‘These LED-lit pieces will stand out in dark corner of a room’

February 16, 2019


SECOND TIME: David Russell as his exhibition at the Orchard Cafe at Holme For Gardens Centre in West Lulworth that took place in the spring of 2016.

MARINE LIFE: This was David’s first experimental piece using mounted LED-lighting behind the starfish which charges up the luminous seascape around it. This piece is a concept and is part of the exhibition at the Spire.


HAPPENING NOW: This is part of David’s exhibition that is currently being shown at the Spire Gallery. Picture by Paul Chandler. 


A DORSET artist who is obsessed with the sea is holding his second exhibition in three years.

David Russell of Hamworthy is having an four-week. exhibition called Art In The Dark Range at the Spire Cafe in Poole High Street from this Monday (18 FEbruary).

It will consist of a number of small and medium-szed mixed media pieces that are designed to stand out in the dark corner of a room. His Facebook page can be found here.

Previously David showed some of his work in the Orchard Cafe of Holme For Gardens Centre, West Lulworth, for several weeks in the spring of 2016.

He is self-taught in his field of work. As part of his further education, one of the units he studied as part of his degree was Computer Animation.

When he has time to spare and is touring small towns and enjoying coastal or countryside walks, he looks for driftwoods or nick-nacks in antique shops that can add value to pieces of work that he is creating.

He said: “This idea started some five years ago on a bleak winter day feeling the winter blues.

“I wanted to design some simple art pieces which lend your ear and takes you forward to those long, dreamt up summer days on the beach, the clear blue sies, and the clear, chrystal waters.

“A majority of the art pieces have low energy consumption LED-battery operated lights that can be left on permanently for weeks on end for home security to brighten up up a dark space.

“Thank you to the Spire cafe. I consider it a privilege to have my work exhibited here.”

Also called Wesley’s Cafe, it serves brunch and breakfast, it has wheelchair access and good seating arrangements, and some very commendable reviews on Trip Advisor.

  • The exhibition runs until Sunday 14 March and there will be opportunities for readers to visit it until then.

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