‘Use the head with the heart when debating migrant crisis’

September 21, 2015


Migrants West Vienna railway station


PUSHING ON: These mainly male refugees make their way into Austrian from west Vienna railway station earlier this month. Critics argue some are avoiding checks before entering the Schengen area and these must be done on for security reasons in compliance with EU law. Picture Courtesy by BWAG/Commons.


Stephen Nolan - Austin Lennon

RUDE TUBE: BBC Radio Five Live presenter Stephen Nolan dismissed listeners’ concerns and cut them off on the migration crisis when they talked about cultural integration and ensuring processing checks are carried out on refugees when entering the Schengen area. He was accused by a listener called John from Newport of “emotional blackmail.” Picture by Austin Lennon.


ARE we being told the whole story about the migrant crisis unfolding in central and eastern Europe?

Why do I raise this question? Well there seems to be a dangerous chasm to what is actually being reported and how a large section of the public is saying something completely different on line, and asking why the homeless and the working poor in the UK and other European countries are temporarily being forgotten and concerns about cultural integration with large numbers have been kicked into the long grass.

There has emerged a split in opinion in how to handle the crisis between Western Europe, which tends to have large migrant populations and the less wealthy former eastern bloc countries whose migrant populations are much smaller.

Much of the global press coverage has been focusing on individual refugee stories of families, women and children (and there is nothing wrong with that), but it has been highlighted on Wikipedia that  72 per cent of the migrants walking to Europe are young men. This article from Breitbart confirms this fact.

Many of them are travelling towards Germany, Sweden and Austria rather than settling in Slovakia, Poland, Hungary or Croatia. This appears to be an inconvenient truth to the spun narrative.

Are these fighting-age men all “vulnerable refugees”? What about the Assyrian and Chaldean Christians, the Hazidi Zoroastrians and Kurdish women and children, like Aylan? To illustrate my point, Hazidi woman Halila explains her ordeal at being a slave to the ISIS caliphate in The Independent.

I am not necessarily a big fan of David Cameron but hasn’t he got it about right going to the camps of refugees in Lebanon and Jordan to help 20,000 people directly from these camps, as many vulnerable refugees are based there?

Four months ago Daesh (or the Islamic State) said they were going to send a number of their fighters disguised as migrants to come into Europe and cause mayhem, and it has transpired that there are a number of migrants who have gone onto Germany and Scandinavia who may not have been processed. I’m sure most of them are genuine, but then again some of them may be not.

On social media, they have been pictures allegedly posted of Daesh fighters who are pictured in combat fatigues in Syria and Iraq and then some months later being pictured as “refugees” having walked to Germany and Austria.

Hungary was fiercely criticised for upholding European law by processing applications before letting people into the Schengen area.

If someone is genuinely seeking shelter in a safe country as a refugee fleeing tyranny and they know that ISIS have made a threat to come to Europe amongst them, and if they have nothing to hide, surely it makes sense to ensure Europe maintains her safety as well as theirs, by co-operating with European governments in being processed.

One of the government’s’ most solemn duties is to protect its citizens and if it fails to act if an atrocity is subsequently committed, it would be confronted with grieving relatives if they knew they were unable to prevent it because they didn’t know who had come into the country.

Stephen Nolan on BBC Five Live was anchoring a programme about the migrant crisis as a series of listeners believed the coverage was biased and not balanced, and was accused of breaching journalistic impartiality on the subject. Here is the interview in full.

Nolan slapped down a number of callers who raised concerns about screening those looking to come to the UK and elsewhere in Europe to see who were genuine asylum seekers and economic migrants.

One caller said he was happy to help in anyway they could but would be unwilling to allow someone into their house who had not been “screened”. Not all the arguments against migration are appropriate, but these are legitimate.

The caller was challenged to say what he thought about the picture about Aylan Kurdi, the boy whose body was picked off a beach by a policeman, which went viral but he said Nolan was playing “emotional blackmail” on him.

Whilst it is not acceptable by mainstream politicians and media to be Islamophobic or anti-Semitic, perhaps Christophobia should be cracked down on hard too.

