‘Thankyou for showing spirit of Christmas in my hour of need’

January 1, 2018

DZIEKUJE BARDZO: To my left is Lukasz Grodzki and my right is Jacek Kuminski, who is hoping to make a new start in Bournemouth. Jacek was overwhelmed with the response from Polacy W Bournemouth and others who responded to an on-line appeal after hearing what happened to him.


A FORMER homeless man who was subjected to a violent mugging that involved all his personal documents being stolen off him has had his faith in human kindness powerfully restored on arriving in Bournemouth.

‘All proof of who I was, was taken’

Jacek Kuminski was minding his own business walking down an Oxford Street when he was set upon by three thugs and he had his passport, wallet and other forms of personal identification stolen.

“I didn’t see it coming, I was surprised and all proof of who I was, was taken,” he said.

The injuries he sustained left him in a coma for four months and when he came around from unconsciousness, he had to deal with the shock of learning he had been in a comatose state for so long, not just a few hours.

Temporarily having to use a wheelchair due to the injuries he sustained, he made his way back to his lodgings to see if he could have his room back, and to make matters worse he had the indignity of being thrown on the street, despite his circumstances. He managed to secure his possessions in a friend’s house.

With the help of the Oxford branch of Shelter, he stayed in the town for three weeks and in a chance encounter with a kindly individual, he was given £60 and asked to use it wisely.

‘On the street after four months in coma’

Jacek recalled that he had good memories of a family holiday in Bournemouth, and made the decision to start afresh somewhere else away from the painful memories in Oxford. He proceeded to purchase a phone and a charger, along with a rail ticket to Bournemouth.

Jacek just wanted to get back on his feet and get a job as a EU citizen in the UK, employers have to proof of who he was such as a passport or a driving licence and he couldn’t offer anything.

‘Robbed twice more under the pier’

Following his arrival in the town, he joined the ranks of the homeless and received joy and pain in equal measure, and whilst he had been taking shelter under Bournemouth Pier, he was robbed a further two times. At one point he walked in wet socks into town in order to get a new pair of shoes.

Imaging putting yourself in his shoes and this happened all on the run up to Christmas and also having to deal with epilepsy – with no previous history of it – which was brought on because of the assault.

Whilst under the pier, he received some help in the form and food and clothing from builders working there and a member of the Aruba nightclub security team – let’s call him Bart – found out he was a fellow Polish national.

This doorman then got talking to Jacek and heard his story and then contacted a popular member of the local Polish community, Lukasz Grodzki, who passed his number on to Jacek.

Doorman gave Jacek his jacket

Jacek’s phone – attached with a speaker – was only working sporadically and he did send a text to Lukasz, and it took three or four days to drop.

“The guy from Aruba took his jacked off and put it on him (Jacek),” said Lukasz.

On meeting Lukasz meeting him for the first time on Christmas Eve, he and his girlfriend Martyna, took the decision to bring him into their home and help with his rehabilitation as it was very cold and windy that day. He had asked if it was possible to have a shower

‘On-line appeal was overwhelming’

They immediately launched an appeal on-line to the local Polish community for help and the response was overwhelming.

“£400 was raised on the first day, and the second it was £180, and the day after that it was £50,” Lukasz said.

Jacek then showed all the non-money items donated – bags of clothes, underwear, cosmetics, food and a laptop, a cell phone and even a bicycle.

Jacek, Lukasz and Martyna would like to thank everyone who has helped with this appeal.

Jacek and Lukasz are planning this week to go the Polish Consulate in London to get some replacement identity documents for Jacek, so that he can work again as soon as possible.

  • If anyone has any more they would like to donate to Jacek to help him and better still an offer of work, please contact Lukasz on 07778666499 or me for work opportunities only for Jacek via Dorset and Somerset Community Watch on Facebook.


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Rebecca January 1, 2018 at 11:38 pm

Thank you for sharing this at Christmas, Matt. It shows the real spirit of this time of year. God bless you and all you help the homeless.


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