‘We need to know our history because points of origin matter’

May 13, 2020

TRUTH MATTERS: Steve Cicciolanti, who is of East Asian heritage himself, explains how the Black Death was named due to 12 ships arriving in the Sicilian port of Messina in October 1347 from the Black Sea. Similarly when politicians refer to the virus originated from Wuhan, the city in China where it was discovered, they should not conflate the truth. He said: “We need to know where it originated because points of origin matter.”

DEEPER MEANING: Chloroquine or Hydrochloroquine is a drug that being used as a controversial treatment for patients of coronavirus whilst work is focused on a vaccine. Social media influencer and You Tuber Steve Cicciolanti researched that the Greek and Latin derivative origin of the words construct the phrase ‘Green Horse’. An alternative news source says it was tested on patients in a nursing home in Texas, USA, and 38 out of 39 residents treated with the drug recovered after they gave their consent. The mainstream media news organisations unanimously claim it has a negligible effect.

PHRASES describing controversial drugs and to promote isolation of healthy people in a pandemic can be used flippantly when understanding their deeper meaning, explains a social media critic, author and You Tuber.

Steve Cicciolanti of Discover Ministries talks about the specific meaning of “quarantine” in one of his recent on-line seminars and if you look at a dictionary, might say “enforced isolation” and claims the word originated from the Black Death in the 16th Century that killed one in three Europeans.

‘Black Death originated in Sicily’

The Bubonic Plague arrived in Europe in October 1347 when 12 ships from the Black Sea docked at the Sicilian port of Messina. This was called the Black Death because it came from the Black Sea.

“At the time passengers and crews had to isolate for 30 days and the scientists at the time found this wasn’t enough time, so they increased to 40 days and this is how the phrase ‘quarantine’ came into being.

‘Points of origin for any virus matters’

“In French quarante means forty so quarantine means 40 days. Where did this ideas come from to quarantine when they didn’t know about bacteria or virus, they didn’t have the microscope.

The first quarantine took place in Dalmatia, present-day Croatia in 1377, nearly 30 years after the first case.

He said: “This is why it makes perfect sense to call the Corona Virus the ‘Wuhan Virus’ or the ‘China virus’ because points of origin matter. We need to know where it originated.”

‘President saw astronauts in bubble’

When the Apollo II mission team returned from outer space having visited the Moon, the three astronauts had to be put in isolation chamber as part of the quarantine measures at the time as they had to be sure they had not brought anything contagious back from there. This was during a time when President Richard Nixon came to see them in person.

‘Drug’s name means Green Horse’

Hydroxychloroquin, which is sold under a brand name called Plaquenil has been used to treat Coronavirus patients who are hospitalized. It is normally used as a medication to prevent and treat malaria in areas where malaria is sensitive to chloroquine.

It has divided medical experts on its effectiveness on treating victims of the Wuhan Virus pandemic but maintream news organisations have reported it as having an negligible effect.

However in the Gateway Pundit, Dr Robin Armstrong administered hydroxycholorquin to 39 residents of a nursing home that had contracted the virus with Zpac and zinc after the patients gave their consent to trial the drug. All of them survived bar one patient. On the landing page of this article, there is a report from a Channel serving the area called Fox 7Austin.

He also describes Chloros is the greek word for green and “chloros” is the route word for chlorophyll, the chemical which makes plants green.

Mr Cicciolanti said: “Have you noticed the drug that everybody knows is hydroxychloroquin and it is a compound from chloroquin. Chloroquin sounds like latin for ‘green horse’ because ‘chloros’ is green and ‘equine’ is horse.

‘Was this attempt to condition world?’

“Maybe that is not perfect entomology as drugs are made up words and it is very difficult to prove the entomology of a word but God will use these play on words. Is it a green horse? It seems a set-up.

“It seems conditioning the world to accept this global control, global lock down, loss of freedom and a transfer of wealth and power to the elites because of a green something.

‘Why have a vaccine if we have our immune system’

“I believe my immune system is the most important thing against any virus. A virus isn’t a living entity, it doesn’t eat. With a vaccine, it is not like you are taking a poison to kill the virus.

“You are just stimulating your immune system with a benign version of the virus. You are actually getting a part of the virus that says, ‘oh’, this is a virus and I should attack, that’s all a virus does. “

  • MOST of this article has been supplied from content from Discover Ministries other than the extra parts on the history of the Black Death and the American report on the treatment of Hydroxychloroquine and should be viewed and read as such.
  • STEVE Cicciolanti has written a best seller called The Divine Code: A Prophetic Encyclopedia of Numbers, Volumes 1 and 2 and can be bought on Amazon.

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Dagger Man May 14, 2020 at 3:39 pm

The ship’s set out from the Genoese colony of Kaffa on the coast of the Crimean peninsula, which at that time was one of the terminuses of the Silk Road from CHINA. History repeats itself.


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