‘Temporary works are putting vulnerable road users at risk’

March 11, 2017

LIMITED OPTIONS: Poole Town councillor Cllr Andy Hadley, Poole People representative on the Borough of Poole, who says that the Sterte Road/Holes Bay flats development complex, is one of the few sites that the council can use for affordable housing. He has expressed his concern about the treatment of vulnerable road users on some of the current works around the Borough. Picture courtesy of Poole People.


MEN AT WORK: The roadworks looking across to Barclays House at the Sterte Road and Holes Bay junction. Motorists and cyclists have sometimes been confused about which side of the cones they should be on, particularly late at night.

ROAD BLOCKED: The signs show how negotiating these roadworks can be an obstacle course for pedestrians. Looking further down readers will be able to see how one lane has been closed coming down from the turn off to the Upton by-pass.



RESIDENTS of an area of Poole are having their lives disrupted due to a series of roadworks that have been temporarily installed so that the foundation of a block of new flats can be laid.

As reported on the Bournemouth Echo of 6 February, motorists have been unable to turn right out of Sterte Road onto the Holes Bay road and one lane has been closed off on the stretch of the main road coming into town via the Broadstone roundabout.

In July 2015 planners at the Borough of  Poole agreed to the development of 35 two-bedroomed apartments and 11 one-bedroom flats and the roadworks are needed to install a surface-water sewer for the development on the junction of Holes Bay and Sterte Road.

The backdrop to this set of roadworks is that there are concurrent traffic schemes on the Upton by-pass (Dorset County Council) where either side has been reduced to one lane; the main road up to Gravel Hill near the Waterloo Estate, near Broadstone and a set of works has also been laid down on the road just outside the gardens of Compton Acres.

This begs the question, why are these traffic management measures being done at the same time with councillors knowing full well it was going to bring maximum disruption and inconvenience right across the Borough of Poole?

It is understood the flats will be affordable homes and whilst no-one begrudges anyone the opportunity to have a home, it has to be asked whether this extra development will improve the quality of life of the existing residents as the homeowners will inevitably be vehicle owners.

The proliferation of traffic cones has the potential to cause confusion and I know of at least one person who nearly went the wrong side of the cones when turning right into Sterte Road and had to stop himself hitting the cones.

All three ward councillors were contacted about what was going in the Sterte Road and one of them has suggested that the development beside the railway station is one of the few sites that the Borough of Poole could be used for affordable housing and given that it is council-owned, the theory is some of the potential home owners may not need a car given the town centre location.

Ward councillor for Poole Town and Poole People representative Andy Hadley made these observations: “I have been pretty appalled at the treatment of cyclists and motorists at roadworks, and the closure of the footpath alongside the railway, compounded by the removal of the pavement by the lay-by for lorries servicing the site are pretty inexcusable.

“I think and hope that these works are short-term, around connecting mains drainage to the site, but there are other examples in Wimborne Road and Waterloo Road where both the temporary works, and in Waterloo Road, new design, marginalise vulnerable road users beyond belief.

“Developing this site is not really about making money, it is more that the Borough of Poole owned land that could be used for development is actually very limited.

“Whereas there is supposed to be a portion of any major developments given over to affordable homes, developers seem to be able to buy off their commitment, and avoid mixed developments. Sterte is one of the few sites that the BoP could develop using such money.”

Conservative councillor for Poole Town Andy Garner-Watts added: “I do understand that when any building work is going on it causes significant disruption to local people, however as I am sure you are aware we have a chronic shortage of housing in the borough for local people and this development will go some way to helping this situation.”

  • The current road works are due to finish on Monday 20 March.

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