‘Are the mainstream media the weapons of mass deception?’

December 18, 2016


TRUTH BOMB: Hollywood actor and Oscar winner Denzel Washington gave a female news reporter an unexpected interview by ask her a question and giving a devastating response back. Picture by Faulkenage.


PRESS CRITIC: Australian public speaker Steve Cicciolanti is certain more and more people are seeking the truth through alternative news outlets and ignoring the “fake news agenda” of the mainstream media.


FAKE NEWS? The Mainstream Media – are they telling the genuine truth or are they selling “BS”, as Denzel Washington claims?


MAINSTREAM media organisations have lost so much of their credibility to tell the truth that they are promoting “fake news”, claim two well-informed critics.

A female news journalist interviewed Oscar nominee and Hollywood icon Denzel Washington on a bad day and she was flat-footed by his response when she asked him who was responsible for the avalanche of “fake news”.

Denzel said: “If you don’t read the news you are uninformed, if you do read it you’re misinformed.”

In response, the female news reporter said: “What do you do then?”

“What are the long-term effects of too much information? One of the effects is the need to be first, not even to be true anymore, so what a responsibility you all have to tell the truth, not just to be first.

“We live in a society that says whose first, get it out there, we don’t care who it hurts, we don’t care who we destroy, we don’t care if it’s true, just say it, sell it. Anything you practise you’ll get good at, including BS.”

If anyone thinks this is fake news about Denzel reading this, here is the full interview.

Australian public speaker Steve Cicciolanti, who was born in, says the mainstream media, particularly ABC News, in Australia were reckless in their coverage of an incident when a man set himself alight in Commonwealth Bank branch in Melbourne, Victoria, and 27 people were injured.

They refused to identity of the suspect because they thought it would legitimise critics of mass migration. He was later identified to be a Roginya Muslim from Burma.

“My rule is if they won’t identify who it us, they are a Muslim 99 per cent of the time – that’s the rule because they are constant liars. They cover up, they hide, they only push a certain agenda, so they don’t want you to think that mass, undocumented migration has any negative effect.

“How can you not define this as terror when you go into a bank on a beautiful, fine day and you saw a man set on fire, you would be terrorized.”

In another clip, commenting on the US election, he made these observations.

Mr Cicciolanti said: “Alternative media is the correct source of news. The left is trying to call alternative media ‘fake news’ so we better reclaim this phrase. No, they are the fake news. No we know they lied to the public for a whole year and a half over the US election. Shame on them.

“They manipulated the polls and they manipulated young people and made out there was no way Donald Trump was going to win so that was not how people felt about their country.

“The mainstream media were the gatekeepers of information – TV pundits, professional pundits should quit and go find a new job. They have been proven to be completely untrustworthy.”

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