‘Why do we carry on with the Professor’s rules knowing his track record?’

August 11, 2020

INFLUENTIAL VOICE: Professor Neil Ferguson, previously a member of the SAGE committee, who drafted the two-metre distancing rules in the Covid-19 crisis and quit the committee due his flouting of his own rules. He is still interviewed by mainstream media outlets as the director of the MRC Centre for Global Infectious Disease Analysis at Imperial College, London.

PERSONAL INSIGHT: Neil Parish, Chairman of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs committee, was previously a Conservative MEP for the South West of England, campaigned for a public inquiry into the Labour Government’s handling of the 2001 Foot and Mouth epidemic, and Professor Ferguson worked on the policy that persuaded Tony Blair to roll out the contiguous cull of all livestock of farms within a three kilometre zone of an infected case. Mr Parish is currently MP for Honiton and Tiverton.

LASTING LEGACY: Two-metre distancing signs – like this one – can be found all around Dorset and Somerset and this has conditioned everyone to treat everyone in their immediate vicinity as a potential source of infection. Is this good for human relationships?

DO NOT ENTER: This is a prohibition notice to the public during the 2001 Foot and Mouth epidemic not to enter this Oxfordshire farm that was a source of infection during this crisis. Picture by Wipsenade. This file is licensed under the Creative Common Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unreported license.






THE man who pioneered the two-metre distancing rule of Covid-19 may not be in the front seat but the edicts that emanate from it are still followed unquestioningly.

A mainstream paper that many will know well, The Daily Mail, published an article on 5 May on how Professor Neil Ferguson of Imperial College, London, and part of the Government’s SAGE committee group broke the two-metre distancing and lockdown rules to meet his lover Antonia Staats. .

Professor Ferguson quit his role as part of the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies but retained his role as the director of the MRC Centre for Global Infectious Disease Analysis at Imperial College, London. The college sometimes receives grants from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

This was five weeks into the lockdown and he had recently recovered from Covid-19 and arranged to meet her at his own home in London. He drew up these rules but did he ever believe in them?

‘Why was shutdown of business continued?’

We still continue to suffer to this day as although he was removed from the SAGE committee advising Boris Johnson, his legacy which has destroyed so many small businesses continues to this day and from that time, he has still been courted by Mainstream news channels like the BBC and Sky News.

If he broke the scientific rules he advised the Government in May and didn’t believe in them, why did we carry on with the economic destruction?

Prof Ferguson first came onto the national scene In 2001 he was awarded an OBE (Order of the British Empire) for his work with Professor Roy Anderson in drawing up the contiguous cull which resulted in an indiscriminate slaughter policy of livestock that led to all livestock within a three-kilometre zone of a confirmed case being culled out even if subsequent tests of animals came back negative afterwards, which in many cases they did.

‘Some MSM weren’t bothered by the cull’

Some of the press at the time were happily writing feel-good animal welfare stories about Just Living campaigns raising money for cancer-stricken dogs needing emergency treatment or the Fire Brigade being called up to rescue a cat stuck up a tree, but when this cull was going, the fake sincerity about animal welfare dried up and attempts by some to inform livestock owners and their supply chain about their rights were stonewalled by the UK’s department at the time, the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food via their press office.

The current governing party campaigned for a public inquiry in the Labour Government’s handling of this crisis and they set up the Lessons Learned Inquiry that was private but published at a later date. A report was published in 2006.

The chairman of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs committee, Neil Parish, MP for Honiton and Tiverton, was a Conservative MEP for the South West, and Liberal Democrat MEP Graham Watson both campaigned for public inquiry in the EU that subsequently took place.

Many Tory MPs will have known that Professor Ferguson had the questionable epidemiological record referred to below but he was still appointed to front of the Covid-19 crisis.

‘Standstill rule led to livestock starving’

Another rule he would have had some input was the 23-day livestock movement restriction which was put in place to stop illegal movements by farms during the lockdown of livestock and stopping of transport.

Many animals in the final toll of livestock that died starved to death in fields because they had eaten up all the grass that was available or they were in a quagmire. This would have Foot-and-Mouth’s equivalent of the two-metre distancing rule.

‘Widespread smears against farming community proved false’

Some of the mainstream press smeared those who may have made illegal movements of livestock into adjacent fields for genuine welfare reasons. This was made out to be going on a wide-scale and that farms were moving stock kilometres away at night and this proved to be false.

The fear generated in the rural communities then was a small snapshot of what all small businesses are currently going through now. There were a number of family farms and smallholders who had to sell up and leave the industry.

Those who remained recovered with the help of their communities, something we have to do with our small businesseses in urban, small towns and villages right now.

