‘UN sets hypocritical standard on Israel for two-state solution’

February 12, 2017

SIMILAR FLAGS: This Is the flag of Jordan and the only difference with the flag of Palestine is that there is no star on it. It has been suggested by Discover Ministries that Jordan has plenty of land for the Palestinians of the Gaza and the West Bank as they are of the same blood line.

LAND RIGHTS: “They (The Aborigines) should get a bigger state than we have but no one fusses over that. The British have come and conquered, come and taken the land, put the flag up with the Union Jack and everyone says ‘ok’, we accept it”. – Steve Cicciolanti.

NO SOLUTION: Avi Lipkin of the Bible Bloc Party in Israel says the Palestinian authority doesn’t want genuine peace as rockets have been fired into Israel since settlers vacated the Gaza strip.

NOT LOGICAL: Public speaker Steve Cicciolanti says UN imposed two-state solutions should be imposed on disputes involving Aboriginal land in Australia, the Basque country in Spain, New Mexico in the United States and Quebec in Canada but all resources are imposed on forcing Israel to move their settlements to the West Bank and Gaza. So the proponents of forcing this deal on Israel, he says, are guilty themselves of setting an hypocritical standard. Picture courtesy of You Tube.


SUPPORTERS of a Palestinian state have been accused of setting double standards when calling for the imposition of a two-state solution to the occupied territories in Israel.

Journalist, author and leader of the Jewish and Christian comprised Bible Bloc party in the Israeli Knesset Avi Lipkin has been in Israeli political circles for much of his life since emigrating there in the mid-1960s.

He is adamant it will never be possible to have a state of Israel and a neighbouring one of Palestine standing stand-by-side because the Palestinian authority doesn’t want one and says that the Jewish and Christian communities have no right to be there.

Lipkin said: “There will be never be a State unless Israel uproots 700,000 Jews from Judaea, Samaria and Jerusalem which of course Israel is never going to do. We made the mistake of leaving Gaza. Did we get peace? No we got missiles and a lot more on the way. If I were Netanyahu, I would probably support a two-state solution knowing the Arabs have no intention of doing it anyway.”

Public speaker Steve Cicciolanti of Discover Ministries highlighted examples across the world where countries have their own two-state solution scenarios that should technically be debated through the United Nations but nothing gets done about it but resources are disproportionately targeted at solving the Arab/Israeli conflict.

He claimed that the Palestinian state already has a state and it is called Jordan and he claims the flag of Palestine could be exactly the same as Jordan, if you take the star off the red triangle part of it.

The original European settlers of Australia occupied Aboriginal land, who were the indigenous citizens of that continent and Australian-based Cicciolanti suggested that instead of having Aboriginal reserves, they should get their own State.

He said: “They (The Aborigines) should get a bigger state than we have but no one fusses over that. The British have come and conquered, come and taken the land, put the flag up with the Union Jack and everyone says ‘ok’, we accept it.”

The United States took over a piece of land known as New Mexico, one of the US’ 50 states, so why doesn’t the US deliver a two-state solution by taking the Americans out of the State and giving it back to Mexico as part of UN-sponsored brokered agreement. M

Perhaps Spain should have a two-state solution imposed on it by the UN as they have major problems with the Basque country, which wants to separate and have self-autonomy and that China should be pressurised to give up its claims on the island of Taiwan.

“The world needs to impose a two-state solution on China over the situation in Tibet and then Israel can have two-state solution imposed on it for Palestine.

“Why is everything so inconsistent and so illogical? If you really believed in this concept, you would logically apply it across the board to all of these countries that need two-state solutions.

“Everybody else is going to have to be divided up because you demand that Israel gets divided up. If you don’t demand that the other countries get divided up, then you have to admit you are subscribing to a hypocritical standard.

“If the Palestinians in Jordan accepted the Palestinians in Jordan they would have plenty of land to live in. If the Palestinians and Gaza accepted the Jews to settle and live among them like the Jews accepted the Arabs to live amongst them in Israel, we would have a happy world. You can’t have double standards, by calling one side racist and not the other side racist.”



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