‘Weekend policy change led to self-inflicted economic damage’

May 17, 2020

PANIC ATTACK: “At this moment (21 – 23 March) the Government simply panicked. A few days later you get Professor Neil Ferguson’s absurd report from Imperial College London suggesting 500,000 deaths. I think it was the combination of this local panic and these figures landing on their desk.” – Writer, author and historian Dr David Starkey.





INACCURATE edipemiological models, “astonishing” clinical decisions and globalism will be seen as major reasons why the coronavirus crisis caught everyone unaware when it is recorded in the history books.

Constitutional historian, writer, TV presenter and author Dr David Starkey, aged 75, was asked his thoughts in wide-ranging interview on how the first part of the Covid 19 pandemic would be seen through the eyes of future generations.

He was talking to Peter Whittle, director of the on 16 May and New Culture Forum channel has interviewed a number of colourful and interesting characters over the course of its existence.

‘This is like the Emperor’s New Clothes’

Dr Starkey said: “We’ve committed economic suicide. We talk about it as the Covid-19 crisis – It’s not. It’s a specific political crisis which bizarrely everybody seems to have got themselves into. It’s an extraordinary version of the Emperor’s New Clothes.”

‘Boris should have stuck with herd immunity policy’

He insinuated that the lockdown was started on Monday 23 March by Prime Minister Boris Johnson in an unprecedented speech to the nation was a panicked reaction to what was going on around him and that he should have stuck to his original policy of herd immunity, that was consistently and continues to be followed by the Swedish Government.

“The hospital looked like it was going to be overwhelmed, the ICU unit was shutting down, there weren’t enough ventilators, there were people piling up in admissions and bodies beginning to collide with incoming patients.

‘Social distancing projection was absurd’

“At this moment the Government simply panicked. A few days later you get Professor Neil Ferguson’s absurd report from Imperial College London suggesting 500,000 deaths. I think it was the combination of this local panic and these figures landing on their desk.”

Dr Starkey claims three factors on the weekend of Saturday 21 to Sunday 22 March changed the policy overnight. Deaths were running at 20 to 30 a day and doubling; France threatened to close its borders unless the UK took similar measures and a private source told him that the Northwick Park Hospital in North-west London as there were scenes reminiscing of what was happening in Italy and Spain.

‘Shutting down diagnostic testing was astonishing’

“The steps taken were to protect the face of the NHS at all cost. The first was to stop all surgery and forms of diagnostic testing completely – cancer, heart disease, the lot. The NHS becomes the National Covid Service.

“Secondly, you clear every bed that you can so you can deal with the expected influx of Covid patients. This is when the elderly – the so-called ‘bed blockers’, who may well have had Covid-19, are sent back to care homes.

“It’s this course of astonishing clinical decisions and you also shot down dentistry, astonishing and all private medicine.

“You do a deal with the private hospitals and close them down and the result was the UK was spared the humiliation of those scenes from Italy and Spain.

‘Cancer and care home deaths will go up’

“However there is a terrible price to pay because we have two other sets of deaths that are now catching up, there are the deaths who should have been treated for cancer and heart disease and who are also terrified to go to hospital due to Covid-19 and are then dying in droves and the final sting in the tail, is that the deaths go down in hospitals, they go up in care homes.

“Why were they so casual about care homes? Because they are not part of the NHS.”

‘Weekly clap is a false religion’

Dr Starkey controversially claimed that due to the absence of the Church through their buildings being closed, the Thursday weekly claps for the NHS at 8pm give it the veneer of a being a “false religion”.

“We don’t see anything on Sunday as the Church of England has shut itself down. Instead everybody stands outside and ‘claps for carers’ but it is a false religion.

“The NHS has behaved the way in which the Catholic Church did under the threat of child abuse. Instead, it tried to protect the Institution, not the patient and this is what is coming back to haunt us.”

He also says that England bounced back from the Black Death in 14th Century on an economic standpoint as it had become over-populated and wages had reduced significantly but this pandemic had seen the politicians of the 21st Century had caused it but shutting everything down.

‘Lockdown has led to economic damage’

Dr Starkey said: “What is unique about this pandemic – apart from the fact it is rather small – is that it’s self-inflicted. Earlier plagues inflicted enormous economic damage, but curiously the Black Death did not inflict economic damage, what the Black Death dealt with was a population that was badly over-populated when wage levels were sinking alarmingly and it suddenly transformed the English agricultural labourer from a dispensable item into a valuable property.”

‘Covid thrived due to globalism’

The lessons to be learned from this crisis, Dr Starkey says, is that globalization has “failed” and manufacturing should be brought to the UK, particularly the Midlands and the North.

“Covid is the ultimate consequence of globalization. The things that demonstrate that the reactions against globalization was spot on.”

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