu vaccine that contains thiomersal (a preservative that has small amounts of mercury) phenol, aluminum and ethylene-glycol are not designed for the human body.


WHEN anyone contracts flu in the South West, should we believe all government assurances that vaccines are safe if you are in particular groups that are vulnerable to such illness?

Dr Joseph Mercola is an alternative medicine proponent, osteopathic physician and web entrepeneur, claims anyone considering a flu vaccine should consider all the implications before proceeding with it and consider taking Vitamin D as a supplement to help eliminate infection.

In 2009 he was named the top Ultimate Wellness Game Changer by The Huffington Post, an honour that “celebrates  “100 innovators, leaders and visionaries in 10 categories who are harnessing the power of world media to reshape their fields and change the world.”

I have given time to this subject as I have been struggling to overcome flu-type symptoms (including a cough and sore throat) and looked at all avenues to be free of it, short of seeing a doctor.

Speaking on a video released by his company, Mercola, Dr Mercola said: “The drug companies that make these vaccines are trying to manipulate the public health community and convince them there is a public health crisis. Why? Because a million people get the flu every year and half of them hospitalized.

“Of that number, 35,000 die from the flu or so we are told. If you examine very carefully the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC statistics), they don’t say that most of those people  die from the flu – but pneumonia.

“Of those 35,000, only 1,000 die of flu. How old are these individuals? Well most of the victims are elderly, especially when your immune system becomes diminished and you haven’t adopted a healthy lifestyle. The vaccine does not work for pneumonia, let alone flu.”

Dr Mercola claims flu vaccines contain a number of “toxins” that are not designed to be absorbed by the human body.

The UK Department of Health says this about thiomersal on its website: “Thiomersal is a preservative that contains small amounts of mercury to prevent the growth of bacteria or fungi in the vaccine.

“High doses of mercury can be toxic to the brain, and other organs. However, no harmful effects have been linked with the level of thiomersal in such small amounts in vaccines.”

“They are putting 25 micrograms of mercury (in the form of thimerosal) into the vaccine and if you looking on the mercury warning, this exceeds the toxic dose of mercury that is not recommended by the US Environmental Protection Agency and the CDC unless you are over 550 pounds in weight and this is in every dose of flu vaccine.

“There are other things such as phenol, aluminum and ethylene-glycol which is anti-freeze and a variety of other substances you do not want to put in your body.”

The best way to avoid flu is to get exposure to sunlight or take an oral supplement of Vitamin D. The latter is more realistic as there is less sunlight around in the winter, hence the higher incidence of flu.

Dr Mercola said: “Isn’t it an interesting coincidence that the flu normally occurs in the winter, when you don’t have to enough hours of sunshine? So, the next best thing would be to expose your skin to Ultra Violet Light with a safe tanning bed. If you can’t do that, the next best thing is to increase your oral intake of Vitamin D.

“The dose is a lot higher than you are being told. The dose is probably 2,000 international units a day for children and between 5,000 and 10,000 units a day for adults. If you take that every day, the chances of you obtaining flu are virtually nil.

“If you already have the flu and it is too late, there is something you can do – you can actually use oral Vitamin D in very large quantities. The dose is 2,000 international units per kilogram of bodyweight. You divide you weight by pounds by 2.2 to obtain your weight in kilograms and then you multiply it by 2,000 to obtain your vitamin D dose.”



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Angus Middleton November 20, 2020 at 7:37 pm

See vitaminDwiki.com for essential information on the benefits of vitamin D3 including how it protects against acute respiratory tract infections such as as COVID-19.


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