‘Whether Article 50 is stopped by EU remains to be seen’

November 3, 2016



GLOBALIST AGENDA? Do some of the decision makers in the United Nations share some of the ambitions listed below in this article?

Tower of Babel Peter Breughel

ROLE MODEL: The European Parliament building’s design is based on the Tower of Babel as proven by the strange decision to have a picture of this image in the Council of Ministers building in Brussels and the Parliamentary building in Strasbourg.


NOT A FAN: One of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s slogans that has caught the US public’s imagination is ‘Americanism, not globalism’. Picture by Michael Vadon.


SPEAKING OUT: Public speaker Steve Cicciolanti, of Discover Ministries, gives a warts and all description of globalism and its relationship to world events.


WHAT do you understand by the term ‘globalism’ and is it right at the heart of the debate to leave the European Union?

This question has been raised following a High Court ruling that only Parliament can trigger Article 50 that leads to the time frame that would be needed for the UK to leave the European Union.

In the visceral Presidential campaign in the US right now, Republican candidate Donald Trump has caught the public imagination with the slogan “Americanism, not globalism”. What does globalism mean? In this post, I am trying to address this issue.

A CNN reporter is given a rough-ride by this African American voter who tells him in no uncertain terms that globalism hasn’t done anything for him.

Australian Public speaker Steve Cioccolanti gives a detached assessment of what globalism is and relates the events of the recent Brexit and how attempts were made to manipulate the result. So what is globalism and who are the globalists?

Who are the globalists? They are the “we know better than you” bureaucrats who impose their policies on the public with the force of laws – and depending on the country – guns.

What do globalists believe in? They believe in no borders; no national sovereignty; a global police office; a global military; gun control; global law and a One World Government.

Was Nimrud of the Bible the first globalist? It is a tower in Babel that is dedicated unto heaven. Babylon is located in the Levant area that has recently been occupied by Daesh, or also the so-called Islamic State. Please don’t be proselytising, I hear you say.

As recorded on this blog a few weeks ago, I reported on a documentary done by David Hathaway pm how European politicians spoke to a third party journalist he interviewed off camera that the design of the European Parliament was based on the Tower of Babel.

Intriguing as it was strange that the parliament has avowedly promoted secularism aggressively in recent years, it admitted to having copies of a picture done by the renaissance painter Peter Bruegel of the Tower of Babel both in the parliament building in Strasbourg and the Council of Ministers building in Brussels.

Readers have to understand that if you know anything about the story of the Tower of Babel in scripture, they will know that it ends up being destroyed. My point is if you don’t believe in it, why base your existence upon it, which is what the European Parliament openly admits.

Is nationalism or globalism the future of where we want to go? Nationalism to an extreme in terms of race is bad but isn’t the notion of nationhood and culture good?

When the concept is based on this notion, surely a nation can safeguard us against tyranny and idolatry? If you look at history, you can’t count on any government to be good for long.

At some point governments become corrupt, evil, selfish and greedy, steal from their own people and ruin their own country. When a politician goes bad, he or she declares themselves God as the final authority and they cannot be questioned or criticised.

When individuals or groups show even mild opposition to the issues of marriage equality, abortion, global warming, LGBT rights, equality and diversity, the idea of freedom of thought and free speech is trashed.

In highlighting issues such as these, I’m not saying I’m against the basic concepts of them, no not at all but in a healthy and pluralistic democracy, you must expect opposition.

Many of these groups are part of the globalist movement and they are heading for anti-free speech laws. If parts of the mainstream media are complicit in forcing their readers in how they think and feel, what is the point of them?

Cicciolanti says: “Many people on the left of the spectrum hate guns but always vote for people who want to point the gun at the people if they don’t do what they want. Traditional and conservative values are when we want everyone to have – free choice, free market, free will.

“When you empower politicians they have something that no one else has – the rule of law. If you don’t like this law and you don’t like what we decided, we are going to send a couple of our thugs to you. Globalists believe that they own you and all property.

“All dictators aspire to world domination by force. All dictators want a global system. Normal people don’t and think this is crazy. When you believe in Big Government you believe in big bullies.”

In relation to the Brexit vote, Mr Cicciolanti said David Cameron, Angela Merkel, Francois Hollande and President Barack Obama were saying “Remain or else”.

“They tried to put a lot of fear into the public. They were saying everything was going to collapse, everything is going to be so bad for you if you exit the European system. You must stay. The media weren’t reporting truth or the facts but were trying to sway opinion.

“This referendum proves they were trying to send propaganda to the public. If you don’t know that about the mainstream media, they are trying to brainwash you. Every globalist has the attitude ‘we know what is best for you’.it

  • FOR the full unedited version of Steve Cicciolanti’s talk on globalism, the EU and Brexit, it can be found here.


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