‘You destroyed the lives of me and my family because of your reporting’

February 10, 2022

CAPITAL SIEGE: Protesters from the Convoy congregate around the Parliament building in the centre of Ottawa. Trucks have been in the city since the beginning of February demanding an end to the vaccine mandates and the restrictions on business and travel. Picture by Veronic Gagnon.

TRUTH BOMBS: The logo of the Canadian Broadcasting Company, who were ambushed by anti-lockdown activist Kristen Nagel on the effects of their hit pieces against her family and her home truths directed on their reality of what it is doing to children given they were doing an official report on the Welfare Services of Ottawa City Council planning taking the protesters’ as they were ‘at harm’. Protesters say they have been smiling and laughing more in the past two weeks than the previous two years.




CHILDREN should be at the forefront of the future as the world’s community looks back at the fear flowing anxiety of the past two years.

This is being raised as the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), the Canadian equivalent of the BBC, claims children of the truckers, farmers and other participants in the convoys that have brought major cities in the country to a standstill, however this site has seen an altercation between an anti-lockdown protester and CBC employees over the hit-pieces she says they wrote over the past two years that have destroyed the lives of her whole family for standing up to the mandates.

This was picked up as the ongoing protests by the truckers, particularly in Ottawa, have seen copious attempts by the media to smear the protest leaders, despite footage widely available that shows support from farmers, Canadian cowboys and even tow truck companies. Accounts on Instagram that can be found showing various footage include Open1UK by citizen journalist Travis Cook, Benny Johnson and True North News.

For News presenter Tucker Carlson played a tongue-in-cheek game with a multiple choice question asking his two colleagues which of the three dictators named, which one was said to be the father of Justin Trudeau following an affair with his mother Margaret Trudeau, the wife of Trudeau’s mother, Pierre Trudeau. One of the panellists was Jeannette Pirro.

One trucker on the convoy revealed the details of a letter he received from a child amongst the items a group of the public sent to him in a sack.

Emotionally choking, he said: “There was a lot of people who couldn’t make it to Ottawa so they brought all kinds of items and food for the truckers and what not and were asking people to take it up there.

“We took a few bags and I just got overwhelmed. We opened up one of the bags to see what we had in them and I got punched in the heart. Whoever these people, they had their kids do up a bag with a cookee in it for the truckers and they attached a note to it and put their artwork on there. and

“I’ll show you what it was. This is why we are doing what we are doing. Some little kids made this, ‘reach for the stars, we believe in you’. There is a picture of a truck and inside of it, the child left a note.

‘Dear Mr and Mrs Trucker, it is really awesome that you are standing up for our human rights. I’m only 11 and I don’t know much about it but I believe what is happening is wrong and I know you can do it, sincerely Keith.”

“This is a cookee in a bag for the trucker and this is absolutely amazing. This is why we are doing it. All you parents out there who know what is going on, God loves you for letting your kids know.”

In the video, CBC does a skit saying the Ottawa Police would be taking the children from the protesters to “welfare safety officials” for their protection but an activist and former nurse from Ontario was identified in the thread as Kristen Nagel who had spoken out against lockdowns and masking children.

Ms Nagel said her children had been happiest for the past two weeks whilst the convoy was in operation and from her own perspective, she had heard of children who were under the age of was talking about self-harming and this had been generated by the constant fear porn during the pandemic.

She and her family had suffered numerous hit from the CBC without her a proper right of reply. During the tense five exchange, apart from one of the team who appeared to have a conscience, the others were deeply uncomfortable and wanted to flee as soon as possible.

Ms Nagel said the kids were their families in the trucks and were laughing and dancing, and they had been smiling and laughing in the past two weeks than in the previous two years.

She tells the journalist team whilst livestreaming: “Do you know six-year-olds have told me they want to cut themselves and kill themselves and kids have wanted to die because of the last two years.

“Why aren’t you showing that? And now you’re talking about kids’ welfare safety, and then you see kids being taken from their parents and their trucks and given to welfare services. You are repeating and repeating and people are believing it.

“Why do you think people are counter-protesting? Why do you think someone in Winnipeg drove down four protesters perfectly and put them in critical care?

“Why do you think there is actual violence and hate happening? Do you know what the vice of this is? Do you know what you are reporting and what you are doing to the people out there? This is not the world I want my kids to live in. This is not right.

“My husband lost his job as a teacher and I’m a former nurse. People have died over this. Do you actually look at the notes (from kids) that are stuck on every single truck?

“You see the heart that comes out from them. Do you know how important this is for them? Why don’t you guys report it? You being here a part of it, you are complicit and you consent to what is happening.

“You guys have to sleep at night and live with your conscience with what you are doing. I feel sorry for you. Shame on all of you.”

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