This is a disturbing video of a Christian street preacher being harangued at Speakers Corner at Hyde Park. We may not like street preachers and in many ways it can be counter-productive, but if you claim to be a pluralistic society, he has a right to preach even if you don’t like it.

The people carrying out this harassment on this individual should be an embarrassment to the community they appear to represent and they should be marginalised for their behaviour. If this was role reversed in their countries of origin, is it likely this individual would have been in serious danger. This isn’t a good advert for multi-culturalism.

I know there will be many will know me who will disagree with me in what I’ve raised in this article. Yes, I do have a heart and have donated to the refugee crisis but we also have to use our head. A balance has to be struck.

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amieanddave September 30, 2015 at 10:22 pm

MIGRATION….By the very word we as an human race are all migrants..we are the diaspora nations of the known world ,thrown together over 15… Millennia, history, teaches us this .For example ..the Prydain (ancient Britons. )..migrated here from all over EUROPE before the end of the last ice age ..the KELTIC tribes originated from what is now known as Switzerland..the WELSH geographically are the true ENGLISH.. the English (angles) came from HOLLAND and GERMANY …the SCOTS were a tribe from NORTHERN IRELAND ..i could go on …multiply by this ,the history of all other nations ,and you have got one big melting pot of multiculturalism….MIGRATION .by its very definition ( the movement from 1 part of something to another ) isn’t the problem ..So what is ..? The crisis raising its head once again is not new to the world ,it reoccurs periodically throughout our history ..It is the product of our own making …quite simply it is the end result of ’cause and effect’
Insects, Fish Birds,Mammals ,Animals ,Humans. all migrate under certain circumstances… it is called ‘self preservation’..a subconscious instinct to survive ,in humans the basic life essentials are ..1 WATER.. 2 FOOD.. 3 SHELTER …take any of these away and you have a problem .take all 3 away and its a certain crisis
What did we really expect ..we invade Iraq on a ‘pretence’ (the blame yet to be decided ).we leave the country with over a million civilians dead or wounded.no governing body intact ,no infrastructure left, no working amenities ( ie water electricity.working sewers ) , countless towns levelled , no police force . and enough weapons and munitions to start a civil war ..and yep you guessed it ..they did start 1 …the result …ISIS.. need i go on ?.. i will …so now the region is completely de-stabIlised..the knock on effect.SYRIA. the middle east is on a knife edge …the price of a barrel of oil plummets.. more importantly the basic life requirement of 1 2 and 3 has gone .can we really blame anybody of wanting to get the hell out ..?
1 Who fronted supplied and paid for IRAQ..in the IRAN/ IRAQ war in the late 70s
2.Who put SADDAM HUSSEIN.at the top of the pile
3 What was the real reason we went back into IRAQ..
4 Why did we leave the country decimated (after all we helped re build GERMANY/JAPAN after WW2 )
5 Who benefits from a de-stabilised MIDDLE EAST .
The chasm as Matthew Bell .rightly brought to our attention ,is i’m afraid vast ..filled with every horror you can think of, and some … Terror. Tyranny Despotism Hatred, are its leaders it flies under the ‘ISIS BANNER ‘.. the same evil as always..just a new name….So a migration is an obvious conclusion , good honest people only wanting 1 2 and 3 .and some normality in their lives and the lives of their children ..The problem we have now created is that all and sundry have jumped onto the refugee bandwagon.with EUROPE being the’ SOFT TARGET’
EUROPE with AMERICA created this problem.we need to unite under a banner of COMPASSION and MORALITY .. we have to be hard but fair ,sought the wheat from the chaff..help those that really need it contain those that don’t ..we have the tools and the ability, we have to be constructive if we put as much time and effort into it the REFUGEE CRISIS as we did into invading IRAQ it should not be a problem. to sit back and do nothing , is an insult to humanity . But it should not be done to the detriment of the BRITISH people who if feel have ,and are still giving as much as they can .Our little island is at breaking point we have the right to defend our lands .The problems are in the migration …give these people what they need in their own countries then there is no reason to seek 1 2 and 3 elsewhere ….
History tells me we will sit back,we won’t learn from past mistakes, we will inadvertently fuel the fire of Racial/ cultural/ religious bigotry by not acting fast enough ….
only time will telll …..thank you Matthew Bell for your thought p


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