‘World runs out of excuses not to help refugee minorities’

February 14, 2016

Rob Fiello

GENOCIDE MOTION: Rob Fiello, MP for Stoke on Trent, has put done a parliamentary motion calling on Parliament to recognise that the atrocities committed against Christians, Yazidis, Druze and other Middle East minorities falls within the UN’s definition of genocide.


Pope Francis and Bishop Kirill

SPEAKING OUT: Bishop Kirill of the Russian Orthodox Church and Pope Francis released a joint statement at their meeting in Havana condemning the atrocities being committed against Aramean, Chaldean and.Assyrian Christians in Iraq and Syria. Picture courtesy of the Catholic News Agency.


Jonathan Cahn 

GLOBAL WARNING: Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, who addressed the United Nations on the plight of Middle East Christians in April last year and said what would happen if the world walked by on the other side of the road if they did nothing. Picture courtesy of Christian Today.




PROTECTING minorities is something that is drummed into the younger generations in order that we should learn the lessons of history.

But what if it is highlighted that in fact they are not and history is repeating itself and the same mistakes that were a pre-cursor to the Holocaust are happening now.

This blog has tried to show the apparent indifference of the mainstream media to the Chaldean and Assyrian Christian, and now there is evidence to suggest other minorities such as the Yezidis, the Druze Muslims and Arameans have been abandoned through a lack of coverage.

The Equality Act talks about protecting ethnic minorities and having a community that is reflective of that representation and you would think, the architects of this act would be fiercely protective of the human rights and dignity of those communities and if they were facing real genocide, shouldn’t they be doing everything in their power to protect them, like prioritising them as refugees? This appears to be the policy of Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and the Czech Republic.

So for us, where were the trendy hashtags that went viral; where were the physical demonstrations and the on-line petitions to register everyone’s disgust? Why the seemingly passive indifference?

Back in April 2015, Rabbi Jonathon Cahn, author of The Harbinger addressed the Nations on the plight of the Christian minorities, but it can be argued the same applied to the Yazidis and others. He warned at the time of what would happen if the issue was not addressed.

He said: “If we don’t deal with that toxic evil and it targets others on distant shores, we will surely deal with it when it targets us on our own shores.” Since the statement was made, we have had the November Paris attacks and numerous potential other atrocities thwarted by the security services.

Having raised this subject before I was accused on social media by at least two individuals of being “selfish” in raising their plight, and how dare I trouble that person’s conscience? How it is “selfish” to highlight those whose voice is being ignored?

I have been asked by some what does this issue have to do with Dorset and Somerset, well there is a duty on those who govern us that those who live amongst us have been vetted before settling into our communities. This has to be done for our safety and theirs.

Why do I say this? Well an Daesh commander has been found living in a remote village in Germany speaking to a programme and recognised by a minority refugee who he had oppressed. What would you have done if you found out someone like this was living in Child Okeford or South Petherton?

In January, a Swedish woman called Alexandra Mezher, aged 22, was stabbed to death by a 15-year-old Somali child migrant at an asylum accommodation for minors (under sixteen year olds) at a place called Molndal.

Incredibly she was left alone on a night shift to cope with a number of teenagers who were physically bigger than her. She made the fatal mistake of trying to break up a fight between two young men and was stabbed in the melee.

The irony in this tragedy is that Alexandra had Lebanese Christian heritage and the perpetrator turned out to be 20 years of age, not 15, as what paperwork he had been inconclusive. What would have been the reaction if this incident had been at a facility for unaccompanied migrant minors in Bournemouth?

And tomorrow (22/2) there will be an evening of discussion and information from a panel of refugees and experts hosted by the CTIP at St Edward’s School from 7.30pm-9.30pm as to how the local community should be reacting to the unfolding crisis.

As this is about to be published, two major developments have changed the dynamics to ensure action has to be taken. In the past week, Labour MP for Stoke on Trent Rob Fiello, has put down a House of Commons motion asking Parliament to recognise the killing of thousands of people from minorities in Syria and Iraq as genocide.

The motion reads: “This House is appalled by the beheadings, crucifixions, shootings, burnings and rape perpetuated by Daesh and IS against Christians and other minorities in Syria and Iraq on the basis of religion and ethnicity, observes that this disgusting behaviour falling within the definition of genocide as determined by the UN Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of Genocide.”

The pressure on those resisting all attempts to be more proactive in addressing the rights of these minorities, was ratcheted up in a joint statement released by Pope Francis and Patriarch Kirill of the Russian Orthodox Church.

In a joint statement said in a meeting in Havana, they said: “Our gaze must firmly turn to those region of the world where Christians are victims of persecution. In many countries in North Africa and the Middle East, whole families, villages and cities of our sisters and brothers in Christ are being completely exterminated.”

Some of the German media were trying to pretend the mass sexual assaults on New Year’s Eve were committed by German men despite there being no previous history of any such incidents. This proved to be a serious piece of misinformation.

They didn’t want to call out the North African and Middle Eastern origin of the suspects when the German Police confirmed most of the suspects were as they didn’t want to give information that would confirm the fears of opponents of mass migration.

Women and children have had to be separated in migrant shelters both in Germany and Calais as there have been fears they would be sexually assaulted by some of the male migrants.

If someone thinks they can behave like that and betray the charity they have come to receive, they should be asked to leave. It doesn’t matter what the background, there can be no excuses for this behaviour.

The Rt Rev Richard Chartres, the Bishop of Liverpool, encouraged some Anglican clergy to show solidarity with the Muslim community by growing beards. Immigrants in generations past have generally expected to adapt to the culture of the country they are entering (and the vast majority have done so) rather than the other way around.

Europeans wouldn’t go to Oman, Saudi Arabia, Qatar or Kuwait and expect to walk hand in hand with our partner; allow us to rear pork as a means of agricultural production; be given permission to build a church or to play certain kinds of music deemed inappropriate, so if they will not apologise for their culture, why should we?

What genocide? That was according to a Liberal Democrat candidate in the 2015 General Election. Well, In August 2014, 5,000 boys and men were butchered by Daesh and a number of the Yazidi community were trapped on Mount Sinjar for months.

David Cameron says the most vulnerable refugees from Syria are being prioritized from the camps in Syria and Iraq through the numbers that are to be taken there to the UK.

Can the Department of International Development that prove Yazidis, Chaldeans and Assyrians are actually revealing their identities in those camps when to do so, brings them instantly to the attention of Islamists and a possible death sentence? This has been proven by the Barnabas Fund.

It seems those who are assertively arguing to do nothing on the basis of not seen to be favouring one community over another are seeing their narrative collapse around them and that has to be a good thing.

  • IF anyone wants to support the motion put forward by Rob Fiello, they can write to his colleagues Robert Syms (Poole), Michael Tomlinson (Mid-Dorset and North Poole); Rebecca Pow (Taunton Deane); Richard Drax (South Dorset); Oliver Letwin (West Dorset); Tobias Ellwood (Bournemouth East); Conor Burns (Bournemouth West); Chris Chope (Christchurch); Marcus Fysh (Yeovil and South Somerset); James Heappey (Wells); David Warburton (Somerton and Frome and Simon Hoare (North Dorset) at the House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA.

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