‘Why didn’t anyone treat Rafael Nadal in his hour of need?’

July 24, 2022

MIRACULOUS RECOVERY: Several months prior to winning this year’s French Open title, Spain’s Rafael Nadal was clearly in distress suffering from chest pains following his participation in last year’s 2021 US Open in a post-match press conference in which the camera continued to roll footage without anyone intervening. Picture courtesy of Diliff.

FOOTAGE has emerged of one of the world’s top rated tennis players suffering a medical episode in front of the cameras without anyone intervening.

Rafael Nadal, aged 36, is currently the number 3 in the Association of Tennis Professional Rankings and has been ranked No 1 for 209 weeks over the course of his career.

His 21-year career has seen him win 22 Grand Slam titles including 14 French Open titles along with 92 ATP singles title with 63 of these being on clay-based courts.

‘Player has won 22 Grand Slam titles’

He won 81 matches on clay consecutively and this an unbroken record in the professional era.

Representing Spain, the rumbustious left-hander has also two Olympic Gold Medal titles and led his country to five Davis Cup titles. He runs a tennis academy in Mallorca and it is said on his Wikipedia page, that he is an “active philanthropist”.

‘He is vocal proponent that his fellow players should be vaccinated against Covid’

During the course of the Covid-19 pandemic, the player has consistently encourages his fellow players to take the vaccines offered by the World Health Organisation on their advice and the boosters to protect those on the circuit from the virus. He has been particularly vocal in his criticism of those who have refused to be vaccinated, particularly current Wimbledon champion Serbian Novak Djokovic.

One of the quotes he has on his website reads as follows: “If you don’t lose you can’t enjoy victories. You have to accept both things.”

The following footage – please view with caution – was from the 2021 United States Open when Nadal had to withdraw due to chest pains which has only just surfaced.

This was drawn to my attention by a friend of mine who is a big fan of the tennis fan who he rates to be “the best tennis player who has ever played”.

Three months before the French Open at the Indian Wells tournament in California, he was treated by a medical professional during a break for what he called a pain “like a needle that was being pressed”

‘Nadal is clearly grimacing in pain but no one helps’

Despite the fact he was clearly in immense pain and suffering, the camera was still rolling and Nadal clearly grimaces and it becomes worse over the course of this three-minute footage and towards the end of the segment, he seems to faint after slipping off his chair.

It was disturbing that nobody on the US Open administration team overseeing this press conference had the foresight to cut the camera and get someone to give him urgent medical attention.

  • SINCE this happened a few months ago, he made a full recovery from this medical episode and went on to win this year’s French Open Grand Slam title and he is now engaged to his long-term partner.

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Anonymous July 24, 2022 at 6:32 pm

Tragically, even sportsmen like Raphael Nadal have been deceived into taking these poisonous jabs when there are cheap over-the-counter remedies to the so called, ‘Covid virus’ – the re-branded flu.
Many jab victims are dropping to the ground in severe pain on sports fields.
BIG PHARMA is making huge profits at the expense of men all over the world suffering and dying from MYOCARDITIS.


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