Many rural supply chain industries lost much of their income that year as the country shows operated without the livestock there, the main reason why they function.

‘MSM still push the rules despite many questionable models’

Since that article on 5 May, the Daily Mail and others have consistently tell the public to observe the two-metre distancing rules but in the same piece, the author inserts a record of the Professor’s record on epidemiological models, including the BSE crisis of 2002 where he speculated that 150,000 were expected to die of the condition but the total was 177.

In 2009, Gordon Brown’s government stood by a “worst-case scenario” by the professor projecting that 65,000 people would die from swine flu. The actual number who passed away was 457. This was tragic for those who lost their lives but a huge under-estimate.

In 2005, Professor Ferguson predicted that up 150 million people would die world-wide from bird flu, but the reality was 282 died across the world between 2003 to 2009.

Martin Robinson, the chief reporter and his colleague Danyal Hussain who shared the by-line on this story, surely must have been aware of these facts but they seem to have carried on regardless pushing the fear porn. The other mainstream press must have known this data too.

Professor Ferguson said this in May: “This virus is the one that probably concerns me the most of everything that I’ve worked on.”

‘He was appointed to Covid-19 despite his FMD record’

Every death due to any disease is tragic, but the consequences of over-estimating figures not once but up to seven times over surely has to raise serious questions as to why the Conservative Government brought him into this crisis, given they, in opposition, called for public inquiry into their handling of FMD in 2001 in the UK. I covered this crisis for the local press at the time.

It was rejected by the Labour Government but they held a private one that was published as the Lessons Learned Inquiry, but a public inquiry did take place in the EU.

‘Do foreign health departments know his past?’

So with the two-metre distancing rule and you are reading this if you’re Irish, Australian, American, Canadian or any country where this operates, were you aware of the professor’s previous records on epidemiological models here in the UK?

If not, were your national health departments? The Irish Government surely must have known as they were caught up in the 2001 Foot and Mouth outbreak just as the UK was.

Contributing writer on Nola.com, an American site on the science of the lockdowns, said this of Professor Ferguson, James Gill wrote: “The British Government, on Ferguson’s advice, also said the ‘worst-case scenario’ was 65,000 deaths in that country. The actual toll was 457. Ferguson’s fear that mad cow disease might kill 50,000 people was off by 49,823.

‘He record did not harm his credibility’

“Such a record makes weather forecasters look like clairvoyants, but does not seem to have done much to diminish his credibility. He remained everyone’s go-to-guy on matters epidemiological and any hopes that his dire conclusions on COVID-19 would turn out to be the usual alarmist nonsense were soon dashed.”

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RetiredNow August 12, 2020 at 3:24 pm

Aussie here. I don’t know about others, but I became aware of some of Ferguson’s history & behaviour. However I have no trouble with a mostly 1.5 metre rule we have here. It makes it easier to get around the immigrants who move in packs, very slowly. If they have to break up their packs its easier to move round them.

I’m the sort of person who doesn’t like lots of people and who prefers to stand apart when talking to people I don’t know – a country thing where you have space. But mostly now we largely ignore the distancing rule except when its to our benefit.

Basically few care about the MSM. We dont believe them anyway.


Louis Cannell August 12, 2020 at 3:41 pm

Majority of all Covid infections are transmitted by people hundreds of metres & often 30 minutes apart.

Face masks will not contain contaminants from coughs & sneezes they are simply redirected 90 degrees left right & up where they contaminate items & fixtures.

They will remain on those surfaces and wait for someone to touch them, it may be 20 minutes later you rub an eye & become infected, a tissue used responsibly is far safer.

In a supermarket walk down an aisle, sneeze and atomised liquid will spray left, right & up contaminating goods that are now ready to infect others, a tissue would absorb 90% plus of moisture and disposed of properly ten times safer than a mask.

Two-metre rule is a joke. Every medical professional will tell you the same if they are honest, the two-metre rule only makes any sense at all for diseases passed by contact like measles etc.


Sabrina August 12, 2020 at 3:42 pm

Well, I say up yours to ze two-meter rule…. in the most nicest possible way…..


E August 20, 2020 at 6:44 pm

They should just ignore the rule if they cannot follow it.


Take Part in TV December 28, 2021 at 12:36 am

Here are enough jokes here to fill an episode of my proposed “Have I Go News For You?” variant, “Who Wants To Be A Minion of Blair?” – which has its own Gab group page.

So she’s call Staats and they probably got the stats wrong, and Ferguson’s models were based on foot and mouth – very much one of the activities they indulged in…..


SpetsnazBear December 28, 2021 at 10:33 pm

Imperial College of London says it all…Home to anti-Human socio and psychopaths.


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